FINALLY! An Easy Way to Keep Your Phone, Tablet, & Other Devices Fully Charged on the Golf Course

Introducing the GIMME CHARGE, The Golf Cart Phone Charger…

  • Works with All Smart Phones, GPS Units and Tablets
  • Works with All Major Electric Golf Carts Including E-Z-Go, Yamaha, and Club Car
  • Works with the USB Charging Cable You Already Have
  • 100% Safe and Easy to Use -- it's "Plug and Play"
  • Lowest Price Anywhere -- Includes FREE USA Shipping!
Simply Plug the GIMME CHARGE Into Your Golf Cart and Keep Your Cell Phone, GPS Unit or Tablet 100% Charged Whenever You Ride in a Golf Cart


Here's a problem you likely face:  While you’re playing golf, the battery on your phone or GPS device gets critically low or dies altogether. 


Well, golf usually takes a few hours, and even if you're not talking on your phone, its battery is being used during that time.

It uses power to remain in 'standby' mode…

It uses power to search for stronger signals…

It uses power to download emails and open webpages…

And it uses a TON of power if you're running a golf GPS app to get yardages…

Or, maybe you just left the house with a low battery to begin with.

Whatever the cause of the problem, here's the SOLUTION: 

The GIMME CHARGE. Plug it into your golf cart, connect it to your smart phone, GPS, or tablet … and you stay 100% charged.

That’s right … the GIMME CHARGE will keep your gadgets 100% when you play golf in a golf cart.

  Let’s look at …

This Ingenious Device – And How it Works …

The GIMME CHARGE is the creation of two golfers: Tyler Back and Trevor Back. Like so many golfers, they bring their smartphones to the golf course. Not to talk, but for everything else, including running golf GPS apps to get yardages.

 But – they didn’t like running out of power.

Golf carts don’t have a typical 12 volt cigarette lighter so you can’t use a car adapter to charge your phone or tablet. 

BUT … every electric golf cart has a power outlet that the golf course uses to recharge the cart at night.

Right there where the red arrows are pointing …

Usually, this “outlet” is hidden next to the seat or in the dashboard. With the GIMME CHARGE in your arsenal, you simply plug into the golf cart’s built-in power source. 

Use the GIMME CHARGE with your USB cable and you’re set.

To see the GIMME CHARGE in action, just watch the short video below.

Watch This Video

The Problem With Your Favorite Golf Apps – And How to Solve the Problem …

Justin Tupper here, CEO and co-founder of Revolution Golf. 

Like you, I love golf and play as much as I can. Mainly at my home course, but also at new courses when I travel.

I use a golf app on my smart phone to get yardages. There are several really great golf apps on the market. You probably use one of them.

BUT there’s one major problem. These apps suck up valuable energy FAST. 

That’s because golf apps are constantly getting and sending signals from satellites and cell towers – and this uses a lot of power.

And if you make a call or download some data – like a few emails – then it’s easy to lose even more battery power.

Remember … you’re on the golf course using your smart phone or similar gadget for 3-5 hours. 

Sure, you can turn it off to save power, then what’s the point of even having it with you?

Think about it: you'd never take a car ride for 3-5 hours without bringing your charger, but that exactly what we do when we play golf.

Until now.

The GIMME CHARGE is the equivalent of a car's or truck's charging outlet...but for golf carts.

It's a very clever way to make sure your phone or GPS device stays charged and never goes dead.


If You Want to Keep Your Smart Phone, GPS Device or Tablet Fully Charged on the Golf Course… Take These Steps Now

To make sure your smart phone or cell phone is fully charged when you play golf, I recommend you take these steps.

  1. Order the GIMME CHARGE. Click here for the lowest price and free USA Shipping.
  2. Plug the GIMME CHARGE into the power outlet on the cart.
  3. Plug your phone, GPS device, or tablet to the GIMME CHARGE.

Yes – it’s that easy.


What You Get With the GIMME CHARGE

The GIMME CHARGE gives you …

  • 3 Adapters to Fit 99% of All Electric Golf Carts
  • Universal USB Adapter
  • Convenient Carry Bag
  • Full Instructions
The creators of GIMME CHARGE built it with long-lasting materials. It has been fully tested and is 100% safe to use.


12 Great Reasons to Get the GIMME CHARGE

  1. Keep “gadgets” like smart phones, GPS devices, and tablets fully charged.
  2. You can always stay in touch because your smart phone will always be ready. This can be vital if you have an emergency situation.
  3. You will always have yardages because your GPS and apps are always working.
  4. Easy to use – just plug and play.
  5. No need to buy (then remember to charge and bring) expensive battery packs
  6. Works with 99% of electric golf carts including carts from the big three: E-Z-Go, Yamaha, and Club Car.
  7. No software or technical know-how needed. Just open the box and you’re ready to go.
  8. 100% safe and tested.
  9. Fully guaranteed – it works perfectly or you receive a full refund. We back it with the Revolution Golf 365-day guarantee.
  10. Lightweight and Portable – easy carry case.
  11. Durable and weather-resistant materials for years of use and enjoyment.
  12. A special low price and free shipping ONLY for Revolution Golfers. Click here now.

Let’s take a look at …

Real Reviews from Around the Web Praising the GIMME CHARGE

"Best Idea Ever!"
-Raul G. 

"My GPS would have been useless without this." 
-John, Racine, WI.

"Innovative product, great customer support"
-H. Scoggins

"Five Stars"
-Daniel Norton

"More than capable of keeping the battery charged for a long, 18-hole round of golf." 
-D. McGowan

"Perfect for travel."
-John, Racine, WI.


“The Golf Cart Charger comes with three different adapters that are a perfect fit for the three major brands of golf carts (Club Car, E-Z-Go, and Yamaha). The three adapters and the main power converter that attaches to each adapter all fit nicely in the pull string bag that Gimme Charge supplies with each unit. It was an easy addition to my bag and now wherever I go, be it the local Muni course or the remote locations like Death Valley, I have an endless supply of power.”



“The device is incredibly simple to use. It simply plugs into the charging port of the electric golf cart and from there you plug in your USB charging cable for the particular electronic device that you want to charge during your round.”



“As you can see there are a million different uses for this product, something so simple really will make your golf round more enjoyable … I have the universal system and so far I have not found a course where it didn’t fit the carts. Being a father and having a 9-5 job, I often sneak out during the day to get a round in, with the Gimme Charge, I can easily keep up with work emails and not worry about killing my battery.”

-Average Guy Golf.

WARNING! Only Buy From a Trusted and Reliable Source Like Revolution Golf So You Get the Genuine Universal GIMME CHARGE … 

You might see a lower price for a GIMME CHARGE on a website – especially an auction site. 

However, you must beware … 

  1. FAKE products can get into the market. 
  2. Most models do NOT work with all golf carts like this "universal" one does.
  3. You'll likely be charged up to $10 or more for shipping
So, it’s important to buy from a trusted source such as Revolution Golf.

Revolution Golf is an Authorized GIMME CHARGE Reseller … so you can be TOTALLY CERTAIN you’re getting the genuine and Universal GIMME CHARGE that works with all major electric golf carts.


The GIMME CHARGE must charge all your devices when you ride in a golf cart…or you get your money back.

Yes, if the GIMME CHARGE fails to work perfectly every time, you’re protected by the Revolution Golf "no messing around" guarantee. 

In short, if you’re not totally delighted for any reason…or no reason…we will give you your money back, no questions asked.

We’re promising the GIMME CHARGE will transform your technological life – because you'll never again worry about your devices "dying" when you play golf. 

And we back up this promise with a rock-solid, 365-day guarantee. 

If you want to return the GIMME CHARGE, simply contact our customer service team within 365 days of purchase. 

Yes – you can use the GIMME CHARGE every day for a YEAR and if you’re not totally satisfied, simply contact our customer care team on day 365 and we’ll process your refund.

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Special Bonus #2
Free Universal USB Charging Cord

You'll also receive a FREE universal USB charging cord with your purchase. It's compatible with any Android phone and iPhone 5, 6, and 7 (plus most iPads, GPS units, speakers, etc., introduced after 2012).

Typical charging cables are 36".  This 54" charging cable is perfect for use in the golf cart.


 Now, You Have a Simple Decision to Make…

You can worry about your smart phone, GPS device or tablet going dead during a round of golf…

OR …

You can try the GIMME CHARGE risk free, for the lowest price anywhere, and free shipping in the United States.


To Great Golf!

Justin Tupper
Founder and CEO
Revolution Golf