Want to Play More Consistent Golf When You’re Actually On the Golf Course? Yes? Then Watch and Read Below.

“How to Take Those Great Shots from The Range to the Golf Course … So You Become More Consistent and FINALLY Become the Golfer You Know You Can Be.”


Read Below to Discover Just ONE Simple Change You Can Make TODAY … So You Take The Great Shots You Can Hit on the Practice Tee … Straight to the First Tee … And Every Situation You Face on the Golf Course …

  • Maximum Distance With Every Club
  • Solid Ball-Striking All Day/Every Day … Crisp Irons, Precise Wedges, Plus Powerful Woods and Hybrids …
  • No More “Look Away Awful Train Wreck Shots”
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Dear Revolution Golfer,

Here’s a question I hear OVER AND OVER …

“Martin … PLEASE tell me how I can take my great shots from the range to the golf course. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!”

We understand … we listen … we hear you.

In fact, I hear this request so often that I went to Revolution Golf and I said … “let’s create a video series that will help Revolution Golfers take all that hard work from the range to the first tee … and every situation on the golf course … from the tee to the green.”

They said, “let’s do it.”

I’m going to tell you about this video series in a minute.

But before that … let me reveal …

The Surprising Reasons Most Golfers Can’t Take It From the Range to The Golf Course …

Why can’t most golfers take it from the practice tee to the first tee? Here are some reasons.

ONE. Practice routine. 
Most people practice by hitting about 15-30 shots with a 7-iron … just dragging one ball after another from the “rock pile” and not really focusing on a target and a result. Then I see golfers banging away with the driver … hitting it all over the place. And then they wonder why things don’t go well on the golf course.

TWO. Basics like ball position and alignment. 
I rarely see golfers with alignment sticks for alignment and ball position. Yet solid alignment and ball position are VITAL for great ball striking.

THREE. Not focusing on problem shots. 
I have shots I struggle with, even as a professional golfer with 30 years of experience. Guess what I do? I practice those shots. Not rocket science, my friends.

FOUR. Hit the same club to the same target every practice shot. 
Watch professional golfers during a tournament when they’re on the range. They hit the ball to several different targets using several different clubs. I almost NEVER see recreational golfers do this.

FIVE. Professional golf teachers. 
I have to admit … sometimes we’re too focused on technique and we’re not focusing enough on what happens on the actual golf course. Well … I’m going to fix that with my all-new video series … as you’ll discover in a minute.

SIX. The golf course is not the range
... and the range is not the golf course. Think of all the difficult situations you face on the golf course … rough … uphill lies … in a divot … weird wind … obnoxious playing partners who are talking into a cellphone about NOTHING for 20 minutes. People NEVER experience these challenges when they’re on the range.

I’ve been a bit negative above. I get that. But it’s important you understand EXACTLY why people are NOT taking great shots from the range to the golf course.

Let’s look on the bright side …

Here’s What Happens When You Take Those Great Shots on the Range … To the Golf Course 

Every golfer I see at my golf school has the ability to play good, even great golf. How do I know this? Because they hit some great shots when they’re at my school.

It’s just a case of taking those great shots to the golf course. And here’s what you can expect when, not if, that happens. 

  • You can hit the ball a lot further … and keep yourself in the fairway … and well away from trouble.
  • You can be more accurate with your irons and hit more greens … and have more birdie and eagle putts.
  • You can hit solid shots more consistently.
  • You will know exactly how to handle all the different situations you find when you’re actually out there playing golf and having to write an actual number down on that scorecard.
  • You can hit precise wedge shots, turning 3 shots into 2 shots around the greens.
  • You can easily get out of bad situations.
  • You can beat the pants off your playing partners and start collecting in the clubhouse.

PLUS … and here’s the best part … you can get rid of those super-annoying awful shots that are keeping you from playing your best golf.

And yes … to take it from the range to the golf course … you’re going to have to make a couple of changes. But these changes are easy to make. I’m going to show you how in my all-new video series.

Making a Change in Your Approach to the Game … Your Attitude … And Why it’s So Important … If You Truly Want to Play Your Best Golf …

I’m going to show you some successful techniques to help you play your best golf on the golf course. That’s my job.

You have a job, too. Your job is to make a change in your approach to practice. And how you deal with what you get on the golf course.

It’s really very simple. You just have to change your mindset about how you practice … and the decisions you make on the golf course.

Plus you have to understand that the golf course is drastically different from the range. They are two VERY different places. 

Making the Most of Your VPT

One of my big goals with every student? Help them make the most of that all-important VPT.

“What’s VPT?” you’re asking.


I know how difficult it can be to find the time to practice. You have work … responsibilities … family … other activities … and so on.

Want to take great shots from the range to the golf course? 

Then make the most of your VPT.

In a minute, I’m going to show exactly how.

Instead of raking balls from the rock pile and whacking away HOPING something good happens … I’m going to show you how to practice with a purpose.

That purpose?

Making sure you take great shots from the range … to the golf course.

In fact, I’m going to show precisely how to make the most of your time at the practice range. So you get results. Plus you simply have more fun.

I see golfers who rake balls from the pile of golf balls and hit a few good ones but hit a lot of bad shots. It can’t be much fun.

Right now, I’m going to end this frustration with … 

My First Piece of Advice to Golfers Who Want to “Take it To The Tee.”

I’m the luckiest golf teacher on the planet. I get to work with Revolution Golfers at our golf schools. Plus I meet Revolution Golfers everywhere … airports … golf tournaments … pretty much everywhere you’ll find a golfer.

Here’s one question I hear ALL the time.

“Martin … I hit some great shots all the time at the range. How can I take it to the course?”

Here’s my FIRST piece of advice.

Discover the power of the PRIMING SWING.

“What’s that, Martin?”

The PRIMING SWING is an organized, planned, and repeatable practice swing … where you work on the ONE swing thought that helps you hit good/great shots CONSISTENTLY.

So … here’s a plan. 

  1. After you have warmed up, focus on just one swing thought that’s working for you.
  2. Take 20 balls from the pile of practice balls … and BEFORE EACH SHOT make a PRIMING SWING.
  3. Hit the shot. Assess. How close was your actual shot to your PRIMING SWING?
  4. Hit a few shots with other clubs using your PRIMING SWING.
  5. DON’T just stand there and rake balls and get frustrated.
  6. When you’re on the golf course, use the PRIMING SWING before you hit each shot. 

Just using the PRIMING SWING alone will help you …

  • Hit the ball further because you’re making solid contact more consistently.
  • Hit more fairways and hit the ball straighter.
  • Stay away from hazards and other junk on the golf course.
  • Give you a framework for success.
  • Give your game and YOUR PRACTICE a framework for success.

It will take a little time … a commitment on your part … and stronger practice habits … but once you have the PRIMING SWING in your golfing arsenal, you’ll be a stronger player.

You’ll start to take your good shots from the range to the golf course … which is precisely what we’re trying to achieve … right?

That’s Just ONE Piece of Advice … I Have More … MUCH More …

Taking great practice habits from the range to the golf course will help you shoot lower scores … and have more fun on the golf course.

But there’s more … a LOT more … than just the PRIMING SWING. 

And just for you … Revolution Golfers … I’ve taken the best of what I’ve learned in over 30 years of professional golf … and it’s all in … 

My All-New Video Series … TAKING IT TO THE TEE with MARTIN CHUCK … 

TAKING IT TO THE TEE with MARTIN CHUCK is my all-new video series with all-new content … created EXCLUSIVELY for Revolution Golfers.

I created every second of this series to help you … 

  • Take great shots from the range to the golf course.
  • Shoot lower scores by understanding the different challenges you face on the golf course … and how to overcome them.
  • Practice with a purpose … instead of just digging around in the dirt.
  • Avoid those “big number” disasters.
  • Have more fun on the golf course.
  • Beat the pants off your opponents and collect in the clubhouse.

Here are the videos you get in TAKING IT TO THE TEE with MARTIN CHUCK.

  • Reducing Tension.
  • Powerful Driving … With Less Effort.
  • Grip Check Up.


  • Developing a Pre-Shot Routine for Consistency.
  • The Power of Centeredness.
  • Secrets of Weight Shift Revealed.

  • Working With Your Scoring Wedges.
  • A Championship Grip … Transferring Energy from Strongest Muscles to Your Club.
  • Great Driving … On the Actual Golf Course …

  • Planning Great Drives … And Making Great Drives a Reality
  • The Line of Commitment
  • Gaining a Simple Swing Thought for Consistency
  • Choosing The Shot Shape That Works for You

Instruction from Me … At a Special Low Introductory Price … ONLY for Revolution Golfers …

You can get my instruction sent directly to your laptop, living room, smart phone, or tablet.

Fortunately, there’s a special low price for instant access to TAKING IT TO THE TEE.

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Golfers Rave About The Martin Chuck Approach

David Brunkal from Bend, Oregon, went to see Martin. A long-time golfer, David was struggling.

Using “modern techniques” Martin helped David get rid of his “old school” thinking.

David’s gone from being a really high handicap to a consistently low handicap. David said on Martin’s website…

“If Martin can help me, he can help pretty much anyone…”

More praise ...


“I’m 70 yrs. old and just started playing again, after about 10 years, because of back surgery and HIP REPLACEMENTS. I’m not able to take the club back as far as long time ago. But I’m always straight with your tips. I’m starting to hit it farther. Back when I was playing a lot, I carried a 5-handicap. Again thanks for the tips.”

— Bill, Texas.



“Martin Chuck's unique talent is that he is able to simply the golf swing by communicating with the words we use everyday conversation and avoiding the technical jargon that can make hitting a golf ball efficiently seem more complex than it is. He does this by creating situations (drills) where the student can feel the most important elements of impact and shot making. He is a dynamic teacher teaching a dynamic swing.”

— Terry Pettit. National Champion Women's Volleyball Coach from The University of Nebraska.


“At 84 years old, Sam Charles, Toronto, Ontario shot his age for the first time after studying golf technique with Martin Chuck. Rarely out of the fairway, Sam lacked the ability to hit solid fairway shot and with my simple techniques was able to complete one of his life-long golf goals. It is one of my proudest moments as a coach.”

“Top ranked PGA Tour Canada player, Nick Taylor, won on Tour after spending time with Martin learning these secrets. He’s made the most birdies of any player on Tour and has enjoyed considerable increase in his distance off the tee by adjusting his impact alignments with his driver.”

Now let’s get into … 

36 Ways TAKING IT TO THE TEE Will Help YOUR Game

  1. FINALLY discover how to take those great shots from the range to the golf course … and be the golfer you KNOW YOU CAN BE.
  2. Deal with every situation you’ll face on the golf course.
  3. Maximum distance with every club … without swinging out of your golf shoes.
  4. Solid ball-striking on the golf course … where it really counts.
  5. Wave goodbye to those really poor shots and big numbers.
  6. It’s like your very own private lesson with one of the most popular Revolution Golf instructors … a HUGE value.
  7. Discover why you’re not taking those great shots you hit on the range to the golf course.
  8. Get a totally new way to practice with a purpose … so you make the most of that valuable time at the range.
  9. Deal with those difficult situations you face on the golf course … juicy rough … uphill lies … in a divot … weird wind.
  10. More accurate irons … more consistently.
  11. Precise wedge and scoring shots, turning 3 shots into 2 shots around the greens.
  12. Make a practice swing that actually helps you hit a great shot.
  13. Stay away from hazards and other junk on the golf course.
  14. Clear and precise advice from one of America’s top teachers … based on over 30 years of experience.
  15. Gain TOTAL CLARITY about the correct grip … how to get aligned … weight shift … the role of the shoulders … and much more … NO MORE CONFUSION.
  16. Become a TON stronger with your wedges so you have a lot of tap-in putts.
  17. Make the right decision about club selection … especially around the greens.
  18. Finally understand the “magic” move that generates raw power with every club … this move will also help with your consistency.
  19. Hit pure shots … from the fairway bunker … that’s right … from the FAIRWAY BUNKER.
  20. Discover how to hit some of the hardest shots in golf … including the lob shot over a nasty bunker.
  21. Make intelligent decisions when you’re on the golf course … and know how to assess risk/reward.
  22. Discover the power of CENTEREDNESS … and why it’s VITAL for your game.
  23. Turn 4 shots into 3 around the greens and 3 shots into 2 … and watch your scores plummet … and your fun on the golf course skyrocket.
  24. Hit great shots from the rough … thanks to the techniques in the videos.
  25. Minimize your risk through the “Hierarchy of Shot Selection When You’re Around the Greens” yet enjoy great short game results.
  26. More precise irons … and more consistency every time you play.
  27. The same instruction I give to elite-level professional golfers.
  28. Dramatically improve your pitching … so you have a lot of fun hitting those all-important tweener shots … 30 … 40 … 50 yards. Easy.
  29. Get rid of a slice and/or hook and remove those “look away awful” shots.
  30. Finally discover how to gain correct postureand why that’s important.
  31. Generate power from the hips and core muscles … a great way to add golf horsepower.
  32. Develop a “peaceful” yet powerful swing with very few moving parts … so it REPEATS.
  33. Discover keys to hitting laser-like irons that never leave the flag.
  34. Get the shot shape you want for maximum consistency.
  35. Take a tour-style divot … a key to crisp contact and buttery irons.
  36. A special low price ONLY for Revolution Golfers.


Click the play button below.

Here’s what I reveal in TAKING IT TO THE TEE with MARTIN CHUCK …

  • 9 easy steps you can take in the next 7 days to take your game from the range to the golf course.
  • The right mental approach … and the wrong mental approach to practice … and to shooting lower scores on the golf course.
  • How to make that long walk from the range to the 1st tee brimming with confidence.
  • The one key to taking what you learn on the practice tee … to the golf course.
  • How to take tension out of your golf swing.
  • A solid understanding of how you really create speed and power with your driver swing. HINT: it’s NOT what you’ve been told.
  • Why you want to “collect” the golf ball and not “hit at” the golf ball. This technique alone will make you a better ball-striker almost overnight.
  • A simple change you can make to generate more freedom … and speed … and distance … in your golf swing.
  • The #1 speed killer and how to overcome this.
  • How some of the greats of the game … like Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus and Annika Sorenstam … approached course management … and how to get their great shots into YOUR game.
  • The vital role of the trail leg when it comes to generating distance.
  • Why I teach the concept of CENTEREDNESS to all my students … and why it’s VITAL for your game.
  • The type of shoulder turn you MUST HAVE and the type of shoulder turn you don’t want.
  • FINALLY … the correct way to shift your weight from the back foot to the front foot.
  • The concept of ‘rotated and relocated’ and how this will help you develop maximum power.
  • One simple change you can make TODAY with your scoring wedge shots so you turn 3 shots into 2 next time you tee it up.
  • Why you don’t want a ‘funky’ golf grip and how I recommend you grip the club … based on 30 years of teaching experience.
  • How to get lined up correctly when you’re actually facing a real shot.
  • My #1 recommendation for consistency … READ. PLAN. FEEL.
  • Why you DON’T want the clubhead on the ground just before you hit your driver.
  • One proven way to turn those really poor shots into acceptable shots. This alone will save you 5-8 shots a round.
  • What you’re really trying to achieve with your practice swings.
  • The way that professional golfers overcome nerves on the first tee … and with every pressure shot.
  • ONE THING you MUST get rid of in your swing … it’s REALLY easy to achieve.
  • Heard of “get your butt ahead of ball line?” No? You’ll love this technique.
  • What you want to achieve with your front shoulder on the downswing … it’s REALLY important for accuracy.
  • Why I love the concept of “connecting the starting form to the finishing form” and why I teach this to every golfer I work with.
  • 4 different lies in the rough … and how to deal with each lie.
  • How to recognize a flier lie and how this impacts club selection.
  • Want to know how to deal with weird lies? I will reveal all!
  • A super-easy way to get out of any bunker.
  • Face to face with a big bunker? No problem. I’ll show you how to escape this situation.
  • What happens if you have a really bad lie? There’s no need to make it lead to a big number.
  • Three very different lies in the fairway … within 10 feet of each other. How to deal with each lie.
  • My approach to course management … and what you can learn.
  • Got one of those really horrible ‘nesty’ lies? I’ll show you how to deal with it.
  • You haven’t heard this anywhere else …The Hierarchy of Shot Selection When You’re Around the Greens… minimizing risk … getting great results.
  • Should you select a hybrid for chips and pitches? My surprising answer.
  • How to hit one of the hardest shots in the game … consistently and from pretty much any lie.
  • The importance of the ‘pillow of sand’ with bunker shots.
  • Where you weight needs to be in the bunker shot and why that’s so important.
  • The REAL REASON you three putt and what you can do about it …
  • How Kenny Rogers will transform your putting … that’s right … KENNY ROGERS.
  • How to hole 95.2% of short putts you face.
  • And much, much more. 


  • How to Deal with “Non-Routine” Bunker Shots
  • Precision Putting
  • Intelligent Decision Making … Especially from Different Lies in the Rough.

  • Making Great Short Game Choices
  • The Flop Shot Over a Nasty Bunker
  • “Routine” Bunker Shots

  • Shot Process … Getting Things Right BEFORE You Get Ready to Hit Your Shot …
  • Gaining Speed Around a Peaceful Center
  • Dealing With Bizarre Lies … The Ones You Get on the Actual Golf Course
  • Fairway Bunker Shots
  • Scoring Shots and the Scoring Swing … From Every Type of Lie

  • Get Rid of Tension When You’re On the Golf Course
  • Focus on the Weight of the Clubhead
  • Footwork
  • The Magic Move With Your Lead Shoulder


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Mediocre … Or the Best Golf of Your Life … The Choice is Yours …

Right now, you have a simple decision to make about your game.

You can stay right where you are … for as long as you play golf.

OR …

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To Great Golf All the Time …

Martin Chuck
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Founder … Tour Striker Academy

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