If You’re SERIOUS About Breaking 90, 80, and even 70…

“Discover How to Shoot Lower Scores … With NO Technical Mumbo-Jumbo …”

Forget About Your Grip. Forget About Swing Plane. Throw Away All Those Ultra-Confusing Golf Instruction Books.

It’s Time for a Radically Different Approach to Shooting Lower Scores … by Focusing on What Really Matters When You Play Golf … With Help From GARY PLAYER … One of the 6 Golfers to Have Won The Masters, The US Open, The Open Championship, and The PGA Championship.

“Let’s shoot lower scores – with no technical mumbo-jumbo.”

You’re about to discover a TOTALLY DIFFERENT approach to playing and enjoying golf … with NO technical “mumbo jumbo” … just a clear plan based on what really works.

What I’m about to reveal is especially important if you’re a frustrated golfer who has spent years reading golf instruction books, buying gadgets, taking hours of lessons, and/or staring at instruction articles in golf magazines.

Things are about to change. Very soon, you’re going to discover the secrets of a champion. Once you understand these secrets, you can break 90, 80, and even 70.

But first, it’s important to understand…

The Real Reason You’re Not Improving…
And What You Can Do About It…

Much of today’s modern golf instruction focuses on the technical side of the golf swing. How to grip the club…the pivot…swing plane…hip rotation…and so on.

While the technical side of the game deserves your attention, it’s just ONE part of the game. You might hit some better shots on the range by working a technical detail but…and here’s what’s really important…the game is played on the golf course, not the range…something that modern teaching often forgets.

Take yourself to the golf course for a minute.

Suddenly you’re faced with a tricky bunker shot in wet sand. You focus on your grip pressure because that’s a technical detail you’ve been reading about and BOOM…you take an almighty swipe and you’re still in the bunker. Today’s modern instruction forgot to tell you how to escape wet sand.

The world’s finest professional golfers are DIFFERENT…they understand the technical side of the game but they focus more on PLAYING the game from the 1st tee to the 18th green…and not becoming good at hitting 7-irons on the range or mastering grip pressure.

Your golf frustrations come from focusing on highly technical details. Real improvement comes from discovering "how to play" golf.

How My Game Changed Forever…
And Yours Can, Too

I’m Justin Tupper, co-founder and CEO of Revolution Golf.

We started Revolution Golf to help golfers improve and enjoy the great game of golf more than ever. We give golfers the opportunity to improve by providing the highest level of golf instruction available.

I’m a golfer just like you. For a long time, I made the mistake of focusing almost exclusively on technique.

I’d spend HOURS worrying about my grip and the first 18 inches of my takeaway. I’d hit buckets of balls and, eventually, I became pretty good at…hitting buckets of balls!

My scores improved a little. I shaved a couple of strokes off my handicap. But I knew I had the ability to shoot much lower scores. There was something missing.

Fortunately, I found the key.

Major improvement took place when I found a balance between focusing on technique and learning how to get the ball in the hole in the fewest possible shots…WHAT THE GAME IS REALLY ALL ABOUT!!!!

Today, I enjoy the game more than ever because I’ve achieved a balance between the technical and what I call the “practical” side of golf. In fact, my handicap is now a 1. I’m really close to shaving that final stroke from my handicap and becoming a scratch golfer. All thanks to the balance that lets me play great golf…ON THE GOLF COURSE.

And, in a minute, you’re going to discover HOW to achieve this balance…with help from one of the 10 greatest golfers of all time…a golfer I’ve admired since I was 4.

Discover the On-Course Secrets
of One of the 10 Greatest Golfers of All Time…
And Shoot Dramatically Lower Scores…

Now…don’t get me wrong…you must have sound technique to play solid golf. And here at Revolution Golf, we’ve built an incredible library of videos and DVDs from awesome instructors. All to help you build the fundamentals you need to hit longer drives, accurate irons, and enjoy a brilliant short game.

For a long time, I’ve wanted to build a new wing on the Revolution Golf library…

My goal has been to create a series that focuses on how to make the most of your game…when you’re on the golf course…where it REALLY matters…so YOU can break 90, 80, or even 70.

I wanted the “on course” advice and wisdom to come from a golfer who has been there, between the ropes, playing winning golf under the most intense pressure. I wanted to get champion-level advice from…well…a champion!

It took well over a year to organize this—plus a TON of work—so I’m extremely excited to announce that one of our newest DVD series includes exclusive, never-seen-before scoring improvement sessions and playing lessons with GARY PLAYER.

The result is one of our newest DVD series…GARY PLAYER: A GAME FOR LIFE.

Now…For the First Time, You Can Discover the Secrets that Helped Gary Player Become One of the All-Time Greats

He rarely plays competitive golf now and you don’t see him on TV…so it’s easy to forget exactly what Gary Player achieved. It’s an astonishing record even Tiger Woods will struggle to match.

Let’s take a look.

  • One of just 6 golfers to have won The Grand Slam. The others are Jack Nicklaus, Gene Sarazen, Tiger Woods, Bobby Jones, and Ben Hogan. Player achieved The Grand Slam at 29.
  • 9 major championships.
  • The ONLY golfer to have won the “regular” Grand Slam AND the senior Grand Slam.
  • 165 professional wins.
  • Victories in 28 consecutive years.
  • Winner of the South African Open a record 13 times.
  • Winner of the Australian Open a record 7 times.
  • Winner of the World Match Play Championship a record 5 times.
  • Winner of the World Series of Golf 3 times.
  • One of only 3 golfers, and the only “modern day” player, to win the British Open Championship in three different decades.
  • Oldest player to make the cut at The Open Championship (age 59 in 1995).
  • Oldest player to make the cut at The Masters (age 62 in 1998).
  • Holds the records for most consecutive cuts made at the Masters with 23.
  • Named by Golf Digest and Golf Magazine to their Top 10 All-Time “Greatest Golfers Ever.”
  • Generally acknowledged as the world’s greatest bunker player.

That’s just a FRACTION of Gary Player’s achievements on and off the golf course.

All this from a man who stands just 5’6” and weighs 140 pounds.

And today, at 78, Gary Player still brings it! He routinely hits 270-yard drives, gets up and down from pretty much everywhere, and breaks par from the tips.

There is no chink in Player’s golfing armor…absolutely no weakness…he still excels in EVERY part of the game.

Want Gary Player as Your On-Course Mentor? Here’s Your Opportunity…

With GARY PLAYER: A GAME FOR LIFE you’re about to get inside the golfing mind of one of the greatest golfers to have played the game…in ANY era. You’ll shoot lower scores by NOT focusing on the super-technical “mumbo-jumbo.” Instead, you discover how to play the game…ON THE COURSE.

You’re about to mentored by a living legend who traded jokes with Lee Trevino, played with Ben Hogan, and went toe-to-toe with Watson, Nicklaus, Palmer, and Miller…and routinely beat them all…with a surprising, even “radical” approach to golf. One that you’re about to discover in GARY PLAYER: A GAME FOR LIFE.

Finally…A Fun Approach to Playing Golf and Shooting Super-Low Scores

In 2009, I followed Gary Player for two rounds at Augusta. It was his last time playing at The Masters—after 52 straight appearances.

Yes—there was pressure and it was emotional for Player and his family and fans—but Player was out there having fun, really enjoying the challenge of tackling one of the world’s most demanding courses.

To film GARY PLAYER: A GAME FOR LIFE, I spent a week with Mr. Player in Florida.

I learned so much about the game—and what really matters when it comes to shooting low scores. But most of all, I experienced, first hand, Mr. Player’s sheer sense of fun and enjoyment. You’ll find it infectious and you’ll be more excited than ever about playing the game…plus you’ll discover the major-winning secrets of a true legend. These secrets will quickly help you and your game.

A Special Message to All Golfers from Gary Player

I’ve had a lot of fun playing competitive golf and I still love to play. My success has come because I don’t worry too much about the ultra-technical side of the game.


Much more important is how you play the game when you’re out there on the course.

I’m glad Justin and his team at Revolution Golf asked me to record GARY PLAYER: A GAME FOR LIFE. You see, I’ve always wanted to provide the type of golf advice that helps golfers have more fun by shooting lower scores.

You’re not going to hear much about how to swing the club. And that’s on purpose. Instead, you’re getting the “secret sauce” I have used to win 165 tournaments, The Grand Slam, and so on. Take my advice and you’ll avoid big numbers, become a short game wizard, and hit the ball further and straighter. You’ll become the type of golfer other golfers admire.

Get GARY PLAYER: A GAME FOR LIFE right now. This series was a lot of fun to create. After watching the DVDs, you’ll be a totally different golfer.

GARY PLAYER: A GAME FOR LIFE Gives You 10 Hours of Exclusive Golf Wisdom from Gary Player

We spent a week with Gary Player recording the videos for GARY PLAYER: A GAME FOR LIFE and the result is a 3 DVD set that’s now available ONLY to Revolution Golf members like you.

The advice and personal mentoring in these videos will completely transform every part of your game…from tee to green.

And we’ve now made the instruction available in streaming video so you can get INSTANT ACCESS…no waiting around for DVDs to arrive.

  • Gary Player’s proven strategy for turning 3 shots into 2 on every hole. This alone will save you 10 shots a round THIS WEEK.
  • 2 simple steps to hitting a perfect and powerful draw…yes…it’s much easier than you think.
  • How to generate colossal torque and power in your full swing—even if you’ve been sitting at a desk for years and you’re not that flexible.
  • The TRUTH about the perfect set up for the ideal swing. Hint: it all starts with your toes!
  • Go from hating windy days to LOVING windy days…with advice from the man who won his first Open Championship (British) at age 23 at blustery Muirfield.
  • Why higher-handicap golfers should instantly trash or sell their 3, 4, and 5 irons. There’s a much better way to hit super-accurate shots in the 170-220 yard range.
  • The real reason Mr. Player invented his famous “walk through swing” and why YOU should try it.
  • It may sound crazy but the morning newspaper will help you play better golf. Mr. Player reveals how.
  • A 30 second exercise you complete before bed time that will improve your game more than any $400 driver.
  • Bad back? Try this simple exercise that’s worked for Mr. Player and several champion golfers.
  • The surprising truth about the “flying elbow” and why it will actually help your swing…despite what “big name” golf teaching gurus might say.
  • How to go “low and through” and why this might be the best swing tip you’ll ever hear.
  • FINALLY…an easy way to hit great shots out of fairway bunkers…so you WANT to hit fairway bunker shots!
  • The secret to developing and creating feel…which is vital to playing awesome golf.
  • Are you ready to make the most of your valuable practice time? Mr. Player shows you how.
  • The truth about how to swing the club…based on what Mr. Player learned playing with Trevino, Watson, Palmer, Hogan, Nicklaus…and countless champions. Hint: JUST BE YOURSELF when you play.
  • A surprising and even controversial analysis of how Tiger Woods swings…and what every golfer can learn from Woods…
  • The secret technique Gary Player wish he had known in his 20s…a technique he can now share.
  • Why learning how to Waltz (that’s right…WALTZ!) will improve your tempo.
  • How a little “gardening” will transform your bunker play.
  • The 4 secrets to championship-level bunker play so you ALWAYS escape any bunker—from any lie.
  • One final thought that guarantees excellent bunker shots. Hint: it has something to do with lighting a cigar.
  • Why you need to “read” a bunker just like you “read” a green—if you want to hit jaw-dropping bunker shots.
  • Using your “driver” grip and stance for bunker shots? Wrong! Gary Player explains the full set up for correct bunker shots.
  • The 3 characteristics of every great champion…apply these to your game and watch your scores plummet.
  • Why improvement does NOT happen on the practice range…and what you can do about it!
  • How to attack the flag by learning how to hit some advanced-level iron shots any golfer can master.
  • FACT: Modern chipping methods are all wrong…Mr. Player shows you a much more effective way to hit “stone dead” chips.
  • The slight change in stance that will help you spin your pitches and chips like a pro.
  • 2 simple pre-shot adjustments you can make to help you hit high pitches that land like a sack of feathers right next to the hole.
  • A simple “champion’s secret” to super-accurate chipping so your chips always look like they’re going in the hole.
  • Never hit “fat” chips or pitches again—with the help of a simple tip.
  • Take divots on chip shots? What Mr. Player says will shock you!
  • The formerly secret “Chop Shot” and how it can change almost every part of your short game.
  • "Keep it low…to make the dough.” Mr. Player reveals how he used this technique to win 165 tournaments.
  • One tip that will help you turn 3 shots into 2, even if you don’t have much time to practice your short game.
  • How to use your hybrids around the greens…for spectacular results from bad lies.
  • Ben Hogan’s chipping technique…the technique Hogan secretly revealed to Gary Player.
  • Why “touch and feel” always trump “technique” and how to develop your personal touch and feel.
  • The real reason you should ignore the old golf saying: “never up, never in.”
  • How a simple tip Mr. Player received decades ago on a sand green in South Africa helped him become a deadly putter—in any conditions and on any putting surface.
  • FINALLY…a simple way to read the grain on greens and use it to your advantage.
  • The ONE surprising characteristic of every great putter.
  • The bizarre, yet highly effective technique of perhaps the greatest putter who has ever lived: Bobby Locke (4-time winner of The Open Championship).
  • Why great vision is overrated when it comes to putting…Mr. Player reveals what’s really important.
  • A super-surprising and incredibly easy way to determine how a short putt will break.
  • How to cure the yips in 3 seconds flat.
  • A simple way to develop your own super-effective putting style and why it’s so important to “be yourself” when you putt.
  • It may sound crazy but for ultimate golf power, you need a body like Popeye’s. Got your spinach?
  • How to develop specific golf strength to help you hit the ball at least 30 yards further in the next 90 days.
  • Why FAST muscles are more important than powerful muscles. Mr. Player, from his personal gym, shows you how to develop those fast muscles.
  • The secret to maintaining your fitness and motivation…day after day…
  • Powerful ways to overcome even the worst adversity, including the one tactic that always works for Mr. Player. On the course. Off the course.
  • How to achieve everything you want to achieve…especially after the age of 50…by taking a simple approach to being totally and thoroughly prepared.
  • Why it’s vital to shed excess weight…for great golf and a long, healthy life. Yes…we even reveal Mr. Player’s diet secrets.

With the videos in GARY PLAYER: A GAME FOR LIFE in your arsenal, you’re gaining a totally fresh and totally different approach to playing golf.

You Will FINALLY Have a Clear Blueprint for…

  1. Long and accurate driving.
  2. Hitting soft fades and powerful draws—on demand.
  3. “Sneaky long” fairway woods.
  4. Super-versatile wedge play.
  5. Owning every shot in the book (low, high, fade, draw, etc.).
  6. Clutch putting under pressure.
  7. Getting out of trouble and avoiding those dreaded big numbers.
  8. A winning approach to every tournament.
  9. A bulletproof game in all conditions.
  10. Intelligent course management.
  11. Rock-solid irons with sweet spot contact.
  12. Crisp pitches and chips.
  13. Stunning bunker shots.
  14. Deadly putts.
  15. Mental toughness.
  16. Improvement for every part of your game... WHEN YOU’RE ON THE GOLF COURSE! WHERE IT REALLY MATTERS!

Important! GARY PLAYER: A GAME FOR LIFE is NOT another “here’s how to swing the golf club” video series. You’re getting personal, on the course mentoring from one of the 10 greatest golfers of all time. GARY PLAYER: A GAME FOR LIFE will become your GO-TO golf videos.

How The Greatest Interviewer in Golf
Makes these DVDs Even More Powerful

Because we had this extremely rare opportunity to spend a week with Gary Player, I wanted to have the absolute “best of the best” associated with this project.

I’m excited that Peter Kessler was with us in Florida and interviews Gary Player throughout the DVDs. Peter is well known as the “Voice of Golf” and was the original anchor on The Golf Channel.

Peter brings his golf expertise to GARY PLAYER: A GAME FOR LIFE and together, Mr. Player and Peter make the instruction and mentoring crystal clear and a lot of fun.

The Golf Media Agrees … GARY PLAYER: A GAME FOR LIFE Delivers the Highest Quality of Instruction …

CNN said this about the fitness scenes from A GAME FOR LIFE.

“In keeping with his reputation for supreme physical fitness there is a clip which shows him -- donned in black golf wear -- running at maximum speed on a treadmill -- to the astonishment of the accompanying interviewer … It's a breathless demonstration that men several decades younger would fail to emulate but does back up Player's central theme about a healthy life.” July 17 2014.

GolfBlogger.com said …
  • “The mantra for this DVD is to ‘turn three shots into two.”
  • “The focus of A GAME FOR LIFE is on improving the game of the average golfer because too many books and videos are overly technical and are frankly beyond the ken of the recreational golfer.”
  • “Player’s focus is on things that will help you lower your scores, not to developing a ‘textbook’ swing.”
  • “I loved watching these DVDs. Player’s enthusiasm and energy is infectious and his advice immediately useful.”

July 7, 2014.

Golf Advisor Wrote …

“The bunker lesson alone in GARY PLAYER – A GAME FOR LIFE might be worth the price tag … It’s as if Player himself were giving you advice on the course. It really is different.” July 10, 2014.

Golf Canada Magazine Wrote …
  • “The legendary Gary Player goes beyond standard golf instruction in the three-disc, four-hour DVD set.”
  • “The Black Knight provides previously untold tips on sand play, efficient practice, short game and course management.”
  • “The package is beautifully filmed and wonderfully produced by Revolution Golf.”
eSouthernGolfzine stated …

“Divulging the 9 Major Champion’s never-before-seen secrets to better play, the handsomely packaged box set goes beyond standard golf instruction. It showcases previously-untold ‘Player’ tips on sand shots, efficient practice, short game, course management and fitness for a roadmap to improved performance.” July 15, 2014.

Golf WRX said …
  • “The discs are titled Sand Play, Scoring and Life and each focuses on specific elements of golf/life that he has deemed essential to improvement and enjoyment.”
  • “The presentation is offered in a welcoming way, and the student will return to the DVD time and again, seeking the next useful point of improvement. This is where the instructional series excelled.”
  • “Gary Player is one of the great champions of the game and what he says and does are invaluable to students of the game.”
SportsBlog Wrote …
  • “The collector’s box set looks classy and clean. It would make a great gift that anyone would be more than proud to display.”
  • “Instead of heading out to the golf course to encounter these scenarios that lead you to start reinventing the wheel, the best thing to do is to follow the advice of this great man.”
  • “His advice will help you bring more feel into your game and become an instinctive player.”
  • “If you’re a fan of Gary though, I can assure you that this might turn into a movie night every Friday.”
And Golf Oklahoma wrote …
  • “One of the most experienced and surely the most traveled player in the history of the game has his own three-DVD set out, one clad smartly in black naturally, ‘Gary player A Game For Life.’”
  • Thanks to the participation of Peter Kessler, the ‘Voice of Golf,’ the production has as much an interview as tutorial feel.”
  • “Player isn’t expecting viewers to do 1,000 sit-ups each morning, luckily, but he makes a strong case for at least modest efforts toward fitness and good nutrition.”

Discover Gary Player’s Secrets…For a Remarkably Low Price…


What would it take to spend a week learning about golf, fitness…and life…with Gary Player?

Mr. Player is in the same league as Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. Imagine how much it would cost to spend a week with them…

Tens of thousands…if not hundreds of thousands…even if you could get this instruction…the cost would be astronomical.

Remember…in A GAME FOR LIFE, you get 10 hours of instruction from one of the all-time greats. If you took 10 hours of instruction from one of the world’s top 10 instructors, you’d pay around $500 an hour…and that would be $5,000 for the week…at least.

Just the bunker instruction alone would cost upwards of $400 from even a modest instructor.

You’re not going to spend tens of thousands of dollars for A GAME FOR LIFE and you’re not going to spend thousands. You’re not going to spend $400 or $300…

The full recommended retail price is a no-brainer bargain of $99.95.

BUT…for a limited time, as a special introductory offer, I’m making A GAME FOR LIFE available for just $59.95. Instant savings of $40 (40%!!!) …

That’s right…30 hours of specialized instruction from one of the world’s greatest golfers for just $59.95…

For those of you counting, that’s $5.95 for each hour of instruction.

That…my friends…is a huge value. The price will definitely increase after NOVEMBER 7th so you need to hurry to claim the special introductory discount.


Everything is backed by the…

I fully admit I’ve made some big promises. I’ve promised longer drives, lower scores, a “total transformation” of your short game, and much, much more.

I’m going to back up these promises.

IF the mentoring fails to meet your expectations in any way, you get a full refund. No questions asked.

In fact, you get 365 days to decide if A GAME FOR LIFE is worth the small investment. If you’re not happy for any reason, or no reason, you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund.

So you get a free look—with no risk. And if you decide you don’t like A GAME FOR LIFE, you get to keep the bonus materials…as a ‘thank you’ for trying A GAME FOR LIFE.  

Again…after spending time with Mr. Player and after watching the DVDs, I’m so confident your game will improve that I’m backing up my promises with a 365-day no questions asked guarantee.

Frustration or Inspiration…the Choice is Yours!

No huge secret here…golf can be extremely frustrating.

If you’re having a hard time improving, then you have a simple choice. You can continue “standing still” and staying frustrated by focusing on the technical side of the game…OR…you can discover the golf secrets that have made Gary Player one of the top 10 greatest golfers of all time.

You can gain access to these secrets right now for just $59.95. It’s a “no-brainer” bargain. And if you don’t agree, I’ll refund the small investment. So there’s absolutely no risk.

Join me and Peter Kessler…and discover Gary Player’s secrets right now by clicking the big button below.

It’s Time for a Radically Different Approach to Shooting Lower Scores…by Focusing on What Really Matters When You Play Golf … With Help From One of the 5 Golfers to Have Won The Masters, The US Open, The Open Championship, and The PGA Championship. 

If You’re Serious About Breaking 90, 80, and even 70 …


Join me and Peter Kessler…and discover Gary Player’s secrets right now by clicking the big button below.

To a Lifetime of Great Golf…

Justin Tupper

Co-Founder and CEO,  Revolution Golf

P.S. If you’re serious about hitting the ball further. If you’re serious about hitting more greens... and if you’re serious about gaining a phenomenal short game…then you need to get inside the mind of Gary Player and discover his unique genius.

And that’s what you get with GARY PLAYER: A GAME FOR LIFE.

You get a rare opportunity to learn the golf secrets that helped Gary Player win 9 majors, The Grand Slam, The Senior Grand Slam, 9 senior majors, and 165 professional events.

The secrets will help you improve… dramatically and quickly.

P.P.S. By watching A GAME FOR LIFE you’re going to get a TON more than golf instruction. Gary Player has the enthusiasm and “zest” for living of a teenager. He plays golf. He builds golf courses. He spends time with family. He works out. He reads and keeps his mind active.

In short, he’s living life to its fullest.

Yes—the instruction in A GAME FOR LIFE can transform your game. But, perhaps most importantly, what you’ll learn can completely change your approach to fitness, intellectual curiosity, and much, much more.

Spending a week with Gary Player was something I’ll remember for a long time. I know you’ll enjoy getting to know this amazing and accomplished golfer.

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