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So the other day, I’m on the golf course and it’s one of those special rounds. I’m hitting my driver dead straight. And I’m hitting every iron and wedge right in the sweet spot. My tempo feels perfect and each shot feels buttery smooth.

But there’s a problem … I actually shoot a score well above my average.

Here’s why. Three of my drives were so pure I reached hazards I didn’t think I could reach. Feeling aggressive, I went for a couple of back hole locations and air-mailed the greens, ending up in some nasty rough.

And when I hit the green in regulation, I never had a short putt for birdie … just 30 and 40 footers. And, because I was getting frustrated, I three-putted three times.

Annoying to say the least.

Fortunately, after the round …

A Friend Pointed Out a Major – But Preventable – Problem

Sensing my frustration, a friend asked me about my round. I gave him the full post-mortem. As you do.

After a few minutes, he asked a simple question …

“How far do you hit your 6 iron?”

“About 175,” I said.

“How far do you hit your 3 wood?”

“About 245.”

“There’s your problem … you don’t really know your precise distances with each club.”

He was dead on. I answered each question with the dreaded word “about.” And that’s not good enough if you want to lower your score.

Leaving the golf course, I suddenly remembered …

The Simple Secret of Pro Golfers … And How You Can Benefit from this Secret

Justin Tupper here and in the past, I’ve met – and worked closely with – some of the world’s greatest golfers like Gary Player and Nick Faldo.

One secret I’ve discovered … they all know EXACTLY how far they hit each wood and iron. Plus they’re laser-accurate with each wedge … down to the foot.

For example, a touring pro knows they hit their 8 iron 156 yards. Not 155. Not 154. But 156.

The result? A lot of short birdie putts. PLUS … they avoid the big trouble.

I thought back to my round the other day. If I had known the precise distances I hit every club, I could have saved at least 8 shots.

But let’s face it, the pros have a huge advantage when it comes to distance control. Thankfully …

You Can Get the Same Advantage as the Top Professionals

These days, it’s really easy for the pros to measure the exact distance they hit each club. They visit the headquarters of their club sponsor and spend a day with a fitting expert … essentially a rocket scientist.

They use a machine like a trackman that costs upwards of $25,000 and that’s for the entry level model.

The pro shows up. He or she hits some balls. And they go through each club, measuring everything … including precise distances. And the club tech can “tweak” the clubs if there’s a distance gap.

Pros also have other super-expensive technology – plus the benefit of a caddie. The technology and expertise are not available to golfers like you and me … until now …

This Super-Simple Device Gives You an INSTANT 5 Stroke Advantage

I had simple goal … discover exactly how far I hit every club in my bag. But I didn’t want to spend several thousand dollars with a rocket scientist at a club testing facility. And I don’t have a full-time caddie. In fact, I don’t even have a caddie at all!

So I hunted around for some technology and I came across a company in California called Voice Caddie. It turns out they make this handy-dandy device …

Swing Caddie SC 200

The Launch Monitor Technology that Fits in Your Pocket … and Will INSTANTLY Shave 5 Strokes Off Your Score

It’s the Swing Caddie SC200. It’s a Doppler radar-based Personal Launch Monitor.

Here's what that means...
  1. The Swing Caddie SC200 is about the size of your smartphone
  2. You simply set it up (it takes about 3 seconds) and hit a few shots.
  3. You will instantly discover …
    • How far you hit the ball with each club (it "speaks" your distance and displays it on screen).
    • Your swing speed.
    • Your ball speed.
    • The all-important "Smash Factor" (your energy transfer from club to ball)
    • Accuracy to a specific target.

In other words, you very quickly discover the information you really need to know … your precise distances with each club … so you hit super-precise shots on the golf course and shoot lower scores.

All without the expense and spending hours with a club fitter.

With the Swing Caddie SC200 in my arsenal …

I Experienced an immediate 5 Shot Improvement …
And You Will Too …

When I received my Swing Caddie SC200 review unit, I took it straight to the range. It took just 5 minutes to read the simple instructions and get going. I worked through all my clubs and noted my distances.

I was surprised. Some clubs I hit farther than I thought. Others not as far. Either way, I instantly knew exactly how far I hit each club. Then I played a practice 9 holes on the golf course to verify the information.

Armed with accurate distances, I played 18 holes and here’s what happened … I avoided hazards off the tee. I hit more precise irons into the greens. I hit more greens in regulation, avoided “big number” trouble, and saved 5 shots.

Perhaps most importantly, I gained a TON of new confidence. Golf is a lot more fun when you know exactly how far you hit each club … and that’s what you learn when you get the Swing Caddie SC200.

In a minute, I’m going to show you how to get a Swing Caddie SC200...

They're not available ANYPLACE else in North America -- and certainly not for the special low price available ONLY to Revolution Golf members. It’s the lowest price you’ll find anywhere.

But first, let me introduce …

The Same Technology Used By NASA … and Pro Golfers … Is Now Available to You

The Swing Caddie SC200 uses Doppler radar technology to give you a precise distance for each club – plus other useful information.

It’s the same radar technology NASA uses on its test planes for everything from navigation to monitoring the weather.

And speaking of weather, the Swing Caddie SC200 factors in the temperature and barometric pressure of your environment to give you hyper-accurate stats!

Using the technology is super-simple, thanks to the Swing Caddie SC200. Just take these simple steps.

STEP 1. Turn the power on and place the Swing Caddie SC200 about 4 feet behind you.

STEP 2. Select your club and enter that club into the Swing Caddie SC200.

STEP 3. Make a few swings. The Swing Caddie SC200 tells you how far you hit the ball with your good swings … and your not too good swings. The Swing Caddie SC200 measures distances from 30-320 yards.

STEP 4. Take this information to the golf course and shoot lower scores.

Here again is Martin Chuck, founder of the Tour Striker Academy, detailing why he loves the Swing Caddie SC200.

Watch This Video

The Swing Caddie SC200 Package Includes:

  • The Swing Caddie SC200 Launch Monitor
  • Remote Control
  • Batteries
  • Easy to Follow Instructions

Determine Exact Distances … and Hit Exact Targets … It’s Simple …

I really love the Swing Caddie SC200 for its simplicity. It’s really, really easy to use. But it’s also flexible and gives you additional data.

Let me explain.

Place the Swing Caddie SC200 in PRACTICE MODE and you get immediate feedback on the shot you just hit.

Swing Caddie SC200 Practice Mode

You get:

  • Time played
  • Total shot count
  • Shot distance (carry and carry + roll)
  • Swing speed
  • Smash factor … the ratio of ball speed to swing speed. This tells you how effectively you’re transferring energy from your club to the ball.

Place The Swing Caddie SC200 in TARGET MODE and you focus on hitting a target … at the precise distance.

Essentially, you practice certain distances repeatedly so you discover which club gets you closest to a certain distance. This turns The Swing Caddie SC200 into a training aid.

This can be especially valuable when you’re “dialing in” your wedges.

Before the shot, this displays your “target distance.” After the shot, the Swing Caddie SC200 shows you how close you were to the target.

You get:

  • Target distance
  • Shot count
  • Total score – based on your success hitting the target.

 You can also select the APPROACH Mode – which is especially valuable because the Swing Caddie SC200 selects a random distance for you … then you aim to hit the shot a precise distance.

Before the shot, the Swing Caddie SC200 displays a randomly generated target distance.

After the shot, discover how well you hit the shot.

The Swing Caddie SC200 scores each shot for accuracy.

Now, these two "game" modes are fun, but I'm a numbers guy, and what I REALLY like is STATS MODE.

Place the Swing Caddie SC200 in STATS Mode and chart your progress and improvement.

Swing Caddie SC200 Stats Mode

So the Swing Caddie SC200 provides valuable information – plus it’s a lot of fun.

23 Reasons You’ll Love the Swing Caddie SC200

As I mentioned earlier, the Swing Caddie SC200 solved a major problem in my game – specifically my course management. Discover the reasons golfers love the Swing Caddie SC200.

  1. Discover your exact distance for each club so you become more accurate on the golf course.
  2. An amazing low price.
  3. Save 5-10 shots a round.
  4. Professional-level distance data in seconds.
  5. Gain confidence when you play because you’re hitting more precise shots.
  6. Hit more fairways. Avoid hazards. Get shorter birdie and eagle putts.
  7. Simple and easy to use … with clear instructions.
  8. Makes practice on the range a TON more fun … you get instant feedback every shot.
  9. The remote control means you don’t have to reach back to the device every shot. (That’s right … the Swing Caddie SC200 has a remote control!).
  10. You get the information you really need … and none of the information you don’t.
  11. Easy to carry and super-durable.
  12. Totally weather proof … use it in a downpour.
  13. Take the Swing Caddie SC200 to the golf course when you’re playing under real conditions.
  14. Four convenient modes give you super-accurate data.
  15. Perfect if you love to tinker with your golf equipment and you want to know the basic, important data.
  16. Use it when you’re testing out new clubs … to see if the manufacturer is telling the truth about distance.
  17. Metric and imperial measurements.
  18. Works with every club in your bag (except your putter).
  19. Determine distances for wedges, full shots, half-shots, and more …
  20. Use the Swing Caddie SC200 as a powerful training aid to help you become more accurate.
  21. The 365-day guarantee. Love the Swing Caddie SC200 or send it back for a full refund. No questions asked.
  22. Use indoor and outdoor for maximum convenience.
  23. LIMITED Availability! You won't find this deal anywhere else, but it’s only for a limited time so it’s important to act now!

The Swing Caddie SC200 has become a permanent fixture in my golf bag … and very quickly you will use it every time you practice. Why? Because it will help you shoot lower scores by being more precise

The Additional Benefit I Absolutely Love

I got The Swing Caddie SC200 because I wanted to know precise distances for my irons and woods … and my driver. But very quickly I discovered a powerful additional benefit.

The Swing Caddie SC200 has helped me determine ultra-precise distances for my wedges. I know how far a half shot with my gap wedge flies … useful on a par-5. And I know exactly how far I hit a full shot with my lob wedge. I can determine any distance from 30 yards and up with my wedges.

Professional golfers always know their wedge distances. This knowledge helps them turn 3 shots into 2. And it’s knowledge you can gain with The Swing Caddie SC200.

And one more thing … I have people coming up to me asking about The Swing Caddie SC200 all the time … everyone wants to borrow it but I’m keeping mine. I tell them to get their own – if they want to shoot lower scores.

What the Media and Golfers are Saying about The Swing Caddie

Swing Caddie Review

"Perfect Practice Companion"

Excels as a training aid...easily warrants our stamp of approval


"Nothing short of amazing"

-The Hackers Paradise

"Going to make a big impact"

-Critical Golf


As with all products we sell, we back The Swing Caddie SC200 with a 60-day guarantee. We believe it’s the strongest guarantee in golf. The Swing Caddie SC200 must help you gain accurate yardages for all your clubs … and help you become more accurate on the course … or we’ll provide a full and prompt refund. No questions asked.

If you’re not totally happy with your Swing Caddie SC200, contact our customer service team and you’ll receive simple refund instructions – including how to return the unit.

So you get to try the SC200 – completely risk-free.

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Guesswork or Precision … Needless High Scores or Lower Scores … The Choice is Yours …

Right now, you have a simple choice.

You can “sort of guess” about your club distances … and suffer from imprecise golf …


You can quickly and easily know exactly how far you hit each club in your bag … and become much, much more accurate whenever you play golf.

The difference in my game has been dramatic … knowing exactly how far you hit the ball means you avoid trouble and get the ball closer to the flag.

And remember, The Swing Caddie SC200 surprised me because it also helped me dial in precise wedge distances – a key to lower scores.

Try The Swing Caddie SC200 for 60 days.

To More Accurate Golf …

Justin Tupper

Revolution Golf

P.S. How straight you hit the ball … well that’s up to you … but when it comes to distance, we can help. You just need The Swing Caddie SC200 with you when you practice and when you play.

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Dimensions 149.5 mm x 81.4 mm x 27.5 mm (5.89" x 3.20" x 1.08")
Weight 206 g (6.86 oz)
Colors Blue
Display 4" LCD
Sensor Doppler Radar Sensor
Frequency K band 24 Ghz
Battery Type Alkaline Battery (AAA x 4 each)
Battery Life Up to 20 hours
Accuracy +/- 3% (ball speed), +/- 5% (carry distance)
Measuring Range 30 - 320 yards
Positioning 1 to 1.5 m (40 to 60") directly behind the ball
Operating Temperature -10° - 50°C (14 - 122°F)