With This Revolutionary Instruction Series, You'll Gain:
At Least 15-30 Extra Yards Off the Tee
Consistency Every Time You Play
Crisp Ball Striking with Every Club
Laser-Like Accuracy

Imagine stepping up to the first tee … every time you play … full of confidence you’re going to play your best golf.

Pay close attention because I’m going to show you how to gain that confidence.

After reading this page, you will know how professional golfers gain this confidence … and how YOU can too.

But first, let me take you back to …

Something Important I Discovered When I Was Beginning My Career

I’m Jim McLean and I’m the founder of the #1 golf school in the world. My students include Greg Norman, Lexi Thompson, Tom Kite, Bernhard Langer, and hundreds of other professionals.

In total, my professional students have won over $1 billion in prize money.

Everyone has to start somewhere and I started my teaching career watching hundreds of hours of video … back when video was just becoming popular.

I studied the swings of the greatest golfers of all time.

Golfers like:
  • Ben Hogan
  • Gary Player
  • Jack Nicklaus
  • Byron Nelson
  • Tom Watson
  • Lee Trevino
  • Walter Hagen
  • Gene Sarazen
  • Johnny Miller
  • Bobby Jones
  • Arnold Palmer
  • Sam Snead
All these golfers have swings that look different to the naked eye. But once I started to look at these swings in slow motion, I noticed some moves and positions common to every one of these great golfers … some similarities.

They all looked pretty much the same at impact – the most important position in the swing. They all avoided what I call the “death moves” that will make it almost impossible to be consistent.

No two swings were exactly the same … but all these golfers stayed within “safety zones” and “corridors of power” that gave them awesome power and consistency.

So I built my teaching around the common elements in the greatest golf swings of all time. And here’s what happened …

My Students Started to Make Huge Progress – FAST …

Before I started my golf school and before I started to work with pros, I taught members at golf clubs where I worked – near New York City.

My students came to me with all the “usual” issues like … fat shots … slicing … inconsistency … lack of power … thin shots … 

Issues that might be holding you back right now.

So I took what I learned from hours of watching video to my students.

Very quickly, my students started to improve dramatically. They gained:

More distance off the tee
Lower scores
Fewer “look away awful” shots
Great ball striking

Basically … a lot more fun on the golf course.

I would take each golfer and give them new “building blocks” based on the moves and position of the world’s greatest golfers.

My students loved this approach.

After a few years teaching at country clubs, I turned this into what I called:

The Building Block Approach … Building a Solid Foundation for Your Game

I based The Building Block Approach on 8 steps every great golfer makes. Let’s take a look at these.

Step 1. The First Move 

You'll discover how the "Mini Micro Move" initiates the one piece takeaway.  Every great golfer gets the first few inches of the swing correct. Many golfers get this part of the swing wrong and there’s no way to recover.


Step 2. Halfway Back

The Halfway Back Position is an important checkpoint with room for personal preference. It's interesting to note that, at this split second, the club head is as far from the target as it will ever get.


Step 3. Three Quarter Backswing

The Three Quarter Backswing is a crucial part of the golf swing where the left forearm and club shaft (right handed golfer) form an "L". At this position you'll be able to check whether or not your swing is on plane.


Step 4. Backswing Completed

100% of your shoulder turn is considered to be when the backswing is completed. You'll learn there is not one perfect position at the top of your backswing—with PGA Tour models as a reference. You'll also discover the importance of the clubface position.


Step 5. Move Down To The Ball

“Move Down To The Ball” is considered the most important move in golf. All great players from all different decades perform this move well. You won't see a great player in a bad position at step 5.


Step 6. Impact

Impact or the “Moment Of Truth” is not the same as address. Contrary to popular belief the impact position is completely different than the starting position you have at address.


Step 7. Early Follow Through

The Early Follow Through is the segment of your swing between impact and the full finish position. You'll discover how the club should exit the impact position and link into Jim McLean's Powerline.


Step 8. Finish & Rebound

How you finish your swing is a good indicator of what happened during the swing. You can gain accuracy and power by making sure you’re in a good finish position. Most golf teachers don’t talk about this vital position – and that’s a mistake. 

Now I’ve introduced this approach, let me describe …

How YOU Can Master the Building Block Approach

Because The Building Block Approach has helped so many golfers over the years, I put together a DVD I titled … you guessed it … “The Building Block Approach.”

The original version was one of the best-selling golf DVDs of all time.

In the past few months, with help from Justin Tupper and everyone at Revolution Golf, I recorded a totally new version of “The Building Block Approach.” I’ve updated the videos to add some tweaks based on what I’ve learned in the last 20 years … and what works with golfers of all standards.
The All-New “The Building Block Approach” is now available as streaming video.

Here’s what you receive …

• Introduction to The Building Block Approach

o Step 1. The First Step.

o Step 2. Halfway Back.

o Step 3. Three Quarter Backswing.

o Step 4. Backswing Completed.

o Step 5. Move Down To The Ball.

o Step 6. Impact – The Moment of Truth.

o Step 7. Early Follow Through.

o Step 8. Finish & Rebound.

After watching The Building Block Approach, you will have a new understanding of the golf swing – based on how the greatest professionals of all time play golf.

For this new version …

We Added Bonus Materials to Help You Gain Distance and Accuracy Faster

For the all-new version of The Building Block Approach, we added some valuable bonus materials.
The all-new version of The Building Block Approach

BONUS # 1 - An exclusive interview where I discuss The Building Block Approach in detail. You’ll discover how to incorporate The Building Block Approach into your game.

BONUS # 2 - New drills to help you master each step of The Building Block Approach.

BONUS # 3 - A tour of our new teaching facilities at The Jim McLean Golf School here at Doral in Miami.

BONUS # 4 - A recording of an exclusive “secret” live event we recorded only for Revolution Golfers.

BONUS # 5 - Death moves you MUST avoid.

BONUS # 6 -“Corridors of Success” so you develop your own swing – within a proven framework.

With the all-new version of The Building Block Approach, you get more content – to help you improve your game even faster.

44 Ways The Building Block Approach Will Transform Your Game

I based The Building Block Approach on hundreds of hours watching videos of the greats … plus teaching tens of thousands of golfers from beginners to top pros like Greg Norman and Keegan Bradley.

In The Building Block Approach, you’ll discover …

1. How to maximize your distance … just like the pros.

2. The easy way to create a bulletproof pre-shot routine so you avoid potentially disastrous mistakes.

3. An easy way to start the backswing correctly.

4. How to develop a simple yet powerful swing with minimal moving parts.

5. What you need to know about angle of attack

6. Why your finish is just as important as your backswing.

7. The body line and the target line and why you must understand these concepts.

8. What you can learn from a baseball swing.

9. 2 keys to hitting laser-like irons that never leave the target.

10. The surprising truth about where your weight must be during the swing.

11. How to take a tour-style divot … a key to crisp contact and avoiding those dreaded fat shots.

12. Plane secrets – finally demystified.

13. How to get the hips and arms working in unison.

14. What Johnny Miller told me about head movement.

15. The keys to good footwork so you have a solid foundation.

16. The importance of ball position.

17. How to get tension out of your swing.

18. What the “perfect” impact position looks like and why that’s so important.

19. Why I teach “corridors of success” and why the pros believe in this concept.

20. The super-simple mini “micro” move that starts the backswing the correct way … every time.

21. How to drive the ball with AUTHORITY.

22. Moves to avoid at all costs.

23. Common swing errors and how to keep from making them.

24. Why you see so many different types of backswing on the tours … and why that’s not a problem.

25. Swing checkpoints so you stay on track.

26. How to avoid the one mistake that 97% of amateur golfers make.

27. Making the correct move down to the ball.

28. Drills to help you FEEL the correct movements and position.

29. Vital facts about impact.

30. Why I like the “triangle test” and how it produces powerful shots.

31. The reason “post impact” is just as important than the beginning of the swing.

32. How to overcome power-robbing misconceptions and fallacies.

33. Body motions for advanced golf.

34. The correct knee action and how to avoid footwork faults.

35. How to get the correct hip action in your swing so you get power from those all-important core muscles.

36. What an ice cream cone can teach you about swing plane.

37. The correct axis for your backswing plane – and why that’s important.

38. How to deal with uneven lies.

39. The fastest and easiest way to choose the correct shot for each situation.

40. Clear instructions for dealing with common problems like topping, lack of distance, pulls, pushes, poor contact, hooks, and slices.

41. Powerful keys to the correct pre-shot routine.

42. Making the correct club selection.

43. 20 fundamentals for great ball striking … and the anti-fundamentals.

44. And much, much more…

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Need Proof The Building Block Approach Works?

"Jim McLean, when we were at the University of Houston together, and even after might have been the best ball striker I've ever seen". 

Bill Rogers British Open Champion, #1 ranked player in the World 1981. World Match Play Champion, World Series of Golf Champion, Grand Slam Champion. Player of the Year (College).
"You have been the key to my golf success"

Erik Compton member of the PGA Tour. Two time heart transplant recipient. Winner of The Ben Hogan Award for courage. Winner of an ESPY Award for courage. Number #1 ranked junior at age 17. Walker Cup Member.
"We started working together when I was on the mini tours in 2009, and I made some big changes with Jim. The record speaks for itself".

Keegan Bradley 2011 PGA Champion, Byron Nelson Champion, Grand Slam Champion, Rookie of the Year on the PGA tour in 2011.
"Jim McLean had the best golf swing I have ever seen. Jim helped me get back on tour after I took the ABC commentator role in 1992. He worked with me a ton. I came back to win and make the Ryder Cup Team"

Peter Jacobsen US Ryder Cup Member. Worked many years with Jim. 9 time PGA tour winner.
"I want to thank you for everything"

Webb Simpson 2012 US Open Champion
"I will always remember Jim's attention to detail and the ease with which he goes about his teaching"

Cristie Kerr wrote the forward to Jim's famous Eight Step Swing book. He worked with Cristie since her teenage years. Number #1 ranked junior, number#1 ranked amateur by age 17. Number #1 ranked player in the World in 2011. US Open Champion
"Jim is super dedicated, super knowledgeable, and right at the top of his profession".

Greg Norman PGA Hall of Fame. 2 time British Open Champion. Number #1 ranked player in the world for multiple years.
"Jim has taught me more than I could ever explain"

Alexis (Lexi) Thompson Youngest winner on the LPGA tour in history (age 16). Number #1 ranked junior and #1 ranked amateur at age 14. Youngest ever to achieve both rankings. Has qualified for 6 straight US Open's, since age 12.
"Jim McLean is the best I've ever known on analyzing swings"

Tom Kite PGA Hall of Fame, US Open Champion. Number #1 ranked Player in the World. Winner of 20 PGA tour events.

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Jim McLean
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Miami, Florida … And Locations Around the World

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