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If you love golf - seriously love golf - then you're going to want to upgrade to RG+ Membership. The membership will help you save thousands plus give you access to exclusive instruction from the world’s top golf teachers.

Your “regular” Revolution Golf subscription gives you access to the daily instructional videos. You’re currently at the “regular” level.

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What’s In It For You?

We created the RG+ Membership to provide a phenomenal suite of golf-related benefits for golfers who love the game – and want the following…

  1. Access to the highest level of instruction available – from the comfort of your office or home. Watch as Jim McLean, Martin Chuck, and other “elite” instructors teach classic and modern golf improvement methods. Then shoot lower scores as you take the instruction to the golf course.
  2. A chance to meet the greatest people in golf through fascinating exclusive interviews on RG TV. Enjoy hours of fascinating golf conversation.
  3. Thousands in savings on golf travel, golf schools, and golf equipment.

One of the Greatest Bargains in Golf

In the new year, we’ll offer each part of RG+ individually. Here’s what they will cost:

  • RGVIP ($14.95 a month)
  • RG TV ($19.95 a month)
  • RG Buyer’s Club ($5.95 a month)
  • RG Live ($24.95 a month)

The regular price for everything above will be $65.80 a month.


When we launched RG+, we also make an incredible offer for a lifetime membership for $294.  This means you pay once, and you never have to worry about recurring payments again.

I want to make sure that you, as an existing subscriber, get an even better opportunity for this lifetime offer.

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You MUST Love RG+ Or You Receive a Full Refund

RG+ is covered by the full Revolution Golf Guarantee. If you’re a monthly RG+ Member, you can cancel at any time. There is no contract and no obligation.

If you select the annual membership or lifetime membership, and you’re not totally delighted, call us within 365 days of initial purchase and receive a full and prompt refund – no questions asked.

So there’s absolutely no risk. You must totally love everything you receive as an RG+ Member or you receive a full refund within 365 days of your purchase.

To Great Golf

Justin Tupper

Co-Founder and CEO

Revolution Golf

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