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Laser Rangefinder or GPS?

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Save 5-7 Shots a Round …


Professional and Amateur Golfers Trust The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder … Here’s Why …

  • Laser and GPS Technology in One Rangefinder … So You Always Have Totally Accurate Yardages and Get All the Information You Need When You’re on The Golf Course …
  • Save At Least 5 Shots a Round in the Next 7 Days … Because You Avoid Big Numbers Thanks to Precise Yardages and Course Information.
  • Accurate to Within 36 Inches … To the Pin and Other Targets – Like Water Hazards, Doglegs, Fairway Bunkers, etc.
  • It’s Like Having Your Very Own Caddie.
  • Durable Construction with Long-Lasting Battery Life.



When it comes to rangefinders, I’m always having this big debate with my golfing buddies.

Some like a GPS rangefinder … with yardages beamed down from a satellite to a smart phone, watch, or similar device.

Others like a laser-based rangefinder where you “shoot” a laser at the flag or target to the get the yardage.

Fortunately, our good friends at Callaway have totally ended the debate thanks to the new version of The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder.

GPS or Laser? Why Not Both!?

Here’s why some golfers love their lasers … and others love a GPS.



  • GPS rangefinders are super-convenient because all you need is a smart phone or even a GPS-enabled watch.
  • You can get accurate distances to the front, middle, and back of a green … useful when planning how to attack the golf course.
  • You can also see “hidden” hazards because GPS shows you the entire course … it’s just like having a yardage book with you.



  • Just point the laser at the target to get the right distance … you don’t have to download courses or rely on a satellite signal.
  • Super-accurate … to 36 inches.
  • Won’t drain a cell-phone battery.
  • Super-simple in any weather … just point and shoot.


Some of my golfing buddies prefer the GPS … and others prefer a laser system. Some carry both!

Now the debate is totally ended … all thanks to The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder.

Before getting into details about The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder let’s get into … 

Why You Need a Rangefinder …

The Surprising Reasons …

When you have the right information about distances, you can save 5-7 shots a round.

When you have precise yardages …

  • You get shorter birdie putts, lower scores, and fewer “slap-the-forehead” mistakes.
  • You gain confidence every time you hit a shot … with every club in your bag. No more hesitation because you’re not certain about the distance.
  • You don’t have to rely on a yardage book … and all those crazy calculations.
  • You get information about hazards you need to avoid … so you don’t get those “round-wrecking” big numbers because you didn’t have the right information.
  • You get the same information the pros get from their caddies … without having a caddie.
  • You can avoid those “blow-up” holes because you didn’t know a certain hazard was hidden from view.
  • You play faster and have a lot more fun on the golf course.
  • You never again hit a “career” shot only to find you had the wrong yardage … ending up in a swamp instead of nestled right next to the hole.
  • You get birdie putts instead of big numbers.
  • You don’t have to hunt around for sprinkler heads or try to guess a distance using that rock or post next to the fairway.
  • You can deal with “quirky” par-4s and par-5s … where the rascally golf course architect has put hazards in weird spots.

When you have the correct yardage, golf is a lot more fun … whatever your standard.

That’s why …

Professional Golfers and Caddies Rely on THIS Technology … And You Should Too …

On the professional golf tours, a caddy MUST be super-precise with yardages.

Not “in the ball park” or “around 100 yards” or … “maybe it’s about 220 to carry that swamp” … that won’t cut it …

Today’s professional golfers are ultra-precise with every club … so they must have yardages to … well … the yard.

You see … to the professional golfer there’s a HUGE difference between 157 and 153 yards. The correct yardage can mean the difference between winning and coming second – and that could mean a difference of $600,000 in prize money.

So, naturally, professional caddies demand the absolute “best of the best” when it comes to rangefinders. They must provide their golfers with totally accurate yardages to every hole … every round … every day.

You might not be playing for $1 million in prize money every week but you want to beat your buddies, right? You want to shoot lower scores and avoid unforced errors, right?

So why not get a top-level laser rangefinder … with the added benefits of a GPS-based system? It will only help your game and help you have more fun on the golf course.

Let’s Visit The Golf Course … With The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder in Your Arsenal…

If you’re thinking, “a rangefinder is just for the pros” … then think again. I use one and here’s why.

ONE … Many greens are 40 yards deep … at least. And that’s a 3-club difference. Using guesswork and sprinkler heads, I might select an 8-iron for the approach … but I might be off with the yardage … and have a 50-foot putt. But with information from The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder, I choose a 6-iron, get the yardage dead on, and have a 5-foot putt for birdie.

TWO … Let’s say I’m playing a Donald Ross course with small “hood of a Beetle” greens. If I get the yardage wrong, I can miss short or long … roll off the green … and have a really hard time getting up and down on those super-tough greens.

THREE … Standing on the tee, I see a stream out in the distance. A sign on the tee says, “220 yards to clear the hazard.” But that doesn’t seem right. Instead of flapping about on the tee, paralyzed with doubt, I get The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder out and see it’s actually 241 to clear the hazard. So I choose how to attack the hole based on accurate information … based on laser and GPS technology.

FOUR … On a par-5, after a big drive, I’m tempted to go for the green in two shots. I hit my 3 wood 245 but I’m not totally sure I can carry a small pond near the green. I use The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder and discover it’s 198 to clear the pond. Green light.

When you get the distance right – every hole – you have shorter putts and you can shoot lower scores. It’s not brain surgery … and it’s certainly not guesswork.

Golf is a lot more fun when you make decisions based on exact and precise distances.

But there’s more … The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder gives you …

Another Useful Benefit

Here’s something a professional golfer knows … exact distances for each club … every day. 

7 iron … 167 yards.

Hybrid … 229 yards.

Gap Wedge … 108 yards.

They use a rangefinder to determine these exact distances. 

Armed with The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder, you will KNOW how far you hit each club. Distances can change week-to-week depending on temperature, wind, and how you’re feeling … and how you’re swinging the club.

You can get the vital information you need about how far you’re hitting each club … to the yard. Take this information to the golf course and club selection becomes simple. Just take The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder to the range and you’ll know how far you hit each club.

Some people like GPS for club distances … other golfers like laser-based rangefinders.

Thankfully … 

Now There’s an End to the Great Debate …

Our friends at Callaway have ENDED the debate between the golfers who use a GPS and the golfers who love a laser-based system.

That’s because they combined BOTH systems in their spectacular Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder.

Let’s take a look …


The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder combines the pin-seeking precision of a laser with the power of GPS … in one super-useful device.

You don’t have to choose between GPS or laser … or you don’t have to buy two separate devices.

With The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder you get all the information you need to make solid decisions on the golf course … so you make the most of every shot … and save 5-7 shots a round.

The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder gives you …

Laser Features

  • Pin Acquisition Technology (P.A.T.) which locks onto the pin from up to 300 yards away.
  • 6x magnification.
  • Scan landscape to acquire various targets
  • Distance measurement in either yards or meters
  • Superior Accuracy [+/ - 1 Yard]
  • Legal for tournament play
  • Water / Fog Resistant
  • Maximum measurement range: 5-950 yards

GPS Features

  • Pre-loaded with 38,000 global courses
  • Auto hole advance
  • Accurate distances to the front, center, and back of the green
  • Accurate layup and carry distances for up to 5 hazards, bunkers, and doglegs per hole
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts 10 hours

Kit also includes...

  • GPS charging cable
  • 1 CR2 battery (laser)
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Premium hard case

And the All-New Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder comes with dual power sources: the laser runs off a separate CR2 battery (included) while the GPS module is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery … so The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder is always ready to go!

Using The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder is Super-Easy … Just Follow These Steps …

You don’t need any technical know-how to enjoy The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder …

Just take these steps …

STEP 1. Get your Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder. We have the lowest price we’ve seen.

STEP 2. Install the batteries and charge the unit.

STEP 3. Start to use your Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder.

STEP 4. Either use the GPS information … or fire the laser at a target like the flag.

STEP 5. Play the shot with total confidence knowing you have exactly the information you need.


Either look through the viewfinder … or use the display.


FINALLY … you can get all the benefits of a laser rangefinder and all the benefits of GPS in one compact device. The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder solves the biggest problem with rangefinders. 


Reason #1 … Advanced and Super-Accurate Laser … For Super-Precise Yardages.

Let’s start with the “laser.” It incorporates Callaway’s Pin Acquisition Technology (P.A.T.) that locks on the pin from up to 300 yards away … whatever the background. The laser even “chirps” when locked onto the target. With six times magnification, you will have no trouble locking in on your target, even when several hundred yards away.


Reason #2 … GPS … Even More Information …

I get the benefits of a laser rangefinder PLUS I get GPS. The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder comes pre-loaded with more than 38,000 courses so you don’t have to worry about downloads. Start using this rangefinder right out of the box. You get accurate distances to the front, center, and back of the green as well as accurate layout and carry distances to hazards and doglegs. All on the same device!


Reason #3 … Callaway … Total Quality.

This one is simple. The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder is from our friends at Callaway – one of the most trusted brands in golf. Top quality at a sensible price.


Reason #4 … Special Details and the Package.

Your Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder comes with those great accessories … including a durable case GPS charging cable, 1 CR2 battery (laser) and cleaning cloth.


Reason #5 … It Saves Me Shots Every Time I Play … 

Before I had my Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder, I was guessing … wandering around looking for sprinkler heads. Today, I hit every shot knowing exactly where the danger is … so no more big numbers thanks to bad information.

Plus I’m firing at the correct part of the green and I’m lot closer to the hole with my approach shots. So my Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder can save me 5 – 7 shots a round.


Reason #6 … Superior Value Plus a Special Low Price …

If you have shopped for a high quality rangefinder, you know that many cost upwards of $400, $500, or even $600. And then a quality GPS device can easily run $200 or $300 dollars.

With The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder, you get two devices for the price of one … at a special low price ONLY for Revolution Golfers. So it’s an excellent value and you’ll have The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder for as long as you’re playing golf.

Your Special Package Includes...

USA Shipping:  $9.99 (Free!)
Total Value:  $359.98 
You Pay Only $287!

22 Reasons to Add The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder to Your Golf Equipment Arsenal …

  1. Useful innovation … Laser and GPS technology … so you ALWAYS get the right yardage ... in one package.
  2. Small ultra-compact and lightweight design … fits in the palm of your hand.
  3. Get the right yardage … every time … accurate to within 36 inches.
  4. Shoot lower scores … can help you save at least 5-7 shots a round.
  5. Avoid the danger … yardage to the pin and other targets – like water hazards.
  6. Built to last for years … durable construction with long-lasting battery.
  7. Just about every golf course on the planet … 38,000 courses pre-loaded for GPS use.
  8. Easy-to-use design … everything you need in a golf rangefinder.
  9. Bonus package … with the case, battery, charging cable and cleaning cloth.
  10. Precise readings thanks to the Pin Acquisition Technology … no interference from background clutter.
  11. Shorter birdie and eagle putts … because you fire at the right part of the green.
  12. Play with more confidence … because you have exact yardages.
  13. Know the exact yardages with your clubs … get these yardages on the range.
  14. Never mis-club again! Discover how far you hit each club before you head to the golf course.
  15. Avoid bunkers, water, OB, swamps, and other hazards. Just point your Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder at the hazard and you’ll know the exact distance to clear the “junk” or stay short.
  16. Become more aggressive when you KNOW if you can carry a hazard or reach a green.
  17. Play faster because you’re not hunting around for sprinkler heads or trying to de-code a yardage book.
  18. Long battery life so you’re not fiddling around with batteries week-to-week.
  19. Easy to use with “point and click” simplicity … no maintenance required. No software needed. Full instructions provided.
  20. Callaway quality and reputation … for total confidence.
  21. Great to look at … sleek, ergonomic, soft casing design.
  22. LOW price … in fact … a low price ONLY for Revolution Golf Members. The lowest price we’ve seen.

Now Fully Legal for

Tournament and “Regular” Play

The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder
is fully legal for tournament play. Here’s USGA and R&A rule 14-3/0.5.

“A Committee may establish a Local Rule allowing players to use devices that measure or gauge distance only (see the Note to Rule 14-3). However, the use of a distance-measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect a player's play (e.g., gradient, wind speed, temperature, etc.) is not permitted regardless of whether such an additional function is used.” 

As The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder only measures distance – it’s totally legal. Of course, check with the committee to make sure local rules allow use of The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder.


Real Golfers … Real Reviews … Golfers Love The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder


"It's like no other Rangefinder or GPS on the market ... why? Because it has both combined! Felt like a kid in a candy store when I got this gift and immediately went to the course. The most accurate reading for a GPS … more so than watches. This is the ultimate rangefinder!"


"I recently purchased this unit and was very excited when I received it. It provides me with all the information of the fairway and greenside bunkers with the GPS. I love it."


"The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder actually is the best of both worlds. It does the laser very well and the GPS just as well … the reason The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder is so good, is that it has both laser and GPS in a great looking and functioning package." INDEPENDENT GOLF REVIEWS …

A Perfect Golf Gift?

If you’re looking for a great gift for a family member, you can totally delight and pleasantly surprise that family member with The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder.

Need a superb golf gift for an associate, client, or customer? You will make a serious impression with The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder. Quite frankly, you will find it extremely difficult to give The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder away … YOU will want to use it! 

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You Take NO RISK With Our Exclusive Guarantee … The Strongest Guarantee in the Game …

We back The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder with a 365-day guarantee. We believe it’s the strongest guarantee in golf. The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder must help you shoot lower scores by providing accurate distances or we’ll provide a full and prompt refund. No questions asked.

If you’re not totally happy, for any reason, or no reason, contact our customer service team at and you’ll receive refund instructions – including how to return The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder.

Callaway also provides a warranty on all its products – including The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder. You will receive full warranty details when you receive the product. You also receive a detailed instruction manual.


“167 to the Flag” or “About 150, I think” … The Choice is Yours

Let’s face it … there are just 2 vectors in golf: distance and direction. Direction is up to you and your golf teacher … BUT … we can help with the distance element.

You can “hope” you’re getting the correct distance … or … you can get the exact distance with the advanced technology in The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder.

Now … if you’ve never used a rangefinder, you can use the “old school methods” like the yardage book, sprinkler heads, the pin sheet, sheer guesswork, and that white post somewhere near the cart path … or … you can get the precise distance with The 2018 Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder

I know you’re going to make the right choice … but hurry as supplies at this special price are limited and tens of thousands are seeing this web page.

To Great Golf All the Time…

Justin Tupper
Founder and CEO
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Total Value:  $359.98 
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