Get Cleveland’s All-New CBX WEDGE …

“Astonish Your Golfing Friends as Every Wedge Shot You Hit is Dancing With the Flag … Leaving You with Gimmees and Tap-Ins ... Thanks to the All-New Technology in Cleveland’s CBX Wedges

Cleveland CBX Wedge


Every golfer misses greens. In fact, as I write, Kyle Stanley is leading the PGA Tour in Greens in Regulation.

But ... every time he plays 18 holes, he misses 6 greens.

Go down toward the bottom of the rankings and you’ll find professional golfers who are missing 8-9 greens a round.

You miss greens. I miss greens. The pros miss greens. We all miss greens.

But … the touring pros score well because they hit awesome wedge shots time and time again. They hit wedge shots that leave short putts.

And now, with the arrival of the Cleveland CBX, you can enjoy the same results. Later on this page, I will describe how you’ll hit pinpoint wedge shots and shoot lower scores … thanks to the technology in the Cleveland CBX ...

But first … 

Imagine This …

Here’s what great wedge play can do for your game.

  • You’re in the fairway, 32 yards from the hole. It’s a ‘standard’ wedge shot and you pick your landing spot, hit the shot with your Cleveland CBX, and the ball bounces twice then stops right by the hole.
  • You’ve got a nasty lie in a nasty bunker … with the hole tucked by a small mound. You open the face of your Cleveland CBX, make a swing and the ball softly lands on the green and stops right by the hole.
  • You’ve got a full shot on a par-5 … 95 yards to the hole. You make a solid swing with your Cleveland CBX, hit the ball slightly toward the toe, but the ball still flies the right distance and stops right by the hole.
  • You’re in some nasty cabbage and you’re short-sided with 12 feet of green to play with. You grab your Cleveland CBX and open the face a touch, swing easily through the rough, and the ball lands like a sack of feathers and stops right by the hole.
  • You’re playing a links course with really tight lies and you’ve got a “tweener” distance and you want to get the ball in the air for a soft landing. You hit your standard 40-yard pitch shot with your Cleveland CBX and the ball bounces, spins, and stops right by the hole

What happens when you have an awesome wedge game? Life becomes a lot more fun on the golf course.

Instead of 20-foot putts, you consistently hit wedge shots that leave putts of 5 feet … usually less.

You turn 4 shots into 3 … and 3 shots into 2 … and your scores and your handicap decrease quickly.

If you’re a scratch golfer and you already have an awesome short game … thanks to wedges you really like … then you probably don’t need the Cleveland CBX.

But if you’re not totally happy and you’d like to get up-and-down more consistently, then you’ll love your all-new Cleveland CBX wedges.

But first, it’s vital to understand …

The Surprising Reason Your Current Wedges Might Be Letting You Down … And What You Can Do About It … 

If you’re like most golfers I know, you have a “classic” wedge design. Like this …

Generic Wedge

What you’re looking at is a wedge that’s a “blade” style iron … a forged club with very little forgiveness. These clubs are fine for the world’s top golfers. But they’re hard to hit for “regular” golfers who don’t get to play and practice every day.

This type of design means you’re getting very little in the way of forgiveness and this makes it hard, very hard, to control distance. And distance control is VITAL for a great wedge game. Remember … the sweet spot on a typical “old school” wedge is extremely small.


Has This Wedge Scenario Happened to You?


Think about something that’s happened to me with my wedges. I’m in some light rough next to the green. I get lined up and choose where I want to land the ball. I make a good swing but the ball balloons out of the rough and lands way short of the target … leaving a 20-foot putt instead of a 5-foot putt.

What happened?

I look at the face and discover that I've hit the ball high on the face of the wedge.

There’s no weight in the club there and … because I missed the teeny-tiny sweet spot … the ball went nowhere … suddenly I’m taking 3 shots instead of 2.

Also … the “old school” wedge design has a sole that makes it difficult to be consistent … unless your wedge technique is absolutely perfect. Thankfully, the Cleveland CBX has a totally new sole design that makes this wedge super-easy to hit from pretty much any lie … you’ll see what I mean in just a minute.

Right now, your current wedges may be a few grams heavier than your current irons … meaning you have to make a different swing with your wedges. This can lead to inconsistency … and leaking shots.

And there’s another problem with most “old-school” wedges.

To explain this …


Let Me Ask You Another Question … Top Tour Professionals Know the Answer …


What sort of irons do you have? If you’re like 84% of golfers, then you have a cavity-back design … also known as perimeter weighted. I have cavity-back irons.

In fact, more and more touring professionals are using cavity-back irons … including many of the world's top golfers ... yes, even some of the golfers who have won major championships over the last several years.  

Why the switch? The answer is easy: even top professional golfers need and want forgiveness in their irons.

If you have cavity-back irons, it’s because you want some forgiveness for shots that don’t come out of the sweet spot.

So … if you’re like 84% of golfers and you have cavity-back irons, it makes perfect sense to have cavity-back wedges.


That’s exactly what our friends at Cleveland Golf thought when they created the Cleveland CBX.

They went back to the drawing board to create an all-new wedge that was super-forgiving while giving you the performance a professional golfer would expect from a wedge.

The result? The all-new Cleveland CBX.

Let’s take a look …

Introducing the Cleveland CBX … A Totally New Wedge Design from the Masters of Wedge Design … To Give You Forgiveness AND Professional-Quality Wedge Performance …

The Cleveland CBX is a totally new design from the research and development department at Cleveland Golf. It’s also a great-looking wedge … as refined as any “blade” design you’ll find.

The new CBX Wedge ultra forgiving

CBX wedge forgiveness

Take a look at all the technology packed into the Cleveland CBX.

OK … let’s take a deep-dive into all the technology packed into the Cleveland CBX

Hit the ball pretty much anywhere on the face and get a solid result.

Forgiveness means consistent distance control … a key to great wedge shots that stick close to the hole.

CBX Solid Wedge Shots

CBX Wedge Cavity Back Design


 The cavity design allows for ~76 grams of mass to be taken from the center of the wedge and placed around the perimeter and in the wider sole for a higher MOI … this gives you forgiveness plus makes it easier to hit a variety of shots.

FEEL BALANCING TECHNOLOGY … awesome distance control …

Feel Balancing Technology in the Cleveland CBX moves weight away from the hosel and toward the impact zone for better feel and improved distance control. The shorter hosel also puts more weight in the middle of the clubface … for consistency, forgiveness, and superior distance control.

CBX Wedge Feel Balancing Technology

The Same Face Technology Found on Cleveland’s Pro-Level Wedges

The Cleveland CBX gives you three face technologies you’ll find on Cleveland’s tour-grade wedges. Result? You get awesome spin and control from any lie.

The 3 groove technologies in the Rotex Face on the Cleveland CBX combine to create consistent spin and wedge performance from all lies. Let’s take a look.

CBX Wedge Tour Grade Grooves

TOUR ZIP GROOVES … No “fliers” from the rough …

 The deep and narrow U shape boasts a sharp … and legal … edge radius. This means “goodbye” to those shots that “jump” or “fly” out of the rough. So … even if you’re really in the deep stuff … any type of grass … you gain control over those “old school” wedges.

MICRO MILLING … Total Control from Tight Lies …

 Cleveland uses a super-advanced 2-pass micro milling pattern to increase friction at impact … for even more spin and control. Lower-lofted wedges (46° - 52°) have a circular pattern oriented straighter toward the leading edge … perfect for the full shots golfers tend to hit with their lower-lofted wedges. Higher lofted wedges (54° - 60°) feature a pattern angled toward the toe to match swing path on open-face shots … great when you really want to get the ball up quickly … and still spin.


 The final element in the manufacturing of the face is to create “roughness” on the face … right up to the USGA limit for the maximum possible friction. The result? Maximum wedge spin for maximum control … even out of truly horrible lies. 

CBX Wedge Solid Topline

Thicker and Heavier Topline … A Solid Strike Even at the Top of the Wedge …

If you play a traditional blade-style wedge … or simply an older wedge … you know that horrible feeling when you hit the ball at the top of the face. The ball pretty much goes nowhere. This usually happens when you’re in the rough and the ball looks like it’s sitting up a little.

The Cleveland CBX has added weight at the top of the club so you get a solid strike … and solid result … even if you hit the ball toward the top of the face.

CBX Wedge Heel to Toe Design

Special Sole Design … Glides Through Every Lie …

The “HEEL-TO-TOE V” design gets the club gliding through the turf for normal shots. The narrow section near the heel provides excellent performance when you “open up” the face for more lofted shots.

CBX Wedge Front-to-Back V

The “FRONT-TO-BACK V” helps with distance control.

The leading edge gives you more bounce to prevent digging … while the wide rear zone gives you more stability and lift through the turf … without the club “bouncing” off the turf. Result? Superb distance control … essential for consistently superb wedge shots … and the difference between a “gimme” and a tough 10-foot putt.

FEEL BALANCING TECHNOLOGY … For Consistency and Feel …

 Club developers at Cleveland Golf position the center of gravity so it’s 3mm closer to the face … this gives you more consistency and a forged-like feel for excellent feedback.


The Cleveland CBX wedges will likely look a lot like your cavity back irons … to provide confidence at address and consistency. Also … you’ll find that Cleveland CBX wedges are closer to the weight of your current irons. This makes the Cleveland CBX wedges easier to swing and the weight similarity helps significantly with consistency and feel.

Free Bonus

When you order your Cleveland CBX wedges today, you'll also receive this week's wedge tips brought to you by Dave Pelz as a FREE digital download. Bring your tips to the practice range with you, or review them any time you need a refresher from short game expert, Dave Pelz.

You won't find this bonus anywhere else, so be sure to order your wedges today.

Want Proof Cleveland CBX Wedges Get the Job Done? Take a Look at the Test Results …

 The engineers at Cleveland Golf performed extensive testing before releasing the Cleveland CBX wedges to the public.

Let’s take a look at the results.

CBX Wedge Shot Dispersion Results

SUPERIOR CONSISTENCY … and Forgiveness …

 Testers took the Cleveland CBX wedge and tested it against a “typical” wedge from a top golf club brand. Look at the shot dispersion results.

CBX Blade Wedge

Blade Wedge

Each 50-degree club was hit in the same locations across the face with the same robot swing … and carry distance and dispersion were measured using a TrackMan launch monitor.

CBX Wedge Forgiveness Comparison


 Engineers at Cleveland Golf also closely measured forgiveness against a classic “typical” wedge.

The results showed more consistency and improved forgiveness.

CBX Wedge Spin Control

More Spin = More Control

Finally, Cleveland Golf engineers looked at spin … even from rough and super-tough lies.

The Cleveland CBX with ROTEX face on the left, is compared against leading wedges.

Want to See the Cleveland CBX in action?

Watch Dave Pelz use the Cleveland CBX.


As you saw in that video, Dave Pelz is a HUGE fan of the all-new Cleveland CBX Wedges. Pelz loves these wedges and he plays with them too. Why?
  • Cavity-back design provides forgiveness all across the entire face.
  • Face design gives you awesome spin and control … from any lie.
  • The all-new design means you’ll get up and down more often … save 4-8 shots a round.
  • The sole design works for any turf conditions. The most versatile wedges you’ll find anywhere.
  • Pro-level performance PLUS forgiveness. The perfect combination for short game success.

Look ... when the world's #1 authority on the short game says, "I recommend these wedges" ... AND PLAYS THEM ... then you have to pay close attention.

A Totally New Shaft Design … For Performance and Consistency …

For this promotion, we have the all-new Rotex graphite shaft … created specifically for the CBX. One goal is to make the CBX feel like your current irons.

CBX Wedge Shaft

Let’s take a look at the CBX specifications. We’re offering the 52, 56, and 60 degree wedges for this promotion.

LEFTIES … yes … we have left-handed models available too.

Is the Cleveland CBX Wedge for You?

CBX Wedges

The Cleveland CBX Wedge is a good choice for your game if … 

  • You currently play an “old-school” blade-style wedge … and don’t consistently get the results you’d like … and want stronger results from your wedges.
  • You have cavity-back irons and like how they play.
  • You’re looking for more consistency with your wedge game.
  • You don’t get to play as much as you’d like … and you’d like some forgiveness from your wedges.
  • You want to lower your scores … through more consistent wedge play.
  • You’d like a wedge that gives you solid results from pretty much any lie.
  • You’re excited about new golf technology … and want to get this technology in your bag.
  • You simply want to have more fun on the golf course … by shooting lower scores thanks to awesome wedge shots.

Remember … The great Bobby Jones said it best …

“The secret of golf is to turn 3 shots into 2.”


Achieve this goal just EIGHT times the next time you play and you’ll save EIGHT shots a round. Your wedges can be the key to:

  • Breaking 100
  • Breaking 90
  • Breaking 80
  • And if you’re a low handicapper – it could help you “go low” into the 60s. 

A great wedge means you can enjoy “tap-ins” and “gimmes” instead of those longer 7 to 10-foot putts that are so infuriating … and so easy to miss.

Here’s What You Can Expect from the Cleveland CBX Cavity Back Wedge 

  • Full shots from 120 to 75 yards. Solid and accurate shots controlling spin and trajectory.
  • Sand shots … all the bounce combinations make getting out of bunkers simple … good and bad lies.
  • Pitching … all the shots … lob … high floater … the low pitch that’s steaming in then stops like a fighter jet on the deck of an aircraft carrier.
  • Out of the rough … this is where the groove technology comes in. Awesome control, even from the deep rough and cabbage.
  • Chipping … the Cleveland CBX makes chipping easy from any lie.

The Cleveland CBX Wedge gives you the versatility to hit spectacular pro-level wedge shots from any situation.

Now let me give you …

36 Reasons to Add the Cleveland CBX Cavity Back Wedge to Your Golfing Arsenal


  1. Pro-level quality at the lowest price we’ve seen.
  2. Used and recommended by Dave Pelz ... the world's #1 authority on the short game.
  3. Perfect if you currently play cavity-back irons … these will be a perfect match … and even more forgiving.
  4. Consistent distance control … which is VITAL for awesome wedge play.
  5. Shoot lower scores … realistically expect 4-8 fewer shots a round.
  6. Accuracy … get your wedge shots dancing with the flag … full shots and shorter pitches and chips.
  7. Making a full swing with your wedges? It’s a ton easier with these wedges nestled in your fists.
  8. Be among the first to get one of these wedges … because you’re a Revolution Golfer.
  9. Glides through the turf easily … no digging or chunking … thanks to the new sole design.
  10. Forgiving across the entire face and always accurate.
  11. Total confidence from tight lies, downhill lies, and the worst possible lies.
  12. No fliers from the rough on full shots thanks to the milling on the face and groove design.
  13. No “going nowhere” shots from the top of the club … thanks to the weighting of the club and the face.
  14. Even more spin from the deep grooves on the face to provide additional control.
  15. The same weight as your current irons … or extremely close … use your same swing and gain consistency.
  16. Excellent feel to help with touch and feedback … thanks to the redistribution of the weight.
  17. Get more power to the ball … thanks to the new sole design and “forward” center of gravity on the face.
  18. Hit all the shots from pretty much any lie … soft fluffy grass … tight turf … hardpan … it’s just one reason pros love Cleveland wedges.
  19. Be more aggressive on par 5s because you can get close from any lie.
  20. Sets up easily – excellent on the eye and easy to align for accuracy.
  21. Highest-quality materials for years of enjoyment – from one of the biggest and most trusted names in golf.
  22. Three wedges available to help your game … get the club you want.
  23. Get closer from the sand … the Cleveland CBX wedges will seriously help your sand game … thanks to the sole design and the forgiveness.
  24. Never fear hardpan and tight lies again … just make your regular wedge swing.
  25. Awesome finish – non-glare and will look great for years.
  26. Highest spin allowable and fully compliant with R&A plus USGA.
  27. Fully backed by the Revolution Golf 365-day guarantee. Return the wedges if you’re not happy.
  28. Beautiful feel … because the center of gravity is much closer to the face.
  29. Versatile … super-easy to hit on full and half wedge shots.
  30. Tight lies … no problem … thanks to the all-new sole design.
  31. Trusted by top professionals … even in high pressure situations.
  32. Easier to use than traditional blade-style wedges … yet gives you all the performance you’d expect.
  33. Proof … testing shows the Cleveland CBX is super-accurate and provides the most spin … even out of nasty lies.
  34. Created to help your game … using the latest technology.
  35. Clean looks at address … for total confidence … easy to align for additional accuracy.
  36. The lowest price we’ve seen.

Professional Golfers Trust Cleveland Wedges

 These and many other professional golfers trust Cleveland Golf …

  • Charlie Beljan
  • Chris Stroud
  • David Toms
  • George McNeill
  • Gonzalo Fernández-Castaño
  • Joe Durant
  • Jon Curran
  • Keegan Bradley
  • Michael Putnam
  • Russell Knox
  • Shane Lowry
  • Steve Flesch
  • Tag Ridings
  • Ted Potter Jr.
  • Troy Kelly
  • Will Wilcox
  • Nicole Smith
  • Paige MacKenzie
  • Graeme McDowell
  • Hideki Matsuyama
  • J.B. Holmes
  • Jerry Kelly
  • Jim Renner 
  • Ben Crenshaw
  • Gary Koch
  • Larry Mize
  • Bobby Wadkins
  • Skip Kendall
  • Christopher Deforest
  • Randall Hutchison
  • Chris Wilson
  • Ryan Yip
  • Søren Kjeldsen
  • Andrew Putnam
  • Steve LeBrun

Since 1988, wedges from Cleveland Golf have …

  • Captured 350 PGA TOUR titles.
  • Won 26 major championships.
  • Been played by ELEVEN golfers ranked #1.

All in all, Cleveland Golf has sold over 10 million wedges all over the planet. The company’s goal is to help golfers of all skill levels play better by giving you advanced, properly designed scoring clubs.


“Finally, a wedge that was built for all of those cavity back iron players. The Cleveland CBX Wedges are perfect for most golfers out there. ”

Paul Earnest PGA Director of Golf. Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas.

Paul Ernest PGA Director of Golf



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CBX Wedge Guarantee

Now You Have a Simple Decision to Make

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OR …

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