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- Steve H. Fort Worth, TX.

From the desk of Justin Tupper, Founder of Revolution Golf.

Do you love golf? Yes?

But have you been struggling with your game … to the point where golf isn’t much fun?


Then I’ve got some great news for you …


“What’s the CAVALRY?” I’m Certain You’re Asking

The CAVALRY is the Revolution Golf Faculty of Instructors. The faculty includes …

  • Martin Chuck
  • Sean Foley
  • Jim McLean
  • Andrew Rice
  • Don Saladino
  • Martin Hall
  • Cameron McCormick

These are golf instructors who have taught many of the world’s greatest golfers … as you’ll discover in a minute … and they have also taught TENS OF THOUSANDS of recreational golfers.

The goal of the faculty is to provide you with the highest level of instruction on the planet … so you improve and gain the consistency, accuracy, and distance you KNOW you can achieve.

And you can access this high quality of instruction through RG+. 

Are you serious about getting better at golf? Then imagine this …

  • You’re at the range and you want to work on your ball striking. Instantly, on your phone or tablet, you can access over 247 videos about ball striking … from the world’s top golf instructors.
  • You’re at home after playing golf and you want help with your chipping and pitching. Instantly, on your laptop or desktop, you have instant access to over 147 chipping and pitching videos … from the world’s top golf instructors.
  • You’re at the workplace and you’re thinking about your putting. Instantly, from any computer, you have instant access to over 59 putting videos … from the world’s top golf instructors.

All thanks to your membership to RG+ … you instantly gain access to the world’s top golf instructors … plus a TON more … as you’re about to discover. 

People Ask Me “What is RG+” and Here’s My Answer … And What This Means for You …

Right now, you’re at the FREE level of Revolution Golf. And that’s really strong … you get a free daily instructional video from one of our epic faculty of golf instructors. And you have access to that video for 3 days. Not too shabby!

But with RG+ you gain instant access to EVERY Revolution Golf instructional video … plus a TON more … for just 27 cents a day. You can think of RG+ as the NETFLIX OF GOLF ... only it’s a lot better than Netflix.

Think of RG+ as the ultimate golf membership site

Here’s What You Get With RG+

  • Instant access to the entire archive of Revolution Golf video tips. That’s more than 1,700 videos from the world’s top golf instructors … with more added every week. WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU … improve every part of your game with access to this powerful collection of videos.
  • Your personal library of golf instructional videos from Revolution Golf … exactly how you want to organize them. WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU … Organize the videos based on what works for you … and the parts of your game you really want to improve the most.
  • Exclusive Revolution Golf LIVE events only for RG+ members … WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU … It’s like personal instruction from the world’s top teachers.
  • The Golf Channel Archive … we merged with The Golf Channel in the summer of last year. This means we’ve organized special access to videos from The Golf Channel and you can start accessing the vault … with more videos coming online all the time. WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU … Start gaining access to the world’s top golf-related TV station.
  • RGTV … Interviews with professional golfers and professional insiders … programming ONLY for members of the RG+ community … WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU … fun and valuable information from people inside the golf industry.
  • RG+ Buyers Club … WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU … special offers on golf equipment and accessories plus FREE SHIPPING on Revolution Golf products and services shipped anywhere in the domestic United States.
  • Daily Instruction … a daily golf tip email sent straight to your inbox … WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU … regular golf instruction … plus fresh content … to help you improve.
  • Huge Savings … you instantly get content worth $707 when you join RG+ plus we’re always finding new ways to provide more value to RG+ members.
  • MORE TO COME … every month, we’re finding new ways to provide RG+ with more golf instruction plus more benefits … and more goodies … stay tuned. 
Let’s get into the details …


When you join the RG+ community, you get instant access to well over 1,700 instructional videos from the top teachers and minds in the game … with more being added all the time. These videos are professionally filmed and available in HD video.

We have carefully optimized each video so you can watch on a smart phone, a tablet, a laptop, or a mainframe.

The videos are grouped into these categories.



Simply choose the part of the game that interests you … and you’ll find hundreds of videos from some of the world’s top golf instructors.

Remember – these are instructors who have worked with the world’s top golfers. And you will ONLY find these videos on RG+.

Even better … you can organize the videos based on what YOU want to work on.

RG Plus Videos

Click on the “Driving” Category … and you’ll get to this page.

RG Plus Driving Category

Click the putting category and you’ll get to this page.

RG Plus Putting Category

BOTTOM LINE … These videos will help EVERY part of your game. Just choose the video you want and it’s like you’re having a private lesson with one of the world’s greatest teachers.

Let’s get to RG TV …

Meet Golf’s Greatest People – Only Through RG TV … Increase Your Love for The Greatest Game

RG TV gives you exclusive interviews and programming with many of golf’s greatest people … like Gary Player and Nick Faldo … golfers who have won numerous majors.

Plus you’ll meet industry “insiders” who impact the game.


Sit back and enjoy some of the greatest golf programs on the planet. You will only find them on RG+.

BOTTOM LINE … You’ll stoke your love for the game … and we’re adding more videos and interviews to RG TV all the time.

RG+ Will Help You Save Thousands on Golf Products and Services

Remember what I said about RG+ being a lot like Amazon Prime? In fact, it’s better … take a look at what you get through your RG+ membership.

You get extremely limited advertising on your daily Revolution Golf instructional videos. Most days there will be no advertising and you’ll get straight to your video.

Just like Amazon Prime, you’ll get FREE domestic shipping on any Revolution Golf DVDs, instructional aids, and equipment purchased from the Revolution Golf Pro Shop.

Check your email inbox for special deals from partners. These offers will give you the chance to save THOUSANDS on golf schools, golf travel, golf products, and more.


14 Of Our Most Popular Video Training Programs … Absolutely FREE … 

Yes – once you join RG+ you get instant access to these videos ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Now There’s EVEN MORE … Thanks to Our Partnership With The Golf Channel

As I mentioned, we recently became part of The Golf Channel family. This means we have a special deal for this limited-time offer.


Take A Tour of RG+ … So You Can See Exactly What You Receive for Just 27 Cents a Day …

Click the play button below as RG+ member Scott Martin gives you a guided tour of RG+.

As you can see, RG+ gives you a TON of benefits. It’s like Netflix for golfers … only it’s a TON better because RG+ also helps you save THOUSANDS on golf products and services.

The Instruction in These Videos Will Transform Your Game

Remember – you’re getting instruction from the world’s top golf instructors. These teachers work with “regular” golfers but they also work – or have worked with – the biggest touring pros in the world … like Tiger Woods, Justin Rose, Greg Norman, Gary Player, Phil Mickelson, Nick Faldo … and many, many more.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover. 

  1. 15 techniques to help you hit the longest drives of your life.
  2. How to reclaim and regain your distance if you spend a chunk of time sitting at a desk and/or commuting.
  3. Tour-level distance secrets … so you gain maximum distance every time you play.
  4. How to create a bulletproof set up and pre-shot routine.
  5. Why a powerful draw MUST be part of your golfing arsenal.
  6. What you must do to hit a powerful and controlled fade.
  7. What NEVER to do when you want to maximize your clubhead speed.
  8. The “Set Up for Success” technique that prevents potentially disastrous mistakes.
  9. The right way to move the forward knee … and the wrong way to move your lower body.
  10. How to develop a “peaceful” yet powerful swing with very few moving parts.
  11. The amazing truth about the shallow angle of attack…and how this helps the all-important launch angle … for maximum distance.
  12. How the “T-Gate” drill will produce more penetrating and powerful irons.
  13. A fascinating truth about the correct path and how it impacts distance.
  14. Two keys to hitting laser-like irons that never leave the flag.
  15. The surprising truth about where your weight must be during the swing.
  16. How to take a tour-style divot … a key to crisp contact.
  17. What a correct iron shot “feels” like.
  18. The quickest and easiest way to avoid the one mistake that 99% of amateur golfers make.
  19. Why “ball compression” is so vital for crisp “sweet spot” contact.
  20. A simple “cornerstone” drill to help you finally enjoy crisp iron shots.
  21. How to hit accurate shots from uneven lies.
  22. How to hit different trajectories…low…high…draw…fade…ON DEMAND.
  23. A complete toolbox that gives you every shot around the green.
  24. The low-risk strategy that prevents short game disasters and turns 3 shots into 2.
  25. The secret “Carnoustie” shot that will leave tap-in putts almost every time.
  26. A fast and surprisingly easy way to boost your short game confidence.
  27. How a sharpie can dramatically improve your pitching and chipping. That’s right … a SHARPIE.
  28. Advanced short game techniques the pros use … but you can master too.
  29. Choosing the correct shot for every situation you can face on the golf course.
  30. One key to the basic pitch shot … this will make pitching much, much easier.
  31. The correct set up for short game shots.
  32. A pro-level secret to “hand inspired motion” that leads to “sweet spot” contact on all short game shots.
  33. A powerful drill to keep the body and arms synchronized for perfect pitches.
  34. What you must NEVER do when you hit the “bump and run” shot.
  35. “4 Rules of Short Game Success” that will quickly turn 3 shots into 2.
  36. The truth about spin and club selection so the short game is no longer a mystery. A blueprint for developing pro-level feel and learning the tour style flop shot … the “micro shot.”
  37. Why you may have struggled in the sand and how to hit stone-dead sand shots from any lie.
  38. The power of face control … when you want power.
  39. How to use simple toys like swimming noodles and soccer balls to feel a correct swing.
  40. An app you can download for free that will improve your putting.
  41. A fast way to develop a benchmark for getting the correct speed on putts. Say goodbye to three-putts.
  42. Clear instructions for dealing with common problems like topping, lack of distance, pulls, pushes, poor contact, hooks, and slices.
  43. How “doing the limbo” will create a more penetrating ball flight.
  44. How to gain immediate distance WITHOUT changing your physical condition.
  45. How to gain immediate distance WITHOUT buying a new driver.
  46. How to gain immediate distance WITHOUT swinging faster.
  47. What it really takes to gain distance off the tee.
  48. The “stealthy” way to get more clubhead speed.
  49. How to move the distance needle FAST.
  50. The surprising spot on the driver face where you want to hit the ball. Hint: it’s not in the middle of the clubface.
  51. Problem(s) likely robbing you of distance … and how to deal with these.
  52. How a clubhead speed increase of just 7 mph can shorten the golf course by 800 yards.
  53. The easy way to FEEL speed.
  54. Why the ground is your best friend when it comes to gaining distance.
  55. The surprising part of the body where you will feel speed.
  56. A simple drill to help you gain velocity with your swing.
  57. The “Speed Set” Drill to gain 3 to 10 mph in clubhead speed …
  58. The most important move when it comes to driving the ball.
  59. Why ball position and tee height are vital for maximum distance.
  60. The perfect path into the ball with your driver.
  61. How a swimming noodle can help you gain 15 yards by helping you get the correct path.
  62. The surprising anatomy of a perfect “strike” with the driver.
  63. The role of spine angle in big-time distance – and how to use yours.
  64. 3 keys to getting to the perfect strike position – these keys will surprise you and they’re NOT what you’ve been taught …
  65. The power of the 84-degree rule and why EVERY great golfer has this.
  66. A super-easy drill to simplify the backswing and generate additional power from the shoulders and core …
  67. How to keep from swaying or reverse pivoting.
  68. The 5 impact mistakes you must avoid.
  69. Why you should feel a vertical path with your shoulders.
  70. The truth about correct path to the ball at impact.
  71. How to shift your weight correctly throughout the swing.
  72. Why you should consider a stronger grip … especially if you’re a recreational golfer.
  73. Misconceptions about fundamentals … and the “new” fundamentals … and what these mean for you and your game.
  74. What your divots should look like – and what they shouldn’t look like.
  75. Why you want to hit a slight draw with your wedges … that’s right … a DRAW …
  76. The correct wedge path … this will surprise you.
  77. Why you want to hit the ball lower with your wedges … even to tight pins.
  78. How to generate extra spin on demand.
  79. Why you should take little to no divot with wedge shots.
  80. The surprising role of the front shoulder in perfect wedge shots.
  81. How to hit perfect wedge shots from even the tightest fairway lies.
  82. How your wedge should interact with the ground.
  83. Why there should be plenty of friction between the ball and your wedge … and how to generate this friction.
  84. The correct angle of a wedge as it comes into the ground … why it’s like an airplane landing.
  85. How long the sole of the wedge should interact with the ground … this will surprise you.
  86. Why you should focus on the butt end of the club … not the clubhead. Really!
  87. How to increase the margin for error so you become more consistent with your wedges – even on mishits.
  88. The impact-drag drill.
  89. How great wedge players made the “spin and stop” wedge shot look so easy.
  90. One way to hit those “tweener” wedge shots so you turn 4 shots into 3 shots and 3 shots into 2.
  91. Where to you practice … it’s not always at the range.
  92. Mistakes most golfers make when it comes to practice.
  93. The 2 modes of practice.
  94. A totally new approach to practice so you gain a better return on your “practice investment.”
  95. The 5 parts of your game you must practice in order to lower your scores.
  96. The one part of your game you should practice the most.
  97. 3 keys to successful practice – for every part of your game.
  98. Why you should include distance improvement and gains as part of every practice session.
  99. The power of the “Speed Set” drill.
  100. How “The Flip-Flop Drill” can improve your ball striking.
  101. How spraying the face of your driver with foot powder can help you gain 30 yards off the tee.
  102. Why the 16-ball driver drill will maximize the impact of your driver practice time.
  103. A new and surprising approach to course management – for lower scores without changing your swing.
  104. How to gain 20, 30, 40 yards and more off the tee … with just a few simple changes.
  105. Why you should be thinking “draw” for more power and accuracy.
  106. How to increase your clubhead speed and why that’s important.
  107. Common mistakes at impact and how to fix them.
  108. The truth about correct path and how it influences distance.
  109. A simple drill to help you develop feel for the clubhead.
  110. Where your weight needs to be when you strike the ball and why that’s so vital.
  111. How to boost your short game confidence.
  112. The role of the front shoulder in pitching … you won’t hear this anywhere else.
  113. One simple way to hit stone dead pitch shots from even the tightest lies.
  114. What you must NEVER do if you want to maximize your distance.
  115. The correct trajectory for each club.
  116. Why you don’t need to spend $400 on a new driver.
  117. How the longest drivers in the world leverage off the ground for maximum power.
  118. A drill to help you gain 3 to 10 mph in clubhead speed … this can translate into at least 30 yards off the tee.
  119. How you should tee your ball when you’re driving the golf.
  120. The simple toy you can use to help you understand club path.
  121. Why an empty sleeve of golf balls is a HUGE help with distance.
  122. How to pivot your shoulders … most golfers get this wrong but you’ll discover a simple fix.
  123. Why professionals look at wedge play in 3 dimensions … and you should too.
  124. A simple drill that will transform your wedge game.
  125. How to hit those “tweener” full wedge shots that are the key to lower scores.
  126. One part of your game you MUST practice more. Hint: it’s NOT putting.
  127. Why I recommend the “Speed Set” drill for every practice session.
  128. The slightly crazy “Flip-Flop Drill” and how it can improve your ball striking.
  129. How to take what you learn at the practice area to the golf course.
  130. How to start the backswing. 3 different ways to make sure the first 18 inches of the swing are perfect.
  131. The art and science of correctly hinging the wrists.
  132. How the grip affects the takeaway.
  133. 3 different ways to hinge the wrists.
  134. Why different golfers hinge the wrists in different ways.
  135. The horizontal/neutral/diagonal positions.
  136. A little-known truth about the body pivot.
  137. What the pivot is really all about.
  138. Go from hating windy days to LOVING windy days.
  139. A super-accurate shots in the 170-220 yard range.
  140. A 30 second exercise you complete before bed time that will improve your game more than any $400 driver.
  141. Bad back? Try this simple exercise that’s worked for Gary Player and several champion golfers.
  142. The surprising truth about the “flying elbow” and why it will actually help your swing…despite what “big name” golf teaching gurus might say.
  143. How to go “low and through” and why this might be the best swing
  144. Ben Hogan’s secret chipping technique … the technique Hogan revealed to Gary Player.
  145. Why “touch and feel” always trump “technique” and how to develop your personal touch and feel.
  146. The real reason you should ignore the old golf saying: “never up, never in.”
  147. FINALLY…a simple way to read the grain on greens and use it to your advantage.
  148. The ONE surprising characteristic of every great putter.
  149. The bizarre, yet highly effective technique of perhaps the greatest putter who has ever lived: Bobby Locke (4-time winner of The Open Championship).
  150. Why great vision is overrated when it comes to putting…Mr. Player reveals what’s really important.
  151. A super-surprising and incredibly easy way to determine how a short putt will break.
  152. How to cure the yips in 3 seconds flat.
  153. A simple way to develop your own super-effective putting style and why it’s so important to “be yourself” when you putt.
  154. How to develop specific golf strength to help you hit the ball at least 30 yards further in the next 90 days.
  155. Why FAST muscles are more important than powerful muscles.
  156. The secret to maintaining your fitness and motivation…day after day…
  157. And MUCH much more …

And that’s just a SMALL sampling of what you’ll get from the over 1,700 instructional videos in the RG+ library.

So let me describe …

What’s In it For You?

Simply join RG+, then watch the videos you want to watch … and you will FINALLY have a clear blueprint for … 

  • Long and accurate driving … with drives that stay longer in the air, seeking distance.
  • Hitting soft fades and powerful draws … on demand.
  • “Sneaky long” fairway woods.
  • Super-versatile wedge play.
  • Owning every shot in the book (low, high, fade, draw, etc.).
  • Clutch putting under pressure.
  • Getting out of trouble and avoiding those dreaded big numbers.
  • A winning approach to every tournament and competition you enter.
  • A bulletproof game in all conditions.
  • Intelligent course management.
  • Rock-solid irons with sweet spot contact.
  • Crisp pitches and chips.
  • Stunning bunker shots.
  • Deadly putts.
  • Mental toughness.
  • Improvement for every part of your game…

All because you’re working with …

Your Teachers in the RG+ Community … Meet Some of the World’s Top Golf Instructors

When I started Revolution Golf, one of my goals was to bring together the world’s top golf instructors. Why? To help you play the best golf of your life by giving you access to golf teachers who have taught top pros … but also “weekend” golfers.

Normally, it would cost THOUSANDS for lessons with these teachers. In fact, Sean Foley charges $18,000 for a session with a “weekend” golfer. But for just 27 cents a day – you get instant access to their expertise.

Let’s meet the team.


Martin Chuck

One of the most popular Revolution Golf instructors, Martin Chuck opened his Tour Striker academy near Phoenix in the Valley of The Sun. It’s already become one of the top golf learning destinations in the United States … with 8 instructors and hundreds of students, including pros and amateurs.

Martin also has a line of game-changing training aids. He learned his trade in Canada, watching two of the world’s best ball strikers: Moe Norman and George Knudson. “The time spent around George and Moe was something I can’t really measure and didn’t realize how truly special of an opportunity it was,” says Chuck. “I was able to watch, witness and in the case of Mr. Knudson, work for one of the best of all-time. I started as a teaching assistant for Mr. Knudson 30 years ago. I guess I owe him for my overnight success as an instructor!”

Watch Martin and you’ll quickly discover – he has a superb ability to describe and detail how to play awesome golf.


Nick Faldo

Six majors. 40 tournament victories. 98 weeks as number 1 in the world. Now one of the world’s top golf commentators on CBS. Sir Nick took up golf after watching the 1971 Masters. He was 14 and by the age of 20, he was on the Ryder Cup team.

He has also become a success away from the course. His businesses include Faldo Golf Course Design – with over 50 projects on six continents. He is also giving back to the game with the Faldo Series … one of the premier programs for aspiring young golfers.

Sir Nick provides members of the RG+ community with rare insights about playing golf at the absolute highest level.


Sean Foley

One of the world’s most sought-after instructors, Sean Foley is currently working with PGA Tour stars Justin Rose and Hunter Mahan. He also works with Julieta Granada on the LPGA Tour; at just 5 ft. 2 inches, Granada has become one of the longest hitters on that tour.

Foley has also taught Tiger Woods, Stephen Ames, Sean O’Hair, and Lee Westwood. He teaches juniors at the Core Junior Golf Academy near his home in Orlando.

Yes – Sean Foley works with many of the world’s top golfers. But he learned his trade working for hours with “weekend” golfers under John Jacobs. Here’s what Justin Rose said about Foley’s teaching style.

“Sean does not look at me as a golfer. He looks at me as an athlete and from a biomechanical point of view. He is not necessarily wrapped up in what makes a swing pretty. He wants what works for me from a scientific point of view. This is not necessarily the position that everyone strives for, but that is what I like about Sean.”


Jim McLean

After graduating from the University of Houston, where he played on the golf team, Jim McLean started his journey as a golf teacher. Jim has become one of the world’s most sought-after golf teachers and has built schools around the world.

Jim’s list of student’s reads like a “who’s who” of world golf … Greg Norman … Alexis Thompson … Cristie Kerr … Keegan Bradley … Tom Kite … Bernhard Langer … Brad Faxon … Gary Player.

But Jim has also worked with “weekend” golfers at prestigious clubs like Sunningdale, Quaker Ridge, Tamarisk CC in Ranch Mirage, CA and Sleepy Hollow CC in New York.

Jim has developed several junior golfers into winners on various tours. Erik Compton became the #1 ranked junior in USA. He was the runner up in the 2014 U.S. Open. Alexis Thompson came to Jim’s golf school at age 8. She won the U.S. Junior, became the #1 ranked junior and the #1 women’s amateur in the USA, and made the Curtis Cup team, all by age 14.



Former rocket scientist with NASA, Dave Pelz turned his scientific expertise to the short game. He has become the world’s leading short game authority. Professionals like Phil Mickelson regularly see Pelz for lessons plus he holds short game clinics around the world … to help golfers shoot lower scores by focusing on the all-important short game.

Spend some time watching short game instruction from Dave Pelz and you can quickly turn 3 shots into 2 every time you’re around the green. Plus you’ll sink a TON more putts.


Gary Player

The greatest international golfer of all time, Gary Players has won 9 majors, and is one of just six golfers to have won The Grand Slam. The others are Jack Nicklaus, Gene Sarazen, Tiger Woods, Bobby Jones, and Ben Hogan. Player achieved The Grand Slam at 29.

He has 165 professional wins plus victories in 28 consecutive years. He holds the record for the most consecutive cuts made at the Masters with 23 … plus he was named by Golf Digest and Golf Magazine to their Top 10 All-Time “Greatest Golfers Ever.”

Nearing 80, Gary Player is fitter than most 35 year-olds and still smacks the ball 275 yards. What you’ll discover on RG+ from Gary Player will help you with EVERY part of your game.


Andrew Rice

Quietly working with hundreds of club golfers, Andrew Rice has harnessed the power of technology to help his students enjoy massive results … like taking a mid-handicapper and helping that golfer add 49 yards off the tee in just 60 minutes.

Revolution Golfers have enjoyed Andrew’s crystal clear approach to teaching … and his enjoyable and easy-going style. You get Andrew’s full arsenal of teaching videos when you join the RG+ community – each one will help you shoot lower scores.

Now you’ve met the faculty, let’s meet some members of the RG+ community and why they love RG+.

Golfers Love RG+ … Here's Why …

We get tons of feedback about RG+ … here's what they're saying. These are ACTUAL testimonials from RG+ members around the world.

“RG has helped me understand the proper golf plane and help me stop coming over the top from the outside. I’m now hitting straighter and with more power which is thrilling after all these years. I am now enjoying golf more. This fact is the best validation I can give. Thanks RG.” 

-Don H. Denver, CO.

“I went from 20 handicap to as low as 12!” -

-Jerry Y., Swansboro, NC.

“I’m striking the ball better than I ever had in my life … 50 years of playing golf ...” 

-John B. Brisbane, Australia.

“My drives have improved by 50% … I can easily hit 250 + yards.” 

-Claude C. Gatineau, Canada.

“I have a more consistent swing and a much better understanding of how to attempt different shots. I have taken approx. seven strokes off my game.” 

-Donald S. Oak Lawn, IL.

“My game has definitely improved, but it is the interest in the game and the love of the sport that I think RG+ has given me. Thanks guys.”

-Eric C. Alton, LA.


Just keep the instructional videos coming ... and the specials on equipment, videos, and such.” Darrell K. Aurora IL.


“It is perfect.” Willy N. Lima, Peru.

MY MAN!          

“Martin Chuck is my man.” Steven T. Sun Valley, ID.


“I think you hit on all bases. The videos and advice are always fresh. Martin Chuck is the best!” Glen, Ellyn. IL.


“I’m glad I’m a member. If I’m having problems with a particular aspect of the swing, I can consult the videos.” Terry A. Stevens, PA.


“Really like the short videos … Very helpful.” Robert M. West Columbia, SC.


“I think you have a great product in RG+. I personally like Martin Chuck’s videos the best.” Steve H. Fort Worth, TX.


“Many [videos] made me feel more confident in my particular swing.” Mike L. Kansas City, KS.


“Keep the lessons coming!” Paul A. Auckland, NZ.


“The constant lessons about all aspects of the game are great! Yes, all the lessons about squaring the clubface at impact and swing planes are invaluable! Gone from 29 to 18 handicap.” Rob C. Brisbane, QLD, Australia.


“I have started to hit better and be a lot more consistent.” Jerry S. Foley, Alabama.


“Putting and driving tips are very helpful.” Rhett H. Mission Viejo. CA.


“Keep up the very good work.” Joe S. Media, PA.


“[The videos] are all good. However I think the short game was most helpful to me.” John D. Perth, Australia.


“All of Martin Chuck’s lessons have been valuable. He is an excellent teacher with great creativity. He anticipates our issues really well.” Dave D. Colorado Springs, CO.


“The instruction provided adds tremendously to the instruction I receive during lessons. It also provides answers to questions I would have never thought of asking! In golf, it’s the small tips that count!” Pete H. San Rafael, CA.


“I like that I can refer to a video whenever I want.” John H. Fitchburg, WI.


“Martin Chuck’s driving lessons have been the most helpful. I have learnt something from most tips including the warm-up exercises.” Neville W. Adelaide, Australia.


“I have a better understanding of a lot of nuances of the golf swing. Anything Martin Chuck does is incredibly well-explained. He is my favorite.” Larry K. Burlington, Ontario.


“I am hitting the ball straighter and have a better short game … I really enjoy the videos and tips. I apply them in my practice and try to take them to the course.” Gordon B. Lancaster, CA.


“Martin’s explanatory skills are second to none and slow motion enforces the lesson. The main lessons have helped me understand the key elements of why I’m slicing. If I fall back to bad habits I can pinpoint what I’m doing and correct my swing … happy days. Also the chipping techniques and how to spin the ball around the green have been valuable.” Pietro G. Melbourne, Australia.


“All of the instructors are great, but Martin’s videos on driving helped me the most.” Steve S. Tuckerton, NJ.


“The instructional videos have helped me improve my ball striking and my short game. Without trying too hard, I have shaved about 3 strokes off my handicap and I’m trending even lower.” Mitch S. Palm Springs, CA.


“The many tips have helped in many ways … woods, irons, and putting.” John P. Vista Valley, CA.


“Better contact and more iron distance. Gone from 19 to 14 at our club this year. Not bad at 64.” Stephen. Bunbury, Western Australia.


“Martin Chuck is a great teacher. Cleaned up my slice. This is the best site available to any golfer. Clear, concise, and to the point.” Montey H. Arlington, WA.


“Getting better. No doubt RG+ helps. So glad I joined.” Ralph B. Huntersville, NC.


“I have a better understanding of the game ... I am a better coach to my son. I enjoy getting the videos, and I especially like the interactive comment boards.” Jon D. San Diego, CA.


“At age 74, I  am now 30 yards longer with the driver than I was a year ago.” Doug O. Queensland, Australia.


“More purposeful practice leading to greater consistency.” Helene M. Condon, MT.


“I have become more consistent in my ball striking and putting.” Mark C. Eureka, CA.


“I like the short game lessons and anything to do with under-plane swings as opposed to the more common over-the-top swing faults.” Matt L. Woodland Hills, CA.


‘I’m driving the ball much better, totally due to tips from RG+.” Jim J. Port Angeles, WA.


“Several videos were very beneficial ... Seriously well done program.” Jim M. Palm Beach Gardens, FL.


“The visual aids help with the shoulder turns. When I turn my shoulders instead of using all arms, my drives are awesome.” Pat G. Sacramento, CA.


“I am playing with purpose now!” Jerry K. Coquitlam, Canada.


“Love the site. Keep it up.” Anthony R. Cheyenne, WY.

FROM 100 TO 90

“Dropped my average scores from 100 to 90.” Kunio K. Yokohama, Japan.


“I have been able lower my handicap by 6. This year, I started out as 13.4 index now at 7.6.” Gerald B. St. Augustine, Florida.


“Better distance, confidence, and much improvement in putting. A greater general knowledge of the game!” Jeffry M. Ascona, Switzerland.


“I like the tips that RG presents because they are short and to the point.” Gino T. Garland, Texas.


“Lowered score by 5 strokes … better understanding of swing.” Richard J. Western Springs, IL.


“Martin Chuck and Jim McLean are fantastic teachers.” John M. Bluffton, SC.


“Martin Chuck’s and Gary Player’s series speak to me the most from an instructional standpoint. I also enjoy Don Saladino’s work for seniors.” Skip J. Marietta GA.


“12 to 9 index. The best lesson was showing the position of the upper and lower body at impact.” Mike S. Mission Viejo, CA.


“Helped to hit the ball straight …” Ray B. Onstead, MI.


“Jim Mclean’s articles are tremendous.” Robert C. Mermaid Beach, Australia.


“Better course management, better ball contact, longer drives, straighter drives.” Sam C. Lake Forest, IL.


“More consistent. Every tip helps.” Elmar E. Schruns, Austria.


“Striking the ball much better. Pitching and chipping much better. Lower scores.” John R. Verona Beach, NY.


“Lost 5 strokes at least! I use a lot of the tips to get my game in sync. After I start playing I am clearly moving from a 5 to 10 stroke improvement. The series from Jim McLean helped a lot.” David B. Avery, ID.


“Much better short game. Also, I finally understand the proper sequence in the golf swing; it has made my practicing much more effective. I am getting back into golf after a 15 year interruption. Becoming a member of RG+ has been the best possible investment because I finally have access to top-notch instruction and my game is improving very rapidly. In addition, I have never had such fun playing golf.” Gaston A. Tuscon, AZ.

These are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials we've received from RG+ members around the world.

43 Reasons to Add RG+ to Your Golfing Arsenal

You’ve seen what golfers think about RG+ … here are 45 reasons they are joining … and staying with RG+.

  1. The longest drives of your life. Gain 10, 20, 30, 40, and even 51 yards off the tee.
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  3. The new content from The Golf Channel vault … the vault is open to members of the RG+ community.
  4. Discover how to get your distance back – especially if you have been sitting at a desk for too long.
  5. Hit draws and fades. Hit the ball high and low … gain control of your swing and ball flight.
  6. Stop those “look away awful” shots that wreck a round. Gain the CONSISTENCY you have always craved.
  7. Clarity … get a clear blueprint for success on the golf course.
  8. Instant access to the world’s greatest golf teachers and golf minds.
  9. “Buttery” irons that sail toward the flag.
  10. Solid, long drives – no need to buy a new driver.
  11. Discover how to hit those hard-to-hit shots … with fairway woods, long irons, and hybrids.
  12. Sink just about everything within 5 feet of the hole … the KEY to great scoring.
  13. Become “automatic” out of the sand then discover how to stick it close every time you’re on the beach.
  14. Scoring … more birdies and eagles.
  15. Competition … beat the tar out of your golfing buddies.
  16. Fitness … get in shape with help from Don Saladino … not just for golf … but for life!
  17. Save THOUSANDS on golf equipment.
  18. Free domestic shipping on clubs, training aids, and more.
  19. Learn how to hit every shot around the green – from teaching professionals who teach touring professionals.
  20. Use RG+ at home, the office, or at the range or course. We’ve optimized the platform for every device.
  21. Develop and build a golf game that travels … so you enjoy the game on vacation.
  22. Banish three-putts FOREVER.
  23. Avoid common problems like topping, lack of distance, pulls, pushes, poor contact, hooks, and slices.
  24. Gain clubhead speed … an increase of just 7 mph can shorten the golf course by 800 yards over 18 holes. Nice.
  25. Fundamentals … clarity when it comes to those all-important fundamentals like posture and alignment.
  26. Enjoy online dialogue with the teachers … just post your questions on the videos.
  27. Instant access to over 1,700 of the world’s greatest golf instructionalvideos.
  28. Clear golf instructions for juniors … seniors … and everyone in between.
  29. Interviews with some of golf’s most fascinating figures including Sir Nick Faldo and Gary Player.
  30. Generate on-demand power and control from the bigger muscles – whatever your current physical condition.
  31. Special opportunities ONLY for RG+ members.
  32. Make the most of that super-valuable practice time.
  33. Learn how to practice in your home when you can’t get to the course.
  34. Boost your confidence with every club in your bag … stand on the first tee and rip it down the middle.
  35. Simple drills to simplify your game.
  36. Stop coming over the top and STOP SLICING FOREVER!
  37. Easy ways to diagnose what’s happening in your swing.
  38. Get yourself in shape to play your best golf … with videos from Don Saladino and Gary Player.
  39. Bad lies? Discover how to hit great shots from difficult lies.
  40. Play great golf in difficult conditions – like wind and rain.
  41. Develop pro-like touch and feel on and around the greens.
  42. Clear instruction from the world’s greatest golf teachers on how to use every club in your bag.
  43. The lowest price we’ve offered … click here now to see the low price.

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P.P.S. Even more testimonials from RG+ members …


“RG has helped me understand the proper golf plane and help me stop coming over the top from the outside. I’m now hitting straighter and with more power which is thrilling after all these years. I am now enjoying golf more. This fact is the best validation I can give. Thanks RG.” Don H. Denver, CO.


“I went from 20 handicap to as low as 12!” Jerry Y., Swansboro, NC.


“I’m striking the ball better than I ever had in my life … 50 years of playing golf ...” John B. Brisbane, Australia.



“My drives have improved by 50% … I can easily hit 250 + yards.” Claude C. Gatineau, Canada.


“I have a more consistent swing and a much better understanding of how to attempt different shots. I have taken approx. seven strokes off my game.” Donald S. Oak Lawn, IL.


“My game has definitely improved, but it is the interest in the game and the love of the sport that I think RG+ has given me. Thanks guys.” Eric C. Alton, LA.