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From the Desk of Justin Tupper, Founder and CEO of Revolution Golf.

Dear Revolution Golfer,

I’m sure you’ve noticed … the pros on all the tours are bombing it off the tee. Let’s take a look at the stats ... these are the longest drives on tour this year.

 And the averages are creeping up toward 315 … for many pros.

Even the guys on the Champions Tour are starting to average upwards of 300 yards.

The balls haven’t really changed a huge amount in the last 10 years and the new drivers are helping a little bit … but the USGA and R&A have kept the manufacturers on a tight leash for the better part of a decade.

So … I’m sure you’re asking …

What’s the REAL REASON for these Distance Gains?
How Can I Get Some of That?

Yes … these golfers are in shape. No great secret there. But there’s much more going on and you NEVER hear about this in the golf magazines … and you NEVER hear about this on TV.

What’s going on? Let me tell you …

Very quietly, the tour pros … and their teachers … are finding the most specialized exercise specialists on the planet.

Let me explain …

I Never Really Knew These People Existed … Until I Met Chris Como …

Turns out there are highly trained specialists … from around the world … who specialize in generating power from certain movements and parts of the body.
  • There’s someone who specializes in power from the core.
  • There’s someone who specializes in hip rotation.
  • There’s someone who specializes in understanding the back and its role in athletics.
  • There’s someone who knows how to generate additional power from the ground up.
  • There’s even someone who knows how to generate more power from the upper torso. 
Did you know these people existed? No … I didn’t either.

But these specialists are working with professional athletes, including tour pros, and you can see the results above.

One teaching professional has paid close attention to these specialists. In fact, he’s incorporated ALL their ideas into HIS teaching.

His name is Chris Como.

He’s taken all this advanced teaching to his students. And now he’s ready to bring this expertise to YOU … the Revolution Golfer.

And in a minute, I’m going to show you how to gain access to Chris Como’s expertise through our latest video series, COMO CONCEPTS.

But first …

Let’s Meet Chris Como … One of America’s Top Golf Teachers …

Like many of the world’s top golf instructors, Chris Como has taught many of the world’s top professionals.

But … unlike many of these top teachers … Chris Como has taken a very different approach to teaching.

Early in his teaching career, Chris Como started studying biomechanics, specifically with renowned PhD biomechanist Dr. Young-Hoo Kwon.

Here’s what happened next …

Chris Como started working a Masters of Science degree in Biomechanics.

He built his entire teaching philosophy around how the body works … and sometimes doesn’t. It’s not based on various swing theories … it’s based on the SCIENCE of the motions the body makes when striking a golf ball.

Right now, Chris is the Head Teaching Professional at prestigious Dallas National in Dallas, Texas where he works with golfers of all abilities. He’s also the organizer of the Annual “Open Forum” where Chris and others gather to discuss the biomechanics of golf. You’ll meet the world’s to golf teachers, trainers, biomechanists, physicists, exercise physiologists, and motor learning and statistics experts at this event.

More about Chris Como …
  • Golf Digest's top 50 instructors in America.
  • Works with top touring professionals from the PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tour. 
  • Learned from many of the world’s top golf teachers early in his career by visiting them and watching them teach. 
  • Was the youngest member of GOLF Magazine’s “Top 100 Teachers in America.” 
  • Golf Digest's “Best Young Teachers Top 40 under 40 in America” and Golf Digest’s “Top Teacher in State.” 
  • Participated in workshops with NG360 (Nike Golf 360) and the Titleist Performance Institute, C.H.E.K. Institute, E.L.D.O.A and Soma Golf Training with Guy Voyer, F.M.S with Andreo Spina.
Chris Como’s goal is to take complex concepts and put them into simple, tangible coaching practices … practices that will help YOU the Revolution Golfer.

We’re super-excited to have Chris Como as the newest member of The Revolution Golf faculty. You’ll love his approach to teaching … and the CLARITY of his communication.

And, in association with The Golf Channel, we’re extremely excited to bring you …

COMO CONCEPTS from Chris Como … Helping You Maximize Your Distance and Consistency Every Time You Play …

We just finished 5 days of intense filming in Orlando. The result is COMO CONCEPTS … an all-new series of instructional videos featuring Chris Como and friends.

The goal of COMO CONCEPTS is super-simple … help YOU maximize your distance every time you set foot on the golf course.

Let’s get into this video series …

Let’s Take a Look at COMO CONCEPTS and
How it Will Help Your Game …

COMO CONCEPTS is our newest video series. It’s 8 all-new and totally exclusive videos giving you instruction from Chris Como.

It’s like you’re right there at the practice area with Chris Como as your personal teacher.

Let’s take a look at the videos and what you receive.


Chris Como gives you the basics of power and distance.
  • How to use an axe … yes AN AXE … to add distance with every club and even prevent weak fades and a slice. It’s the same approach Chris Como used with Masters Champion Trevor Immelman. 
  • The AXE DRILL for more power … don’t worry … you don’t need an axe for this. • The physics and forces behind maximizing your speed every time you play golf.
  • Do you need a long swing for maximum power ... or a short swing? Chris Como reveals the surprising answer. 
  • The “Scenic Route” drill that Chris Como uses with all his golfers to help them generate more power. 
  • Why you want a shallow approach to the ball for maximum power … and how to get this shallow angle of attack. 
  • The secret of spinning the shaft and generating torque. 
  • How to get, gain, and keep that all-important “lag” in your game.


Chris Como and specialists show you how to get more speed and distance while staying healthy … especially with your back.

  • The golf swing can place huge stress on the body. Get your body ready for more speed with help from this video. 
  • Tour-proven exercises to get your body in shape to generate massive speed WITHOUT snapping your ribs and vertebrae. 
  • Speed and flexibility exercises Chris Como uses with stars like tour stars … some recovering from back injuries. 
  • The swing that’s going to put your back at risk … and how to avoid this swing.
  • “The Big 3 Exercises” you need to create a strong stable core in order to protect your spine when you generate more speed.
  • More drills and exercises for the back … including the “Airplane Drill” … “soft arms” and “strong core” …
  • The ELDOAS principles and how these help to reduce wear and tear from golf … and life in general.
  • Want more distance? Then you need to know about the “Wide Narrow JuJu” … you’ll discover more about this in COMO CONCEPTS.


Getting more distance before you increase your clubhead speed.
  • What if you want to hit longer drives RIGHT NOW … before you start increasing your clubhead speed? It all has to do with “Maximizing Impact” and Chris Como shows you how to achieve this.
  • How to hit the “Stinger” shot … great into the wind or for tight fairways.
  • Discover “the new ball flight laws” you need for maximum distance every time you play.
  • Play the game of “mythbusters” and this will help you make stronger contact CONSISTENTLY.
  • How “crazy factors” like humidity, a wet ball, and ambient temperature impact ball flight, accuracy, and distance.


Getting more distance from the big spinning ball upon which we all live and play golf.
  • How Beyoncé will help you understand ground reaction force. That’s right … BEYONCE.
  • Want to understand Ground Reaction Force? Watch Chris Como jump off a high dive while swinging a golf club.
  • A full description of ground reaction force and why it’s the most talked-about swing concept on all the tours.
  • The simple drill that lets you feel ground reaction force … from your living room, office, or factory floor.
  • Discover how the pros get the most out of ground reaction force.
  • How to move your legs and feet to tap into the power of the ground.
  • 4 drills you must start NOW to gain power from the ground up.


More speed and more power start with the correct backswing … for your game.
  • Why you see so many different backswings on tour … and why there’s really no such thing as the “perfect backswing.”
  • The two types of backswing Chris Como recommends for 95% of his students.
  • Short or long backswing? Chris Como gives you the answer … based on what works on tour.
  • How to get “counter movement” into your backswing and how this will increase your clubhead speed TODAY.
  • What you can learn from the backswing of a long-drive champion. 


Yes … you swing the club with your hands and arms but you can generate a lot more power with your legs.
  • Should you have rotational or lateral movement in your lower body? Chris gives you the shocking answer.
  • How to feel the correct motion of the lower body.
  • Advice from a PGA Tour winner on how to max out power from the lower body … whatever your size and fitness level.
  • Why 99% of golfers can generate more power … just by focusing on getting power from their largest muscles … right in the legs.


It might be the biggest mystery in golf … how to start the downswing.
  • FINALLY … a crystal clear description of how to end the backswing and start the downswing for maximum power at impact.
  • Why you should focus on your follow through for CONSISTENCY. That’s right … what happens after impact is just as important as what happens before impact.
  • The “transition to greatness” concept and how this will transform your game.


Putting it all together with Masters Champion Trevor Immelman.
  • Chris Como gives Trevor Immelman a lesson based on all the concepts above.
  • It’s like YOUR private lesson with Chris Como.
  • Getting rid of the dreaded “over the top” move … yes … even top pros have to work on this.
  • Shallowing the club during the transition … and how to get this in your game.
  • Pro-level keys to release and impact for maximum power.
  • How Trevor Immelman generates massive power … even though he’s not the biggest pro on tour.
  • Practicing with THE AXE for a perfect transition.
  • The changes Trevor Immelman is making and how you can get these into your game. 

 You’ll discover EVEN MORE from the instruction in COMO CONCEPTS.
  • Discover where 70% of the power in the golf swing comes from.
  • 4 ways to play without pain … based on latest research.
  • Why gaining elasticity in the golf swing is so important … and how to gain this.
  • The logic behind ‘The Beyoncé Dance’ and how this will help every golfer gain more distance.
  • Finally discover the correct sequencing of all the body parts involved in the golf swing.
  • An all-new blueprint for correct footwork … vital for great ball striking. All great ball strikers have great footwork …
  • What length backswing should YOU have … Chris Como gives you the surprising answer.
  • 2 simple med-ball exercises that will transform your power off the tee.
  • Why it’s all about torque … and how to get torque into your game.
  • Secrets of “angular impulse” … and why this concept is red-hot on all the tours.
  • Why spine elongation is so important … and how you can get this into your game … HINT: it’s all about flexibility in your thoracic spine.
  • Getting force from the ground and gravity to the grip of the club … it’s what powerful golf is all about.

We’ve got two special excerpts from COMO CONCEPTS for you. Just hit the play button right now.

Meet the Golf Exercise Experts and Touring Professionals You’ll Meet in Como Concepts …

Trevor Immelman - Master's Champion

Trevor Immelman won The Masters in 2008 and is one of the most accomplished players on The PGA Tour. He also won the U.S. Amateur Public Links in 1998. He has 4 wins on the European Tour and won the Cialis Western Open in 2006. He continues to play on The PGA Tour and is a golf analyst for TNT and The Golf Channel.


After an accomplished junior career, Blair O’Neal became an accomplished college golfer at Arizona State University. She was also two-time NCAA women’s long-drive champion. She’s played on the LPGA Tour, The Symettra Tour, and was a star on The Big Break on The Golf Channel. She’s also an in-demand model and host for corporate outings.

Dr. Sasho MacKenzie

Dr. Sasho MacKenzie is an Associate Professor in the Department of Human Kinetics St. Francis Xavier University. He has a Ph.D. in Kinesiology from the University of Saskatchewan and a B.Sc. in Kinesiology from Dalhousie University.

Dr. Stuart McGill

Dr. Stuart M. McGill is a professor emeritus, University of Waterloo, where he was a professor for 30 years. His laboratory and experimental research clinic investigated issues related to the causal mechanisms of back pain, how to rehabilitate back-pained people, and enhance both injury resilience and performance. His advice is often sought by governments, corporations, legal experts, medical groups, and elite athletes and teams from around the world.

Dan Hellman - MSPT

Dan Hellman has 20+ years of experience in the fitness industry. He is a licensed physical therapist and accomplished health and fitness professional. His postgraduate experience in an osteopathic environment fueled a life-long quest to understand the way the systems of the human body work together for performance, healing, and well-being.

Dan is an avid golfer and has combined his love of the sport with his in-depth understanding of how the body works in the golf swing. He was selected as one of Golf Digest’s 50 “Best Golf-Fitness Professionals in America” at the end of 2017.

Kevin Duffy

Kevin Duffy founded Duffy Golf Fitness, based in the north of England. Kevin travels the world, working with many of the world’s top professional golfers. Through his vast knowledge and expertise of the human body and the mechanics of a golf swing, Kevin aims to improve everyone’s game plus overall health and well-being. He focuses on golf-specific screening/profiling, golf-specific fitness, and golf-specific injury prevention.

Dr. Erik Henrikson

Erik is the director of innovation and testing for PING Golf. He has also been fitting science manager, and a research engineer and research associate for the company.

Dr. Mike Duffey

Dr. Mike Duffey is a member of the faculty at Penn State University. He teaches in the department of Kinesiology. He also works with the Professional Golf Management program as a biomechanist analyzing golf swings.

Ben Shear

Ben Shear is a sports performance specialist who has worked with athletes from the NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLS … plus all the tours. He is the industry’s leading Golf Performance Coach, having worked with numerous PGA Touring Professionals, including former World #1, Luke Donald, and US Open Champion, Webb Simpson. Shear hosts “The Golfer’s Edge,” a national weekly show on Sirius XM PGA Tour Radio, and he is a fitness advisor to Golf Digest Magazine.

Grant Waite - PGA Tour Player

Grant Waite is a touring professional originally from New Zealand. He won The Kemper Open in 1993 and finished second in 2000 to Tiger Woods in Canada. Waite has also played successfully on The Champions Tour.

Adam Schriber

Adam Schriber is an internationally-acclaimed golf instructor. Adam is one of Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers and is based in Michigan at LochenHeath Members. He worked as an instructor with The David Leadbetter golf academies for 10 years. Adam was referred to by Sean Foley as one of the top coaches in golf.

Lucas Wald

Lucas has been recognized by Golf Digest as one of the Best Young Teachers in America (2016-2017) and the Best Teacher in Arkansas (2017). His notable students include Brad Faxon, Brandel Chamblee, Eddie Fernandes (top 25 World Long Drive), Jeff Flagg (2014 World Long Drive Champion), and Victoria Lovelady (Ladies European Tour).

George Gankas

Based in Southern California, George Gankas is an accomplished teaching professional with a massive social media following. His basis philosophy centers around the pivot-and-turn philosophy … sometimes demonstrated in flip-flops.

It’s All About YOUR Results …

Chris Como hasn’t always taught the world’s top professional golfers. In fact, he regularly teaches ‘recreational’ golfers like you and me. It’s part of his work at Dallas National.

In his teaching career, he’s discovered what delivers power … and what doesn’t … based on actual results. The methods he uses to help golfers get epic power are PROVEN TO WORK for pros … and ‘recreational golfers.’

41 Reasons to Add COMO CONCEPTS with CHRIS COMO to Your Golf Improvement Arsenal

  1. Get the power you know you can generate … by using the “power secrets” of today’s professional golfers.
  2. It’s like your own private lesson with Chris Como … especially in The Master Class with Masters winner Trevor Immelman.
  3. Proven instruction that’s worked for many of the world’s top golfers.
  4. Discover ways to keep your back healthy … as you increase your clubhead speed.
  5. Have a lot more fun on the golf course … every time you play … because you’re hitting the ball a lot further.
  6. Gain an extra 15-25 yards off the tee … at least … and become more accurate off the tee so you find more fairways.
  7. Practice and train with a purpose … know what to work on and what NOT to work on.
  8. Clarity from Chris Como … with no hyper-technical mumbo-jumbo. 
  9. Hit more solid shots … more often … because you’ll be in better shape for more powerful golf.
  10. Get back into great golf shape … and get on the road to overcoming the physical issues that come from having worked for many years … maybe leading to a lack of flexibility.
  11. Solid contact with every club in your bag for power and accuracy.
  12. CLARITY instead of confusion so you improve faster.
  13. FOR EVERY GOLFER … instruction works for every golfer … from beginner to accomplished club player.
  14. FINALLY … move forward with your game instead of not improving.
  15. Proven methods that will work for you … simply follow the instruction in COMO CONCEPTS.
  16. DOWNSWING POWER … Get the order of your backswing correct so you can explode on the downswing for maximum distance.
  17. Generate power from your biggest muscles … so you maximize your distance.
  18. Discover The ‘Secrets’ … that are helping the pros BOMB It …
  19. What length backswing should you have? You’ll get the answer for maximum power from your swing.
  20. Lag? Yes! How to get more lag in your swing for more distance.
  21. Increase your distance with your current clubhead speed … by making square contact consistently.
  22. Discover how to hit ‘THE STINGER’ … the low shot that goes a mile. It’s great when you need distance into a strong wind.
  23. Mental clarity … because Chris Como disposes of typical myths.
  24. Get a backswing that creates power … based on your body type. It’s NOT a “one size fits all” backswing.
  25. Know precisely how the long-drive champions gain massive power … and what you can learn from them. Much of their power comes from their lower body.
  26. Get a blueprint for a powerful transition … a “secret” the professionals use for consistent power.
  27. Ditch that slice (if you have one) by following a super-simple drill.
  28. End any mental confusion because Chris Como will de-mystify the typical misconceptions.
  29. FINALLY … move forward with your game instead of not improving … thanks to the plan in COMO CONCEPTS.
  30. End whatever golf issue is ailing you … so you reach your full potential.
  31. Over 4 hours of instruction ... to accelerate your improvement.
  32. Surprise yourself by hitting superb shots CONSISTENTLY – you’re better than you think you are.
  33. Say goodbye to slicing and weak fades … if you’ve been struggling with these shots.
  34. Practice many of the techniques at home or in the office so you don’t always have to visit the range or practice facility.
  35. Surprise yourself with your distance improvements because you’re hitting the ball in the sweet spot regularly.
  36. For EVERY golfer … from age 5 to 95 … male … female … lefty … righty.
  37. How to gain immediate distance WITHOUT changing your physical condition.
  38. How to gain immediate distance WITHOUT buying a new driver.
  39. How to gain immediate distance WITHOUT swinging faster.
  40. A totally new approach to practice so you gain a better return on your “practice investment.”
  41. A super-low introductory price.

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In COMO CONCEPTS WITH CHRIS COMO … you get more than 4 hours of completely original instruction ONLY for Revolution Golfers.

Now … if you decided you wanted personal instruction with Chris Como it would cost thousands of dollars … even if he had any availability … which is extremely rare. He’s usually fully booked at Dallas National.

But with COMO CONCEPTS … you gain access to his expertise for a fraction of what it would cost to see Chris Como personally.

So COMO CONCEPTS is a total golf instruction bargain.

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 A Super-Low Price for Membership to GOLFPASS … During checkout, you can join GOLFPASS for a special low price. GOLFPASS gives you access to well over 1,000 instructional videos from the world’s top golf instructors … plus a bunch of additional goodies that will help you save thousands on golf products, golf vacations, and golf services.


8 Bonus COMO CONCEPTS Tips and Strategies. These cover every aspect of your game from tee to green. You can ONLY get these with these videos. They will also help you generate more power.


EXCLUSIVE Short-Game Session with Mini-Tour player Carter Hoops. It’s another member’s only ‘Master Class’ with a top golfer. This session alone can save you 3-5 shots the next time you play.


EXCLUSIVE interview with Chris Como. Get to know one of America’s top teachers on a personal basis. Chris Como reveals everything from how he got started to his top advice for ‘recreational’ golfers. He also explains why he focuses so intently on biomechanics … and why you should too.

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If you’re not happy for any reason, or no reason, simply contact The Revolution Golf customer service team and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund.

That’s right … if Chris Como's instruction does not help you transform your game, you get your money back. No questions asked. Revolution Golf completely backs up the promises we’re making on this web page.

Are You Going to Make the Right Decision For Your Game?

If you’re “sitting still” or even going backwards with your game … but really want to improve, you now have a simple decision to make.

You can keep going with your current methods … the ones that aren’t working all that well …

OR …

You can try, risk-free, the instruction in COMO CONCEPTS WITH CHRIS COMO..

With these all-new videos, you can …

  • End all your golf confusion.
  • Gain consistently excellent contact time and time again …
  • Hit the ball 20-40 yards further with your driver … by making a few simple changes.
  • Save 5-10 shots around the greens in the next 30 days.
  • Get a tour-proven blueprint for success on the golf course … thanks to the course management video.
  • And much, much more … including those 4 FREE special bonus items above.

I know you’ll make the right choice for your game.

To the best golf of your life …

Justin Tupper
Founder and CEO
Revolution Golf


P.S. Remember … it’s all about POWER and CONSISTENCY … and Chris Como can make this difficult game a TON easier for every golfer. COMO CONCEPTS WITH CHRIS COMO will give you a new blueprint for more power.