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I entrusted Martin Hall to help some of my children and grandchildren, as well as countless friends … I have known Martin for many years and think very highly of him. He is a great teacher with a wonderful reputation who has helped countless golfers of all ability levels become better players.


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Dear Revolution Golfer,

Look … you’re a member of the Revolution Golf family. So you’ve heard this before … IF YOU WANT TO SHOOT LOWER SCORES … BUILD A BULLETPROOF SHORT GAME.

And maybe you’ve hear Phil Mickelson say this … “championships are won from 70 yards and in.”

You KNOW you want to shoot lower scores.

And you KNOW a stronger short game will help you achieve this goal.

So … 

Here’s Why Your Short Game Isn’t Improving

I’m Martin Hall and I’ve been teaching golf for 38 years. I’ve written 3 books about golf, won prestigious awards, and you’ve seen me on The Golf Channel and in magazines like GOLF Magazine and Golf Digest.

Jack Nicklaus has sent his children and grandchildren to me for golf instruction.

One thing I know …

Serious golfers … like you … want a better short game. Why? So you can save 4-8 shots a round and drive your golfing buddies totally and completely crazy as they have to say “that’s good” over and over.

The desire is there. So … why isn’t your short game dramatically improving?

My answer is simple … you probably don’t have a plan or blueprint for short game success … and this leads to confusion and short game shots that are not exactly great.

Let’s say you’re in the bunker. Without a clear plan for success, you might the ball before the sand and hit the ball 70 yards over the green into a swamp or someone’s back yard.

Let’s say you’re about 55 yards from the green and you need to hit a pitch shot. Without a clear plan for success, your next pitch shot might be 53 yards.

Let’s say you’ve hit two awesome shots to a par-5 and you’re facing a simple chip. Get up and down and it’s a birdie. But without a clear plan for success, you’re leaving the green with a 6. Ouch.

And Here’s What You Can Do About It …

Yet … here’s the great news … EVERY golfer can improve their short game once they have that all-important plan for success.

Once I have given my students this plan for success, great things start to happen. 

  • No more big numbers caused by a short game disaster/meltdown.
  • Bunker shots that land and stop close to the hole … or get out of the bunker and onto the green at the very worst.
  • Pitches that consistently land and stop within 15 feet of the hole … usually closer.
  • Chip shots that always look like they have a chance to go in the hole.

Very quickly, you turn four shots around the green into three. Then you start to turn 3 shots into 2.

So … in a few minutes, I’m going to show you how to get MY plan for short game success. But first let me describe …

The “Secret” Benefit of an Awesome Short Game

Based on my 38 years of experience, once you have this plan for short game success, you’re going to want to practice your short game more.


One reason … you’ll start to experience success with your short game. It will be a lot more fun.

The more you practice your short game, the more fun you’ll have on the golf course because double bogeys will become bogeys … and bogeys will become pars.

But there’s another extremely important benefit.

When you practice your short game … with a solid plan … you are also working on your full swing.

That’s right … the movements, techniques, and basics of the short game apply directly to your full swing, especially with chipping and pitching.

Specifically … you start to feel how to make consistently solid contact with your short game … and you will take this straight to your long game.

Timing … alignment … ball position … mechanics … from the short game … all translate to your full swing

So … when you’re working on short game WITH A PLAN … you’re working on a stronger long game.

I’m Going to Simplify The Short Game for You … Based on a Proven Approach …

People ask me how I’ve been successful in this competitive business of teaching golf. They want to know my secret. Or they want to know what makes me different.

My answer … I have spent my entire teaching career trying to make things easy and simple for my students.

The approach works. 

  • My “top level” students have won tournaments around the world … thanks, in part, to a superb short game.
  • I have helped complete beginners start hitting great shots almost immediately … especially around the greens.
  • And I’ve helped thousands of “terminal hackers” become single-digit handicappers and even get toward scratch, beginning with that all-important short game.


How? By simplifying the key concepts in a successful short game.

This approach will work for you … especially if you’re confused and you don’t have a clear plan for your short game.

In a minute, I will show you how to access my approach to short game. But first, I’d like you to meet … 

The People Who Helped Me … And How They Will Help You …

As soon as I started teaching in 1974, I made it a goal to find the world’s greatest golfers and teachers to find out what made them successful.

I spent time with the great pioneers of golf teaching like Harvey Penick and John Jacobs. Another great teacher, Bob Toski, has been a huge influence on me.

And I sought out great players like Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Nick Faldo, Seve Ballesteros, Gary Player, Ian Woosnam, Bernhard Langer, and Ernie Els.

Quite frankly, I could fill this page with the names of hundreds of teachers and golfers who have taught me about the short game. Why did I seek them out?

Easy …


Yes – I am taking what I learned from the greats of the game directly to you.

But I learn even more from my students. 

The Greatest Golf Learning Laboratory I Know … And What This Means for You …

I’ve been teaching for 38 years and my students have been extremely successful. They reach their golf goals. I’ve enjoyed all this because I have learned about what works … and what doesn’t … right there at the short game area at Ibis Golf and Country Club in West Palm Beach.

So the methods I use to teach the short game are PROVEN TO WORK.

I have watched as …

  • Poor chippers and pitchers became short game wizards.
  • The worst bunker players in the world started to look like Gary Player … the best bunker player of all time.

All because I keep things simple for my students … and because I learned so much from them in my laboratory … right there at the short game area. 

Why You Might Be Frustrated … And The Solution …

I have a lot of sympathy for golfers who are confused and struggling. Golf can be a hard game … but it can also be a huge amount of fun.

When golfers come to see me, I find they have a lot of misinformation in their heads about the short game. They may have heard a tip from their dentist. Many have seen something in one magazine then seen something else in another magazine.

The result? Confusion.

And confused golfers don’t improve.

I have built my short game teaching … and my reputation … around making golf instruction EASY to understand … and by giving my students a clear plan for short game success based a proven model.

Does it work? YOU BET!

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Let’s Have a Heart-to-Heart Chat About Your Game … And Having More Fun on the Golf Course …

Bobby Jones and Phil Mickelson are two of the greatest golfers of all time. Here’s what they said about the short game.

“The secret of great golf is turning three shots into two.” Bobby Jones.

“Tournaments are won from 70 yards and in.” Phil Mickelson.

Bobby Jones was an awesome ball striker. So is Phil Mickelson. But both these great players had/have epic short games. You see Phil Mickelson’s because he’s on TV a lot … but trust me, Bobby Jones had an awesome short game too.

So Here’s the Question for You

How good do you really want to be at golf? Do you really want to reach your full potential? Or do you want be mediocre?

Most of my students come to see me because they want a better long game … better contact and longer distance with irons, woods, and the driver. And that’s a good thing to have and want.

But the golfers I know who make the most progress … the fastest … are the ones who become a lot better at chipping, pitching, and bunker play.

There’s something else about these golfers … they have a TON more fun playing golf. Initially, many of these golfers were reluctant to work on the short game. But once they got going, they realized a couple of things …

ONE … It’s easier to improve the short game than the long game and you get faster results.

TWO … It’s a lot of fun saving 4 to 10 shots a round thanks to a great short game.

THREE … You can pretty much say “goodbye” to big numbers on the scorecard when you have a solid short game.

FOUR … When the long game isn’t working that well, the short game is there to keep the round moving along.

FIVE … A great short game will drive your playing partners crazy! They will keep raking the ball back to you … as you keep hitting “stone dead” short game shots.


I’ve met a TON of Revolution Golfers in person or online. Here’s one thing I know about you … you’re super-serious about improving, having more fun, and shooting lower scores.

Yes … the long game is important. But if you’re REALLY serious about shooting lower scores, then crank up that short game. You’ll discover how in BUILD A BETTER SHORT GAME.


Want to Get This Simpler Approach to the Short Game?

Can’t come to south Florida for a lesson at my school? No problem. I have just filmed an all-new video series with Revolution Golf. It’s titled …



Let’s Look at the 3 Videos in the Series in Detail


  • The two types of contact that will help you get it close.
  • “My three H and two R” secret for chipping.
  • How to take your chipping practice success to the golf course.
  • The correct grip for chipping … it’s NOT like your driver grip.
  • 2 keys for distance control with your chipping.
  • A “weighty” way to develop perfect chipping tempo.
  • The “Shimamura Shuffle” and how this will help you develop consistent contact.
  • What you can discover from Seve Ballesteros about pitching.
  • My “Golden Rule” for chipping and how this will help you with your distance.
  • Where to land the ball on the ball for the best results with your chipping … it’s not where you think it is.
  • The “crazy squirted” approach for superior distance control.
  • Which clubs to use for chipping … this will surprise you.
  • What can you learn from Ray Floyd about chipping.
  • Should you chip like you putt? The surprising answer.
  • How a simple range bucket can transform your chipping.
  • What about using a hybrid for chipping? Is it just like putting from off the green?
  • How to chip from rough and weird lies … the “fluff” … how a putter might be a great option.

Want to see an excerpt from the chipping video? Click the play button below.


  • Pitching fundamentals SIMPLIFIED … finally! So you understand what it takes to hit consistent pitches.
  • Why … and how … the basic pitch shot will help you with your full swing.
  • How to spin the ball with your pitch shots … so you gain superior control with your short game shots.
  • Hitting different pitches from different lies … fully explained.
  • Two of the best pitching tips I’ve heard … from two of the world’s greatest pitchers … Tom Kite and Nick Faldo.
  • Which wedges to choose for pitch shots.
  • The correct “gapping” of your wedges and what this means for your consistency.
  • I explain the relationship between the bounce you have on your wedges and the type of course you play.
  • Why lie angle is the most important part of your wedge set up. This will astonish you, especially when it comes to accuracy.
  • REVEALED: the correct set-up for pitches.
  • Why you need a slightly different grip for pitch shots … how you can use two drinking straws to help you get this grip correct.
  • How to practice aiming correctly … you will only see this here.
  • The truth about ball position for solid pitching.
  • How to keep arms and body connected for pitch shots and why that’s so important
  • The importance of the lead wrist in pitch shots.
  • How to control pitch shot distance … SIMPLIFIED.
  • 3 ways to control distance and how to determine which method will work for you.
  • Where the weight should be in the pitch shot for consistency.
  • Pitching from the rough … deep or otherwise … and the changes you need to make.
  • Why you should incorporate a trash can into your pitching game … and how this will sharpen your short game.
  • The “leapfrog” pitching game and how this makes pitching practice fun.


  • Which wedges to use in the bunkers … this will surprise you.
  • How to manage expectations so you don’t hit the ball 100 yards or leave the ball in the bunker.
  • Dealing with different lies in the sand.
  • How to deal with different types of sand … from soft to hard … wet to dry.
  • Two bunker drills the pros use … and you can use too.
  • The single most important part of bunker play PLUS The true engine of solid bunker play.
  • How to select and buy the correct sand wedge … with the correct bounce …
  • A full description of bounce and how it impacts your sand game.
  • How much to open the face of your wedge for each bunker shot.
  • Where to place the ball in your stance for bunker shot success.
  • Why “going underground” will transform your short game.
  • Gary Player’s bunker tip. HINT: it’s all about cigars.
  • How to generate spin … it’s not what you’ve been told.
  • The correct length of the swing for the successful bunker shot.
  • My ‘palm to the wall’ technique and how this generates consistent results for your bunker shots.
  • The correct way to deal with a buried lie and where the ball should be in your stance.
  • Two “Hall of Fame” drills from Tom Watson and Gary Player.
  • Gary Player’s secret set-up “trick” that made him the top bunker player in the world …
  • Tom Watson’s #1 key to bunker shots …
  • Games to play to improve your bunker play … these will make practice time a blast.
  • Why it’s vital to use the “lines in the sand” when it comes to bunker play … especially when you’re working on getting better.
  • Why you should never consider a bunker to be a “trap” and how this will transform your mental approach to bunker play.


  • Learn more about Martin's secrets.
  • Get 3 additional tips to improve your short game.
  • Steps it takes to become a better short game golfer.
  • How every player can make small, but significant changes to their short game play.
  • What will hurt your game more than help.

With BUILD A BETTER SHORT GAME WITH MARTIN HALL in your golfing arsenal … you get over 3 hours of completely original short instruction ONLY for Revolution Golfers.

You’ll gain a totally new plan for improvement … so you reach your golf goals.


26 Reasons to Add BUILD A BETTER SHORT GAME WITH MARTIN HALL to Your Instruction Arsenal

  1. Save 4-8 shots a round.
  2. Short game CLARITY instead of confusion so you improve faster.
  3. A plan/blueprint for short game practice and success on the golf course.
  4. More fun on the golf course.
  5. No more “look away awful” short game shots.
  6. Fix short game problems if they happen on the golf course … but avoid them in the first place.
  7. Discover short game “secrets” from many of the world’s top golfers.
  8. Turn 3 shots into 2 around the green – key to shooting lower scores.
  9. Endorsed by Jack Nicklaus and many of the world’s top golfers and golf teachers.
  10. Instruction works for every golfer … from beginner to accomplished club player.
  11. FINALLY … move forward with your short game instead of not improving.
  12. Proven short game methods that will work for you … simply follow the instructions.
  13. End whatever short game issue is ailing you.
  14. Escape any lie from any bunker.
  15. Use a short game grip … for finesse.
  16. Hit super-solid chips and pitches for exceptional distance and accuracy.
  17. Fast fixes for major short game problems …
  18. Enjoy solid pitches and chips from any lie on the golf course.
  19. Improve faster with the “small to big” and “slow to fast” methods.
  20. How to create a bulletproof set up and pre-shot routine for every short game shot.
  21. Hit more accurate short game shots … with dramatically improved distance control.
  22. Get your club selection correct … a key to short game success.
  23. Have a lot more fun with your short game.
  24. Instruction customized to your course and where you normally play your golf.
  25. Games and exercises to make short game practice a TON of fun.
  26. Discover How to spin the ball with your pitch shots … so you gain superior control with your short game shots.
  27. A super-low introductory price, while supplies last.

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Praise for Martin Hall’s Teaching and Results …


“When Jim Flick and I launched golf schools, we entrusted the role of lead instructor to Martin for many years. I also entrusted him to help some of my children and grandchildren, as well as countless friends. He is one of the top ranked teachers by our friends at Golf Digest, and a former PGA of America Teacher of the Year. He has all the credentials any instructor could and should have. He has the eyes, the head, and most important, the heart to help any level of player to improve. Martin has a passion for the game. I have known Martin for many years and think very highly of him. He is a great teacher with a wonderful reputation who has helped countless golfers of all ability levels become better players. As a matter of fact, I have sent some of my own kids to work with him. Martin has a great passion for golf and for teaching the game, and has been a wonderful ambassador for the PGA of America.”



“When we did a national search to find the perfect host for School of Golf, I told management, ‘Don’t waste your time, just call Martin Hall. He’s one of the world’s Top 10 Instructors, he’s entertaining, and everyone will love him.’ Now in our fifth season working together, Martin continually makes me look like a genius. He makes instruction easy to understand, golf fun to learn, and when he’s done you’ll see a difference in your game!”

- Kevin Schultz, Director of Instruction, The Golf Channel.


“I have been taking golf lessons with Martin Hall for seventeen years and he has changed my life. He not only changed my golf life, but he has also had a tremendous influence on my personal life. Martin's expertise transformed my golf game entirely. To such an extent, that I was transformed from an average player to a scratch golfer."

“The best part of the improvement in my golf game is the journey that we both took-which enabled me to accomplish my goals. He is an excellent choice for anyone who loves the game of golf. Martin's unique style of teaching helps his students to utilize different swing devices so that the player can find the feel that works best for them. This helps tremendously in taking you down the path of fairways and greens. Martin is not only the best instructor in the world, he is also the kindest and best role model a person could ask for.”

- Eric Glasband, Managing Director, Wealth Management.


“I've seen a lot of great teachers teach golf. But they can't hold a candle to Martin Hall. He knows how to teach the game of golf, not only to the tour players, but the beginner golfers, as well. Martin Hall is number one.”

- Bob Toski, World Famous Golf Instructor.


“Martin Hall has been my mentor throughout my professional career. The depth of his knowledge in this great game is unmatched. Anyone who has the opportunity to learn from him should consider themselves blessed.”

- Chuck Winstead, LSU Golf Coach.


“Over the past 25 years I’ve had the pleasure of watching Martin emerge from the crowd to become one of the golf’s greatest instructors. When it comes to solving golfers' problem shots, Martin has more tools at the ready than a Swiss Army Knife. He is the gold standard in golf instruction today.”

- Lorin Anderson, Executive Vice President, Golf Channel Academy.



With BUILD A BETTER SHORT GAME WITH MARTIN HALL … you get over 3 hours of completely original instruction ONLY for Revolution Golfers.

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And, of course, BUILD A BETTER SHORT GAME WITH MARTIN HALL is protected by… 

The Revolution Golf One Year “No Questions Asked” Guarantee

BUILD A BETTER SHORT GAME WITH MARTIN HALL must clarify your short game thinking and give you a new foundation for distance and accuracy.

If you’re not happy for any reason, or no reason, simply contact The Revolution Golf customer service team and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund.

That’s right…if my instruction does not help you transform your game, you get your money back. No questions asked. Revolution Golf completely backs up the promises we’re making on this web page.


Are You Going to Make the Right Decision For Your Short Game?

 If you’re “sitting still” with your short game but really want to improve, you now have a simple decision to make.

You can keep going with your current methods … the ones that aren’t working all that well …

OR …

You can try, risk-free, the instruction in BUILD A BETTER SHORT GAME WITH MARTIN HALL.

With these all-new videos, you can: 

  • End all your golf confusion.
  • Gain consistently excellent contact time and time again …
  • Hit pro level short game shots … pitching, chipping, and bunker shots.
  • Save 4-8 shots around the greens every time you play.
  • Fix “bleeding neck” problems. 

I know you’ll make the right choice.

To the best golf of your life …

Martin Hall
Ibis Golf and Country Club
PGA Master Professional

P.S. Remember … it’s all about CLARITY and SIMPLICITY … and I have spent my entire golf career with one goal … make this difficult game a TON easier for every golfer. BUILD A BETTER SHORT GAME WITH MARTIN HALL will give you that simplicity and clarity.