Power and Accuracy 

How to Gain AT LEAST 20-40 Yards Off The Tee and Get Your Ball Dancing With the Flag WITHOUT Any Technical Mumbo-Jumbo or Complex Theories …

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All with Simple, Clear Instructions … Based on 38 Years of Teaching Experience with Over 100,000 Students.

I entrusted Martin Hall to help some of my children and grandchildren, as well as countless friends … I have known Martin for many years and think very highly of him. He is a great teacher with a wonderful reputation who has helped countless golfers of all ability levels become better players.


Dear Revolution Golfer,

Are you finding it difficult to get better at golf?

Are you finding the game frustrating?

Do you have a million swing thoughts running through your head every time you pick up a club?

Are you ready to become the golfer you know you can be?


Then pay close attention to what I’m about to say …

Martin Hall Is Going to Simplify The Great Game of Golf for You … It’s an Approach That Works …

Martin Hall has been teaching golf for 38 years. He’s written 3 books about golf, won prestigious awards, and you’ve seen him on The Golf Channel and in magazines like GOLF Magazine and Golf Digest.

Jack Nicklaus has sent his children and grandchildren to Martin Hall for golf instruction … a super-solid endorsement!

What makes Martin Hall different from other teachers?

Martin has spent his entire teaching career striving to make things easy and simple for his students … over 100,000 of them.

The approach works.
  • "Top level” students have won tournaments around the world.
  • He has helped complete beginners start hitting great shots almost immediately.
  • And he has helped thousands of “terminal hackers” become single-digit handicappers and even get to scratch.
How? By simplifying the key concepts in successful golf.

This approach will work for you … especially if you’re confused and you don’t have a clear plan for improvement.

In a minute, I will show you how to access this approach. But first, I’d like you to meet …

The People Who Helped Martin … And How They Will Help You …

As soon as Martin started teaching in 1974, he went to find the world’s greatest golfers and teachers to find out what made them successful.

He spent time with the great pioneers of golf teaching like John Jacobs. Another great teacher, Bob Toski, was a huge influence on Martin.

And Martin’s journey allowed him to spend time with great players like Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Nick Faldo, Seve Ballesteros, Gary Player, Ian Woosnam, Bernhard Langer, and Ernie Els.

Martin could fill this page with the names of hundreds of teachers and golfers who have taught Martin about the game. Why did he seek them out?

Easy …


Yes – Martin can take what he’s learned from the greats of the game directly to you, the Revolution Golfer.

But he learned even more from his students.

The Greatest Golf Learning Laboratory On The Planet … And What This Means for You …

Martin has been teaching for 38 years and his more than 100,000 students have been extremely successful. They reach their golf goals provided they follow the simple instruction.

He discovered what works … and what doesn’t … right there on the lesson tee at Ibis Golf and Country Club in West Palm Beach.

So the methods he uses to teach every aspect of golf are PROVEN TO WORK.

Martin has watched as …
  • Terminal slicers started to hit powerful drives right down the middle of the fairway … gaining at least 50 yards with their driver.
  • Golfers who were terrified of 4-foot putts started to make everything.
  • Weak strikers of the ball started to hit solid shots time after time.
  • Hookers and pullers reclaimed their accuracy.
  • People who were ready to give up out of sheer frustration started to get their love for the game back … and play as much as possible.
  • Golfers who could not get the ball off the ground started to hit a beautiful high draw.
  • Poor chippers and pitchers became short game wizards.
  • The worst bunker players in the world started to look like Gary Player … the best bunker player of all time.
All because he kept things simple for my students … and because he learned so much from them in the laboratory … right there on the range.

Why You Might Be Frustrated … And The Solution …

Martin has a lot of sympathy for golfers who are confused and struggling. Golf can be a hard game … but it can also be a huge amount of fun.

When golfers come to see Martin, he finds they have a lot of misinformation in their heads. They may have heard a tip from their dentist … or heard something that really applied to a top club golfer. Many have seen something in one magazine then seen something else in another magazine.

The result? Confusion.

And confused golfers don’t improve.

Martin has built his teaching … and his reputation … around making golf instruction EASY to understand … and by giving students a clear plan for success based a proven model.

Does it work? YOU BET!


How Martin Simplified Improvement and Achievement for THESE GOLFERS


Martin started working with Morgan Pressel when she was 10. She had a huge amount of talent. She worked extremely hard and won the U.S. Amateur … and many other tournaments.
She turned professional when she was 17 and became the youngest female golfer to win a major. She won the Kraft Nabisco Championship in 2007. In 2015, she won $962,794 on the LPGA Tour and is one of the world’s top golfers.

Yes – Martin works with professionals but most of his students are amateurs who simply want to enjoy the game more. Let’s meet a couple of them.


Four years ago, Eric came to see Martin. He was struggling with his game … specifically, he had no idea where the ball was going to go. Slight problem!

He was about to give up … but playing golf with clients and customers was a big part of his work. He’s now a scratch golfer and plays with a slight but powerful draw. Eric looks forward to playing golf – with family, friends, and clients.

As always, Martin kept things simple. He gave Eric some drills and he worked at them until he could complete them. The drills helped his full swing. One thing we worked on … a better release.


A big man, Syd played professional football in the NFL. So he thought golf would be easy and he also thought he would automatically smash the ball.

But, like many athletes, he didn’t understand that power in golf is more about technique than raw strength. Many ultra-slim high school women golfers can hit the ball a long way.

Using simple concepts and ideas, Syd has brought his handicap down to 9 from 16 in just 12 months. He’ll be a 4 or 5 before long.

The 81 Year Old Beginner

You’re never too young to start playing golf … and you’re never too old.

One of Martin's most remarkable students is a woman … a total beginner who was 81 years old when she started. She has made remarkably fast progress. Once again, Martin keep things simple and she’s having a blast playing golf.

Simple works … Martin could provide thousands of stories just like these.

Want to Get This Simpler Approach to Golf?

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Martin Hall's 5 Point POWER Plan for More Yardage With Your Driver

  • Gain a totally new plan for smashing the ball off the tee.
  • Why POWER wins in golf – the surprising reason.
  • Great news … 95% of golfers can increase their driving distance by 15 - 40 yards.
  • Martin's view of POWER.
    • P – Prepare to get going … what to do before you start the swing including a very different set up for maximum smash factor.
    • O – The Order of the backswing … it’s not what you’ve been told by most teachers.
    • W – The Wind up and width at the top … a key for getting ready for maximum speed at impact.
    • E – How to Explode on the downswing for maximum distance.
    • R – The correct Release for even more “wallop.”


  • The other key to distance … it’s more than clubhead speed.
  • The power grip that still gives you accuracy … it’s different from your regular grip.
  • A super-simple way to make sure your driver backswing is starting the right way.
  • How to get an extra gear just by setting up correctly.
  • The correct way to get the power of your legs into your swing.
  • A “secret” power-trigger used by golfers like Sam Snead, Gary Player, and today’s really big hitters.
  • The correct and surprising order of the backswing. HINT: Don’t start with your arms.
  • 3 backswing mistakes you have to avoid if you want more power.
  • Why “turning the shoulders” is bad advice … and what you really should turn.
  • Something Martin learned from “cowboy and Indian” movies and why shooting yourself with an arrow can help with distance.
  • A power-tip Martin got from Jack Nicklaus – it has to do with releasing the club correctly.
  • And much more  …


  • The “6 Ps” to Solid Contact
  • The Pivot
    • A simple description of the movements in the turn.
    • How to feel the perfect pivot by placing a club under your arms.
  • The Pinch
    • Making solid contact … not fat … not thin.
    • How to use a small swing to get the correct hitting turf and ball at precisely the same time … with the divot just past the ball.
    • The “tent peg drill” to get the hands in front of the clubhead at impact …
    • Why the feeling of “pinching the ball” into the ground … or squeezing it … is so important when it comes to hitting solid shots.
    • The right way to master the all-important weight transfer to the front leg.
    • The box before ball drill.
  • The Path
    • The correct positions to make sure you have the correct path into the ball.
    • Finally … swing plane de-mystified with a drill that Zach Johnson uses.
    • How to use a “laser” to get your club on plane for accuracy and distance.
  • The Position.
    • Position of the clubface made easy to understand … using a coat hanger.
    • The premonition position … and the impact review …
    • How the pump drill can dramatically improve your ball striking.
    • How to get extension after the swing.
  • The Plug.
    • Why Martin tells golfers to “plug the club” into the lead hip.
    • A ball-striking tip Martin discovered from Nick Faldo.
    • The correct speed in the swing for consistency.
    • Correct breathing techniques for at least 7 yards of bonus distance.
  • The Pace.
    • Two ways to gain perfect tempo that work for every golfer.
    • Why solid is more important that straight …
    • A powerful drill to get the weight forward before and during impact.
    • The correct grip for correct contact.
    • A drill to get the hands ahead of the club at impact.
    • The “limbo” drill with your wedge … master this and you will make solid contact every time.
    • Martin's “four finger” drill with a tee … to get good path and never hit a fat shot again.
    • Why Martin would like you to shorten the backswing … for more control and consistency.
    • Why Martin would like you to put a small whiffle ball under your armpit.
    • One of Martin's favorite drills … the water pistol drill.


  • 7 maxims for short game success with every short game shot.
  • The keys to club selection around the greens.
  • Where to land the ball on the greens. Hint: it’s NOT always three paces off the edge of the green.
  • How to swing on the correct line.
  • Where to aim the clubface – it’s not what you’ve been told.
  • How to visualize the shot before you play it … and why that’s so important.
  • The correct way to evaluate your lie.
  • Four shots you must have in your arsenal … the pinch, cut pinch, lob, and cut lob … and how to play them consistently.
  • What never to do in your chipping …
  • How to get a lot of check on the ball.
  • The safest short game shots … and the riskiest.
  • The worst thing you can do when you’re pitching.
  • How long the pitch swing should be.
  • 2 easy swing thoughts for perfect pitching and lob shots.
  • What you can learn from a toothbrush and how this will help your short game.
  • A bombproof method for escaping every bunker with ease.
  • Where to have your weight at set up for the bunker shot – before you even play the shot.
  • Why you should get your knees into your bunker swing.
  • The specialized “lift and thump” shot that will get the ball out of any lie in any bunker.
  • Putting simplified and the two keys to excellent putting.
  • What you should put on your golf ball … the pros do this and so should you.
  • How to make sure you’re always aimed correctly …
  • Want to start your putts online? Get a salt shaker. Really!
  • Control your speed by avoiding the biggest putting mistake you can make.
  • Why Martin wants his students to keep their lower body super-solid and why that’s important.
  • Gain the perfect cadence in your putting stroke to control distance and speed.
  • A simple way to keep your arms and shoulders connected in your putting stroke.
  • How to judge short game distance using the “Seve” technique … this will keep you from getting too mechanical.
  • Steep or shallow with short game shots? Martin answers this question.
  • Why you don’t want a strong “driver” grip for short game shots … I show you the correct grip for short game shots.
  • How a few coins will help you make super-solid contact every time.
  • Which part of the golf ball to look at for super-solid contact every time.
  • The “chop the legs off” drill and how this will help you gain short game consistency.
  • Martin's secret ‘RHO’ drill.


“Simple cures for 12 of Golf’s Worst problems … what do to when the wheels come off on the golf course.”

How to deal with these golf disasters.

  1. Slicing
  2. Hooking
  3. Fat Shots
  4. Thin Shots
  5. The Sh*nk
  6. Hitting It On the Toe
  7. The Heel
  8. Bad Posture
  9. The Hip
  10. Casting
  11. Chicken Wing After Impact
  12. Bad Finish
  • Why you should “wipe milk” to cure a slice.
  • How Cuba Gooding can help you end a bad hook.
  • A surprisingly simple way to get those fat shots out of your life.
  • The “pushing” drill that Henrik Stenson uses to avoid thin shots.
  • A “three lane” route to end those hosel-rockets … and crowding the body can solve a lot of problems.
  • Why Martin will put a ball in your armpit to help you stop hitting the ball on the toe.
  • How your driver can help you get into perfect posture in 3 seconds.
  • Why having the trail hip high at address can create havoc in your swing … and how to fix that malfunctioning trail hip.
  • A simple way to fix that bad takeaway in the next 20 seconds.
  • How you’ll get a slight but powerful draw if you fix the “chicken wing” problem.
  • And much, much more …

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28 Reasons to Add BUILD A BETTER GOLF GAME WITH MARTIN HALL to Your Instruction Arsenal

  1. AT LEAST 20-40 yards off the tee.
  2. Solid contact with every club in your bag for power and accuracy.
  3. CLARITY instead of confusion to you improve faster.
  4. Get the shot shape you want.
  5. Fix problems if they happen on the golf course.
  6. Turn 3 shots into 2 around the green – key to shooting lower scores.
  7. Endorsed by Jack Nicklaus and many of the world’s top golfers and golf teachers.
  8. Instruction works for every golfer … from beginner to accomplished club player.
  9. FINALLY … move forward with your game instead of not improving.
  10. Proven methods that will work for you … simply follow the instructions.
  11. Discover how to hit a power-draw if you’ve been leaking distance.
  12. Start to make every short putt … vital for scoring.
  13. End whatever golf issue is ailing you.
  14. Escape any lie from any bunker.
  15. Many of the drills can be completed in the home or office.
  16. Get the order of your backswing correct so you can explode on the downswing for maximum distance.
  17. Use two different grips … one for power … one for finesse.
  18. Discover how to make a perfect turn … for power and consistency.
  19. Hit super-solid chips and pitches for distance and accuracy.
  20. More than 40 drills to help you improve.
  21. Fast fixes for major swing problems … so you can fix “bleeding neck” problems on the golf course.
  22. Enjoy solid shots from any lie on the golf course.
  23. Generate power from your biggest muscles … so you maximize your distance.
  24. Start every putt on the intended lie … and control the lie.
  25. A special low introductory price … only for a limited time.
  26. Improve faster with the “small to big” and “slow to fast” methods.
  27. How to create a bulletproof set up and pre-shot routine.
  28. A super-low introductory price. Click here now while supplies last.


Praise for Martin Hall’s Teaching and Results …


“When Jim Flick and I launched golf schools, we entrusted the role of lead instructor to Martin for many years. I also entrusted him to help some of my children and grandchildren, as well as countless friends. He is one of the top ranked teachers by our friends at Golf Digest, and a former PGA of America Teacher of the Year. He has all the credentials any instructor could and should have. He has the eyes, the head, and most important, the heart to help any level of player to improve. Martin has a passion for the game. I have known Martin for many years and think very highly of him. He is a great teacher with a wonderful reputation who has helped countless golfers of all ability levels become better players. As a matter of fact, I have sent some of my own kids to work with him. Martin has a great passion for golf and for teaching the game, and has been a wonderful ambassador for the PGA of America.”



“When we did a national search to find the perfect host for School of Golf, I told management, ‘Don’t waste your time, just call Martin Hall. He’s one of the world’s Top 10 Instructors, he’s entertaining, and everyone will love him.’ Now in our fifth season working together, Martin continually makes me look like a genius. He makes instruction easy to understand, golf fun to learn, and when he’s done you’ll see a difference in your game!”

- Kevin Schultz, Director of Instruction, The Golf Channel.


“I have been taking golf lessons with Martin Hall for seventeen years and he has changed my life. He not only changed my golf life, but he has also had a tremendous influence on my personal life. Martin's expertise transformed my golf game entirely. To such an extent, that I was transformed from an average player to a scratch golfer."

“The best part of the improvement in my golf game is the journey that we both took-which enabled me to accomplish my goals. He is an excellent choice for anyone who loves the game of golf. Martin's unique style of teaching helps his students to utilize different swing devices so that the player can find the feel that works best for them. This helps tremendously in taking you down the path of fairways and greens. Martin is not only the best instructor in the world, he is also the kindest and best role model a person could ask for.”

- Eric Glasband, Managing Director, Wealth Management.


“I've seen a lot of great teachers teach golf. But they can't hold a candle to Martin Hall. He knows how to teach the game of golf, not only to the tour players, but the beginner golfers, as well. Martin Hall is number one.”

- Bob Toski, World Famous Golf Instructor.


“Martin Hall has been my mentor throughout my professional career. The depth of his knowledge in this great game is unmatched. Anyone who has the opportunity to learn from him should consider themselves blessed.”

- Chuck Winstead, LSU Golf Coach.


“Over the past 25 years I’ve had the pleasure of watching Martin emerge from the crowd to become one of the golf’s greatest instructors. When it comes to solving golfers' problem shots, Martin has more tools at the ready than a Swiss Army Knife. He is the gold standard in golf instruction today.”

- Lorin Anderson, Executive Vice President, Golf Channel Academy.

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With BUILD A BETTER GOLF GAME WITH MARTIN HALL … you get over 4 hours of completely original instruction ONLY for Revolution Golfers.

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BUILD A BETTER GOLF GAME WITH MARTIN HALL must clarify your golf thinking and give you a new foundation for distance and accuracy.

If for any reason, or for no reason, you’re not totally satisfied, simply contact The Revolution Golf customer Service team at customerservice@revolutiongolf.com within 365 days, and receive details on how to get a full refund. No questions asked.

That’s right…if Martin's instruction does not help you transform your game, you get your money back. No questions asked. Revolution Golf completely backs up the promises we’re making on this web page.

Are You Going to Make the Right Decision For Your Game?

If you’re “sitting still” with your game but really want to improve, you now have a simple decision to make.
You can keep going with your current methods … the ones that aren’t working all that well …

OR …

You can try, risk-free, the instruction in BUILD A BETTER GOLF GAME WITH MARTIN HALL.

With these all-new videos, you can:
  • End all your golf confusion.
  • Gain consistently excellent contact time and time again …
  • Hit the ball 20-40 yards further with your driver … by making a few simple changes.
  • Save 5-10 shots around the greens every time you play.
  • Fix “bleeding neck” problems.
I know you’ll make the right choice.

To the best golf of your life …

Justin Tupper
Founder and CEO
Revolution Golf

P.S. Remember … it’s all about CLARITY and SIMPLICITY … and Martin has spent my entire golf career with one goal … make this difficult game a TON easier for every golfer. BUILD A BETTER GOLF GAME WITH MARTIN HALL will give you that simplicity and clarity.

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