“I’m Going to Reveal The SECRET to Enjoying Spectacular Golf In Your 50s, 60s, 70s, and Beyond…”

Read Below to Discover How a Few Simple Changes Can Transform Your Game … So You Gain 15-35 Extra Yards Off the Tee … Hit Solid Shots All Day … And Bring a Power Draw Into Your Arsenal … Whatever Your Age …

  • Maintain and improve your distance with every club
  • Increase Your “Golf Horsepower” and Shoot Lower Scores
  • The Best Ball-Striking of Your Life … Crisp Irons, Precise Wedges, and Powerful Woods and Hybrids …
  • No More Weak Over-The-Top Fades and Duffs
  • A Tour-Proven Road Map for Consistency … For Lower Scores
  • Caliber Instruction … It’s Like Your Very Own Private Lesson With One of the World’s Most Sought-After Instructors

Now Available for The First Time … AGELESS GOLF with Sean Foley … Our Newest Video Series... Created to Help Revolution Golfers Make the All-Important “Change” That Will Help You Finally Play The Best Golf Of Your Life.

Dear Revolution Golfer,

Right now, you’ve got a decision to make. A VITAL decision for your game.

Do you want to be the “old person” golfer who is heading to the senior tees?


Do you want to enjoy the greatest golf of your life? Right now … as you approach 50 or if you’re over 50.

If your answer is “I’ll take the great golf” then stay with me for a minute or two … I’m going to reveal the true secret to spectacular … well into your 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond.

But first, let me give you proof …

You Can Enjoy Awesome Golf Well Past 50 …
But You Must Know the Secret

If you love golf, I’m confident you watch The Champions Tour. Maybe you watch it every time it’s on TV. Maybe you watch just a few minutes here and there. Either way, the power of these “seasoned” pros is impressive.

Those guys … all over 50 … smash that golf ball and easily reach most par-5s in two shots. 

Take a look at these driving distance stats from the 2018 Champions Tour.


If these golfers can maintain and even increase their distance, then you can too.

Here’s a message I give to every Revolution Golfer I meet … and I’ve met hundreds since joining the Revolution Golf faculty. 


And yes … that’s YOU.


It’s something I say to golfers over and over.


  • You can hit the ball a lot further.
  • You can be more accurate with your irons.
  • You can hit solid shots more consistently.
  • You can hit precise wedge shots, turning 3 shots into 2 shots around the greens.

PLUS … and here’s the best part … you can get rid of those super-annoying duffs and awful shots that are keeping you from playing your best golf.

And yes … to play this golf … you’re going to make a couple of changes. But once you make these changes … you can TOTALLY transform your game.

In a minute, I’m going to show you exactly how you can make this transformation … whatever your age and physical status.

But first, let me describe …

What I’m Seeing from Revolution Golfers … 
And What This Means for Your Game …

I joined the Revolution Golf Faculty four years ago and it’s been a TON of fun. I get to hear from Revolution Golfers from around the world. Plus I’ve attended some Revolution Golf schools.

This means I’m totally in touch with what’s happening in the world of the Revolution Golfer … and yes … that’s you.

Now … every golfer is different but here’s what I’m seeing in 95% of Revolution Golfers – at least ONE of the following.

  • The overwhelming desire to be really good at golf. I love this.
  • Hard-working people who have been super-dedicated to providing for themselves and their families … (more on this in a minute).
  • A typical shot shape that’s a fade … a left-to-right ball flight for a right-handed golfer.
  • A few good, great, or OK shots followed by a disastrous chunk, thin shot, or flat out “look away awful” duff.
  • And most importantly … a TON of potential to be a really good golfer.

And at The Revolution Golf Schools where I was able to work directly with Revolution Golfers like you, here’s what I discovered.

By focusing on the specific issues and aspirations above, golfers like you make significant progress and improvement … very quickly.

So… based on my experiences with Revolution Golfers, we created the all-new video series AGELESS GOLF to help Revolution Golfers play your best golf.

More about AGELESS GOLF in a minute but first … let’s get into something important …

The Real Reason You’re Not Playing Your Best Golf … YET …

Look … most golfers lose power and distance over the years. Even with today’s high tech golf equipment.

The culprit?

Daily ‘routine’ activities and working hard.

Sitting down at your desk. Driving your car. Commuting to work by train or bus. Flying in a cramped airplane next to a person who really should have booked 2 seats… and has career aspirations as a sumo wrestler. Sitting in really long meetings listening to long-winded people drone on about how wonderful they are.

You’re dedicated to your career and working hard. That’s super-admirable … but it’s NOT always good for your golf. Why? Because  all that work changes your body.

Daily activities create THREE major problems that lead to ‘distance leaks’ and hitting that weak fade we all want to avoid.

  1. Stiff muscles around the shoulders and rib cage.
  2. Weakening core muscles.
  3. Super-stiff hips, hamstrings, and glutes.

When you’re sitting down…and especially when you’re typing or working on a computer…

  • The muscles at the front of the shoulders and underneath your armpits get really tight.
  • The muscles at the back of the shoulders get ‘long’ and lose their elasticity.
  • The vital ‘core’ muscles in the abs, lower back, and pelvis start to sag.
  • The muscles in the hips and glutes (butt) become stiff … and less powerful.

When you try to play great golf and you have physical issues … like stiff shoulders and hips … it’s like driving a Porsche with a flat tire.

Basically … when it comes to power in your golf swing … the worst thing you can do is sit down all day … like most of us do.

The Other Problem … Does This Sound Like You?

The changes that take place to your body are natural … plus they can be the result of working hard.

However, these changes typically lead to some major, major problems in your golf swing.

I won’t go into massive detail here … you can get more in the AGELESS GOLF videos … but the issues you might have with your body lead to …

  • An “over the top” move where the club comes outside the “ideal” line into the ball.
  • Inconsistent ball striking with some fat shots plus some thin shots.
  • A ball flight for the right-handed golfer that starts left and moves right. Call it a slice … call it a fade … either way, it’s a weaker ball flight than a draw.
  • For the lefties, ‘weak’ ball flight goes right to left.
  • Never really making solid contact and never really feeling you’re playing your best golf.

Not a lot of fun … but there’s something you can do about this … as you’ll discover right now.

Three Solutions … The Secret I Can Now Reveal …

We’ve identified three problems.

  • Problem #1. Your body has changed and this can limit some motion … especially when it comes to your golf swing.
  • Problem #2. You’re coming ‘over the top’ and this leads to all sorts of issues.
  • Problem #3. You need to be super-good in the 30, 40, and 50 yard range and these aren’t shots you practice too often.

These are 3 problems I see at Revolution Golf schools … and I hear about these 3 problems when I meet Revolution Golfers at tournaments and at other places like airports. You’re everywhere and you love to learn … and I love this about you.

Let me give you the solutions.

  • Solution #1. “Waking up” the key golf muscles and getting them working again. The key is “movement.”
  • Solution #2. You change your swing from a “fade” bias to a “draw” bias.
  • Solution #3. You learn to hit precise pitches in the all-important 30, 40, and 50 yard range.

I detail these solutions in my all-new video series AGELESS GOLF.

The techniques you’ll find in AGELESS GOLF are the same techniques I use with recreational golfers … but they’re also PRECISELY the same techniques I use with the top professional I teach … big-time professional golfers like Justin Rose.

Before I describe exactly what you’ll find in AGELESS GOLF, let me introduce myself.

I’m Sean Foley and I Love Helping Golfers Make The Most of Their Ability

I’m Sean Foley and I’ve been a golf teacher my entire career. You may have heard of me because I’ve worked with many of the world’s top golfers, including Justin Rose, who just won in Fort Worth at The Colonial.

Justin Rose has been super-successful. In fact, as I write, his official career earnings are $45,425,759 … and that’s before endorsements and other golf-related income.



There’s only one way to judge the effectiveness of someone who teaches professional golfers … results.

Yes … there’s been a lot of success with professional golfers.

BUT … I’ve worked with tens of thousands of ‘recreational’ golfers. 

I’ve worked with …

  • Total beginners
  • Juniors
  • High handicappers
  • Low handicappers
  • Weekend golfers
  • Seniors
  • College golfers

I know how to keep a top professional on track … but I used to spend 350 days a year teaching ‘recreational’ golfers… just like you.

One reason I love being on the Revolution Golf faculty? I get to help golfers like you who simply want to have more fun on the golf course.

OK … now it’s time to introduce …

AGELESS GOLF … The “Secret” to Spectacular Golf Into Your 50s, 60s, 70s, and Beyond …

AGELESS GOLF is an all-new video series created exclusively for Revolution Golfers.

The goal of AGELESS GOLF is to provide you with a totally new road map for improvement … based on getting your body in shape to play your best golf … and by making a power-draw your “go to” shot.

I also based the instruction in AGELESS GOLF on the questions I hear over and over from Revolution Golfers.

  • How can I improve my distance?
  • How can I hit a power draw?
  • How can I get better with 30, 40, 50 yard shots?

It’s a 3 video series set … with digital options I describe below … plus  some super-cool bonuses you’ll discover further down the page.

Video Series 1: The Driver … How to Reclaim and GAIN More Distance.

Video Series 2: Hitting a Power Draw … For Super-Solid Contact Plus Consistent Results.

Video Series 3: “Secret Shots” … Those “Tweener” 30, 40, and 50-yard shots. The shots you really need to master for scoring.

The goal of this video is to help you maximize your distance with the driver … while keeping the ball in the fairway. You can expect distance gains off the tee of 15-35 yards WITHOUT buying a new driver.

Here’s what you’ll discover …

  • The correct set up for the driver. It’s different from your iron set up.
  • How understanding the optimal spin for the driver can give you whopping distance gains.
  • The RIGHT WAY to tee the ball … and the WRONG way and why this makes a huge difference.
  • Why you should emulate the Jack Nicklaus approach to driving … and how to achieve this.
  • The correct width of your feet with your driver swing.

  • A super-simple change that gives you the potential for an extra 30 yards off the tee.
  • The importance of your center of mass and where it needs to be during your driver swing.
  • What the greatest drivers of the golf ball have in common … this will surprise you.
  • Shorter backswing OR longer backswing? The shocking answer.
  • The secret of power from your rib cage … and why you need to get your rib cage involved in your driver swing.

  • 3 things that MUST happen if you’re going to be a great driver of the golf ball.
  • What your feet should be doing in the swing.
  • 3 power sources in the driver swing and how to get maximum power from these sources.
  • FINALLY! The truth about spine angle … it’s NOT what you’ve heard.
  • Why I don’t think about ‘coil’ when I’m hitting my driver.
  • Why “time and space” are you best friends with the driver.
  • The truth about tension in the golf swing.


Here’s a few minutes of video 1 from AGELESS GOLF. 

After watching this video, you’ll have a totally new approach to driving that you can practice and perfect. You’ll be smacking it right down the middle … long … and avoiding trouble … and really getting the attention of your playing partners.

Video Series 2: Hitting a Power Draw … For Super-Solid Contact Plus Consistent Results.

In this video series, I show you how to replace that weak fade with a powerful draw … with irons, hybrids, and fairway woods.

Making a power-draw your “go to” shot will transform your game … and it’s easier than you think.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this video series.

  • Two ways to hit a draw.
  • The professional practice set up that will help you start to hit a draw … plus the correct set up for a draw.

  • Physics of the power draw and why you need to understand the physics.
  • The correct ball position to help you get a draw.
  • One move your back leg must make every time you want to get that all-important draw.
  • Been told that impact is the moment of truth? No … I’ll reveal the true moment of truth in the golf swing.

  • Why you should imitate Jim Furyk’s swing. Really!
  • The ONE THING you really want to focus on during the backswing. Hint … it’s all about height.
  • Tilt vs. rotation … the slightly weird feeling that comes from the forward shoulder.
  • Why you want to be like a waiter at the top of your backswing.
  • What you can learn from the ‘new breed’ of golfers in that 21-30 age bracket.
  • How to make your changes FASTER.
  • Re-wire your brain to hit more solid shots … more often.
  • Where the pressure should be in your feet … and how to get leverage and speed from the ground up … just like today’s modern golfers.
How to attack the ball from the inside with good compression … getting the hands ahead of the ball at impact … for a perfect and powerful impact position.


  • The TRUTH about the correct forearm rotation … and how your forearms can help you smack the ball.
  • What you need to know about rotation … the right type and the wrong type.

  • What you can discover from Moe Norman’s swing … and his watch.
  • The exact position of the back hip in the backswing. WARNING: it’s not what you’ve been told.

Here’s a few minutes of video 2 from AGELESS GOLF. 

IMPORTANT … This video is VITAL WATCHING if you’re ready to make the change from “terminally mediocre” to “playing like a good club player … or better.” 

Video Series 3: “Secret Shots” … Those “Tweener” 30, 40, and 50-yard shots.

One way to shoot lower scores … especially when you’re a little older … is to be super-proficient in the 30,40, and 50-yard range.

Very quickly, you can turn 4 shots into 3. And then you can turn 3 shots into 2. And that can only mean lower scores. In this video, Sean Foley shows you how to hit these shots consistently, based on what he teaches top touring professionals like Justin Rose. You’ll gain a solid understanding of the art of mid-range pitches.

Here’s what you’ll discover …  

  • To hinge or not to hinge the wrists? That is the question. Sean Foley reveals the answer.
  • What you should learn from the world’s top pros.
  • The RIGHT width of your stance and the WRONG width.

  • Revealed … the correct flight for the mid-range shot.
  • One super-easy way to develop excellent touch and feel.
  • Why you want to get the big muscles involved in your pitches … and how to achieve this.
  • The vital role of the position of the elbows in the pitch.
  • How to get that all-important shallow angle of attack that’s CRUCIAL for consistent pitches.
  • Using “the clock” to give you distance control that leaves “kick in” putts.
  • The easiest way to speed up your progress. HINT … you can do this with one hand tied behind your back.
  • Hitting a lob shot … even from a super-tight lie. 
  • The impact exercise … to improve your ball striking at the all-important moment of truth.
  • Got an aim stick or two? Use these to improve the quality of your pitching.
  • 2 different set-ups you can use to change your trajectory without changing your swing. So you avoid the dreaded “no man’s land.”
  • Two set ups to change the trajectory of the swing … so you avoid the dreaded “no man’s land.”

Here’s a few minutes of video 3 from AGELESS GOLF.

After watching this video, you’ll finally have a clear blueprint for pitching success. You’ll hit solid pitches, more often … PLUS you’ll STOP hitting those mind-numbing chunks, chili-dips, and skulls.

In addition to this instruction, you will also discover ... 

  • My “holistic” approach to golf improvement.
  • How I keep top golfers on track.
  • The role of mental and physical fitness in golf.


Now … as you’ll sometimes see in advertising, let me say …

BUT WAIT … There's Also 4 FREE BONUSES to Help Your Game Even More

I’ve already given you details about 3 videos to help you shoot lower scores, have more fun on the golf course, and stop hitting the shots you don’t want to hit.

But earlier, I mentioned the importance of making changes to your body.

So we put together 2 additional videos for AGELESS GOLF. 


I’m not going to reveal these here. You’ll discover more about them when you try AGELESS GOLF… but these are my favorite 5 tips.

These tips have worked for hundreds of my students.



In this special bonus video, I answer questions from Revolution Golfers in 3 Q and A sessions. Here’s what you’ll discover from my answers.

  • How to get the correct adjustment for adjustable drivers.
  • How to get tension out of your swing … so your swing is more free-flowing and relaxed.

  • Should you hover your driver at address?
  • How to get the backswing longer and why you want it longer, not shorter.
  • How to get “shallow” with your golf swing.
  • How to start the downswing correctly.

  • And much, much more …

And in the final segment of Bonus #2 I give you a “quick hit” summary of how to hit that all-important power draw.


That’s right … I recorded an exclusive interview with Revolution Golf where I discuss a wide range of topics.

Everything from how recreational golfers can improve FAST to what it’s like working with the world’s top professional golfers… and what you can learn from them. 


 In this exclusive video, I get together with Dr. Brenden McLaughlin, a famous chiropractor who works with several PGA Tour players.

The goal of this video is to help ‘wake up’ those muscles and improve your flexibility.

Here’s what you’ll discover.

  • Why traditional golf posture can limit your golf swing.
  • A totally new approach to golf posture that makes it much easier to gain range of motion … for more balance.
  • Where you should balance in your feet.
  • How to increase the range of motion … not DECREASE it.
  • Why should you focus on the rib cage and the pelvis area for fast gains in range of motion.

  • How the femur and tibia are vital to a backswing that will let you swing with more power. Plus the role of the feet.
  • A simple 10-minute warm up that will help get your body ready for golf.
  • 3 exercises that will help you get your body ready and able to hit a draw.
  • How to gain stability in your hips and get the powerful muscles around the hips giving your more distance.

  • Avoid the back pain that impacts so many people in golf.
  • What you can learn from skating and skiing … and how this will help your game.
  • And much, much more.

Here’s something you have to remember …

The better you can move, the more coachable you become.

Now let me detail …

28 Ways AGELESS GOLF Will Help YOUR Game

  1. A total transformation of your game… based on going from a ‘fader’ to someone who hits a consistent and powerful draw.
  2. An extra 15-35 yards off the tee through greater flexibility and a power draw.
  3. Maximum distance with every club … from your fairway woods through to your wedges.
  4. No more weak over-the-top shots… and no more of those “look away awful” shots.
  5. A game plan for regaining… and keeping your distance … based on what works.
  6. More precise irons… and more consistency every time you play.
  7. All based on your needs… I’ve been paying extremely close attention to what Revolution Golfers want … and it’s all in AGELESS GOLF.
  8. No more ‘distance leaks’ as you move from losing distance to gaining distance.
  9. More power and more consistency by getting rid of casting and that dreaded “over the top” move.
  10. Wake up” key golf muscles and get them working again … for maximum power.
  11. It’s like a private lesson with me… just you and me on the range … getting your game going. Remember … YOU’RE BETTER THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE.
  12. A lot less than a private lesson with me… you gain access to my knowledge and expertise for a fraction of the cost of a half day with me.
  13. The same instruction I give to elite-level professional golfers like Justin Rose.
  14. Smash the ball with your driver… thanks to a different approach to driving the ball.
  15. Discover the many joys of hitting a power draw instead of a ‘feathery fade.’ You’ll love this new shot shape and it will help you play fun golf every time you’re out there.
  16. I de-bunk all the misconceptions that are out there in the golf world… and keeping you from achieving your full potential.
  17. Dramatically improve your pitching… so you have a lot of fun hitting those all-important tweener shots … 30 … 40 … 50 yards. Easy.
  18. Get your body moving again… flexible golfers improve the fastest. It’s just a fact of life.
  19. Finally discover how to start the back swing the correct way… this will help you develop robotic consistency.
  20. Finally gain mental clarity and ignore confusing tips from TV pundits … and others.
  21. Discover the truth about body pivot so you maximize power from the torso.
  22. Get weight loaded correctly… on the correct foot. This will keep you from those dreaded power leaks.
  23. Dramatically improve tempo, timing, accuracy, and power by understanding the unique concept of THE EARTHQUAKE THAT STARTS THE TSUNAMI.
  24. Hit a powerful on-demand draw by adjusting your set-up ... not changing your swing.
  25. Get rid of a slice and/or hook and remove those “look away awful” shots.
  26. Finally discover how to gain correct posture …and why that’s important.
  27. Generate power from the hips and core muscles… a great way to add golf horsepower.
  28. A special low price ONLY for Revolution Golfers.

Instruction from Me … At a Special Low Introductory Price … ONLY for Revolution Golfers …

You can get my instruction sent directly to your laptop, living room, smart phone, or tablet.

Fortunately, there’s a special low price for instant access to AGELESS GOLF.

But hurry – this price will not be repeated … and our 5,000 copies will sell out.


PLUS...You also get

As always, there’s no risk …

Rock-Solid Revolution Golf 365-Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee

AGELESS GOLF must help you maximize your distance and transform your game … or you receive a complete and full refund.

If the video series fails to meet your expectations in any way, you get a full refund. No questions asked.

In fact, you get 365 days to decide if AGELESS GOLF is worth the small investment. If you’re not happy for any reason, or no reason, simply contact The Revolution Golf customer service team and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund.

So you get a free look – with no risk.

After watching the videos, I’m so confident your game will improve that Revolution Golf is backing up the promises with a 365-day ‘no questions asked’ guarantee.


Mediocre … Or the Best Golf of Your Life … The Choice is Yours …

Right now, you have a simple decision to make about your game.

You can stay right where you are … for as long as you play golf.

OR …

You can discover my teaching methods … and apply them to your game.

I know you’ll make the right choice … the same choice that’s helped golfers like Hunter Mahan and Justin Rose rise to prominence … and win millions.

It’s a tiny investment in your game … and it’s backed by a 365-day rock-solid guarantee.

So there’s absolutely no risk.

To the best golf of your life …

To Great Golf All the Time …

Sean Foley
Professional Golf Instructor
Founder … Foley Performance Academy


P.S. Make sure you take advantage of this special low introductory price. It won’t be offered again.

P.P.S. I want to remind you of something super-important … YOU’RE A LOT BETTER THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE … you just need a new road map for success. And that’s what you’ll get in AGELESS GOLF.

Click the button below get your copy of AGELESS GOLF.


PLUS...You also get