Expert golf and fitness advice from a master instructor who has assisted golf’s greatest legends … including Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player!

Stop what you’re doing right now and pay attention, I’m going to tell you how you can improve your golf game by improving your fitness.

Actually, it’s not my idea. It comes from Roger Fredericks who has written an important book on the subject that is available to Revolution Golf members at a special price.

Secrets of Golf Instruction and Flexibility: Your Guide to Mastering Golf’s TRUE Fundamentals shares this revealing secret up front:

“Lack of flexibility is the number one problem in golf.”

Most golfers buy new clubs or high distance balls to improve their game. It won’t work, according to Roger. “They should spend more time on having a better body with the flexibility to play better,” he writes.

His book offers step-by-step instructions on how you can improve you golf game by improving your physical fitness and your flexibility.

“When we improve the range of motion in our bodies, we automatically improve the range of motion in our golf swings,” Roger writes. “Pure and simple.”

Roger’s methodology has motivated the game’s greatest players ...

“Quite simply, Roger’s Golf Swing Flexibility Program has changed my outlook on golf and my golf swing in general. I needed more flexibility to enjoy the game and his techniques have helped me generate more power and distance. I’m a huge fan of Roger and his program. I just wish I would have started using the program 20 years ago.” – Arnold Palmer

“I am very pleased to see that Roger is bringing the principles of anatomical function into the golf world, where I believe they will have a substantial impact on your golf swing.” – Jack Nicklaus

“Today there is more understanding of the relationship between being fit and playing good golf. It is difficult to have one without the other. Roger’s instruction and stretching exercises will no doubt accelerate your path from wanting to be a good player to actually becoming one.” – Tom Kite

“If you want to improve your golf game, Roger’s your man to help you.” – Gary Player

These are just a few of the praiseworthy testimonies from some of golf’s greatest players that emphasize Roger Fredericks important message – that being fit will improve your golf swing and lower your score!

Now you’d probably like to know exactly how he does it.

  • It starts with a complete golf oriented exercise program that features stretching exercises geared to the chest, back, shoulder, biceps, triceps and lower body. These exercises should be repeated in intervals a few times each week.
  • Then, Roger focuses on your golf game, from tee to green. The secret to long drives combines strength and flexibility. You’ll learn how your muscles play a part in your balance and help you load and release your stored up power before you hit a tee shot. Around the green, you’ll hit wedges in line with your spine with an open stance with weight on the left side. On the green, you’ll learn about “putting perception,” which lets you visualize the hole and feel it.
Roger’s exceptional program combines physical fitness with golf instruction, a two tiered approach that improves your game in a revolutionary, and invigorating, new way.

A special offer for Revolution Golf members!

Secrets of Golf Instruction and Flexibility lists at $24.95 but Revolution Golf members can take advantage of this special offer right now: get your copy of this splendid golf and fitness book for just $12.95. That’s right, a $12 savings that accompanies your opportunity to improve your game by improving your fitness.

Meet the Master

Roger Fredericks is an innovative golf instructor who has crafted his flexibility program through his study of physiology and bio mechanics and their relation to the golf swing. He has worked with more than 60 tour players, including Hall of Famers Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player and founded the Del Mar Golf College in San Diego in 1991.

Roger’s methodology is advancing golf instruction

“A new era is dawning in golf instruction,” Roger writes. “The instructor of the future will recognize how a person’s body affects his ability to make a good golf swing. The instructor of the future will be an expert in flexibility and athletic training. He will know as much about hip flexors as he does about high fades.”

Ideal for golfers of all ages

Improving your fitness to improve your golf game is something all golfers can do – age is no barrier.

“You don’t have to lose flexibility as you get older,” Roger writes. “In fact you can gain a considerable amount of flexibility if you do the right stretches the right way. Now at age 59, I’m more flexible than I ever was in my teens, 20s and 30s.”

“Roger’s program has helped me regain the flexibility I had in my youth,” Bob Charles, the 1963 British Open champion said. “His program got me hitting the ball as solidly as I ever have from tee to green. He’s really on to something.”

Yes, he is and I’m inviting you to take advantage of my special offer for Revolution Golf members and order this special book today.

Secrets of Golf Instruction and Flexibility is yours for only $12.95, a $12 savings with a promise from me that it will improve your game as it improves your fitness. You’ll step up to the tee totally invigorated, swing the club with a new found flexibility and lower your score!

As with all products we offer, we back Roger Frederick's Secrets of Golf Instruction and Flexibility with a 365-day guarantee. We believe it’s the strongest guarantee in golf. You will dramatically improve your game by improving your flexibility or we’ll provide a full and prompt refund. No questions asked.

If you’re not totally happy with Roger Frederick's Secrets of Golf Instruction and Flexibility, call our customer service team at 888-388-7155 and you’ll receive simple refund instructions – including how to return the product.

Enjoy the book, stay fit and improve your game!

Justin Tupper

Co-Founder and CEO Revolution Golf

P.S. Part flexibility book, part golf instruction book, Secrets of Golf Instruction and Flexibility combines the two to help you improve your golf swing by improving your fitness. It’s a unique combination that has illuminated the game for over 20,000 golfers and 60+ tour players, including Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and other golf legends.

P.P.S. Take advantage of my special offer now and get Roger Fredericks’ revolutionary book for only $12.95, $12 off the cover price of $24.95. This offer is available only to Revolution Golf members, a benefit that will pay off on the course as you tune up your flexibility to perfect your swing.