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Tour Edge Hot Launch 3

The HL3 Driver from Tour Edge

  • Get a tour-level driver to give you accuracy plus distance gains.
  • Say “goodbye” to those annoying slices and weak fades … or those annoying hooks and pulls.
  • Construction found on drivers costing hundreds more.
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Top touring professionals play Tour Edge clubs … and are NOT paid to play them.

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You won't find a better value and savings anywhere with the premium, aftermarket shaft options available.

Are you looking for a new driver?

Want more distance … right down the pipe every time?

Would you like even stronger performance off the tee if you already have a driver?


Well … if you’re looking for a new driver … or even if you’re not, then pay extremely close attention.

For the first time ever, we can offer a pro-grade driver … for under $200.

That’s right … thanks to a special opportunity with our friends at Tour Edge, you can get a titanium driver … with all the latest technology.

Tour Edge Quietly Reinvented The Driver

To help “regular” golfers find more distance by squaring the face at impact, the engineers at Tour Edge went back to the drawing board and started from scratch. They produced a totally different construction.

The result?

A driver that gives “normal” golfers epic distance.

Tour Edge Created a Driver for Golfers Who Can’t Practice and Play Every Day

The engineers at Tour Edge created clubs for professional golfers. But they also create superb products for “the rest of us.”

The Tour Edge HL3t Driver was created to help “regular” golfers hit the ball squarely at impact improving distance and accuracy off the tee.

Here's what you get using the HL3 Driver

  • You find the fairway instead of the rough.
  • The course gets a lot shorter.
  • You hit more greens in regulation.
  • You spend less time in bunkers, swamps, and other hazards.
  • You shoot lower scores.
  • You have more birdie and eagle putts.

And all for a FRACTION of the price of those “big brand” drivers.

The result … thanks to the HL3 driver from Tour Edge, you can hit the best drives of your life … super-accurate plus 10-25 extra yards off the tee.

OK … now it’s time to meet … 

The Tour Edge HL3 Driver … Professional Construction … Yours for Under $200 …

Our friends at Tour Edge said … “We want golfers to benefit from greater distance and accuracy … and get superior materials … for under $200.”

And here’s what they created … the HL3 Driver … 

The Tour Edge HL3 … Tour-quality materials plus custom fitting for under $200. 

Let’s take a look at the construction.

  • Forged 4-piece titanium head for maximum distance.
  • Cup face with variable face thickness (VFT) technology for forgiveness across the entire face thanks to the huge sweet spot.
  • Newly-designed aerodynamic head shape with a higher MOI … for stability at impact plus improved head speed for more distance.
  • Deep face for confidence at address.
  • Rear weight gets the ball up in the air for extra distance and roll.
  • Power channel under the face for maximum and complaint "trampoline" effect.
  • Available in "straight" neck if you hit the ball straight or with a slight draw ... or with a slight offset if you tend to push or slice right now.

Let’s take a look at the specs and shaft for the "straight" neck version.

And here are the specifications for the offset model.

Even with this low price point, you get a superior shaft. The UST Mamiya.


But Wait!

Right now we have an EXCLUSIVE offer for Revolution Golfers. You can upgrade your HL3 Driver to a premium, aftermarket Mitsubishi shaft at a fraction of the cost you would pay to customize your club.

Alone these shafts retail for $220!

Choose a custom, aftermarket shaft and upgrade your club for
more performance and power!

The Bassara is lighter shaft designed to increase club speed to create more distance for most amateurs. The Bassara was specifically designed to use the most innovative materials in new ways, providing great stability while shaving off precious gram weight.

The name means Black Shadow in Japanese and the shaft features a nice kick in the midsection and a mid-to-high ball flight, more like what a tour player is seeking and has become a tour favorite for some of the best players in the world.

LEFTIES REJOICE! The HL3 is available in Left-Handed.

LADIES REJOICE! The HL3 is available in ladies models.

Hit a Power Draw For Extra Distance … Without Changing Your Swing … Thanks to the HL3

Tour Edge created the HL3 driver to create a slight “baby” draw. This helps you gain extra distance for three reasons.

  • One … The slight draw spin helps you gain more distance.
  • Two … a draw gives you more control so you can hit more fairways.
  • Three … a slight draw gives you a much stronger alternative to a weak fade or chronic slice.

What does this mean for your game?

  • You find the fairway instead of the rough.
  • The course gets a lot shorter.
  • You hit more greens in regulation.
  • You spend less time in bunkers, swamps, ravines, and other hazards.
  • You shoot lower scores.
  • You have more birdie and eagle putts because you have shorter irons into the green.

That’s the power of the HL3 driver.

Offset or Straight Neck? Read Below to Discover Which One is Best for You …

The HL3 comes in two models … "straight neck" and offset. The straight neck has no offset and is best if you currently hit the ball fairly straight or even with a slight draw.

However, if you tend to push, fade, or even slice the ball then the HL3 with offset might be the club for you.

Remember …there’s a 99% chance your irons, wedges, and hybrids have some offset. So it makes sense to have offset in your driver …for some golfers.

Never Heard of Tour Edge? Read This Now …

Tour Edge is NOT a company that spends millions on advertising. So Tour Edge is not as well known as the big brands. But you’ve seen them in all the big golf magazines where the equipment editors have raved about the quality and value.

The company operates “under the radar” … quietly making some of the world’s most sought-after golf clubs … using only the finest materials coupled with the ultimate in technology, engineering, and design.

The company started by offering quality clubs at sensible prices. And it built a loyal following. And it’s the same today … excellent quality coupled with super-affordable prices … like the HL3 driver.

Tour Edge Does NOT Pay Professionals to Play their Clubs … But Pros Use them Anyway …

Many club manufacturers pay professional golfers big sums to play their clubs. No secret there.

Tour Edge does not pay endorsement fees to professional golfers. Yet … visit a tournament or championship and you’ll see plenty of golfers using Tour Edge clubs.

For various reasons, the company cannot name the pro golfers using Tour Edge clubs. However, we can look at the results and the facts from the tours … 

  • FedEx Champion
  • 1st Place – Wells Fargo Championship in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Houston Open – Winner
  • Top Ten … Valspar Championship
  • 2nd Place – World Golf Championship – Cadillac
  • Top Ten – Pebble Beach National Pro-Am
  • 2nd Place – Farmers Insurance Open and Allianz Championship
  • Three Top 15 Finishers – U.S. Senior Open (2nd, 5th, and 13th)
  • Top Five – Women’s British Open
Every week – on all the major tours – you’ll find professional golfers using Tour Edge clubs. And they’re NOT paid to play them.

25 Reasons to Add The Tour Edge HL3 Driver to Your Golfing Arsenal

  1. No need to change your swing … get distance plus accuracy thanks to the design and technology.
  2. A super-low price for a top-quality club.
  3. Maximum distance … because the Tour Edge Hot Launch 3 promotes a slight draw and gives you all the technology.
  4. No more slicing and weak fades thanks to the design and superior craftsmanship.
  5. One of the lowest prices for a tour-level titanium driver … giving you superb value. Get a $500 driver for under $200.
  6. Fast turnaround … get your new driver in about 5-7 business days.
  7. Top-quality shaft for even more distance … created just for the Tour Edge HL3.
  8. Gain 10 – 25 extra yards off the tee … because you’re hitting a power draw instead of a weak fade or slice.
  9. Consistency and forgiveness – thanks to the large head and rear sole weight … plus the cup face.
  10. Easy to launch because the Tour Edge HL3 Driver has a super-hot face plus that rear sole weight.
  11. Hand-built in the USA … for the quality you’d expect from Tour Edge.
  12. Double warranty/guarantee … so you take no risk at all with this driver.
  13. Accuracy – the Tour Edge HL3 Draw Driver starts on target … then stays on target.
  14. No need to muscle this club – just make your normal swing … thanks to the sleek design.
  15. Tour-level quality … Tour Edge clubs are used by touring professionals around the world … and these pros are not paid to play them.
  16. Simple and uncluttered looks preferred by better golfers for confidence at address.
  17. Solid feel at impact – for reliable feedback.
  18. One of the top shafts in golf – available as the stock shaft … no extra charge.
  19. Save at least 6 shots a round because you’re hitting more fairways and staying away from trouble.
  20. Great sound on impact for additional confidence and fun.
  21. PERFECT FOR “REGULAR” GOLFERS who do not have tour-level clubhead speed.
  22. EASY TO ALIGN which is key for accuracy. Just lay the club on the ground and you’re square to the target.
  23. Shorten the golf course … by at least 400 yards … which means lower scores and more fun.
  24. Proven results on all the major tours – including victories in Charlotte and Houston.
  25. Easy alignment – thanks to the design.
Special low price ONLY from Revolution Golf.

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“The ball seemed to go farther and straighter”


Here’s what golfers have said about TourEdge clubs … actual reviews from actual golfers. 


“Nice club … quality and balance are noticeable. Easy to line up … straight shooter from various lies.”



“I am a beginner who is thrilled to death to hit with this club. This club is great. It is very easy to use ... all of my shots fly straight as an arrow. When I hit with this golf club the golf balls do actually fly longer, higher and straighter. I highly recommend this club … it is going to make the game of golf easy to play.”

Frank S.


“When my swing is right it does exactly what I am looking for. Good response off the face. Nice launch angle.”



“A number of years ago, I stumbled on to Tour Edge Golf Clubs and became very interested in what I saw. It was by far the best buy I ever made when it comes to golf. I have played two rounds of golf with the new club and again I can not say enough good things about it.”

Charlie B.


“Most golfers with a handicap of 10 or higher could benefit from these clubs. Be brave, buy a club you can hit, not what the pros are playing.”



“Tour Edge consistently manufactures quality, performance-based clubs which are a good value.”

Steve R.


“What a great club … more distance and accuracy. Very good club.”

James F.


“Putting price and item in perspective, it’s a good value. I hit the club solid. It goes the distance I expect. Great Buy.”

Steven B.


“Easy to hit and line up. Ball explodes off the face.”

Tour Edge golfer


“I love the feel of this club. It’s solid. The design of the club makes it easy to line up.”

Tour Edge golfer


“Hit about 20 shots all went the same distance.”

Lou N.


“Used this for the first time yesterday. Easy to hit and felt solid. I've already decided to keep this club, even though I was a bit skeptical originally.”

Tour Edge golfer


“The first shot with the club was on a 165 yard par-3 … good contact … great loft and the ball stopped immediately 10 feet from the pin. I sunk the putt and had a big smile walking off the green. I like the club, it’s solid with a nice feel and plenty of loft to hold the green.”

Mike C.


“In my opinion the Tour Edge products are the equal of others costing twice as much.”

Paul S.


“I've been looking to improve my game and these clubs are great! Consistent set all the way through. Highly recommend!”



“Wonderful game improvement club. Sets up nice at address. Gets the ball up easily with good contact. Exceeded my expectations.”

Tour Edge golfer


“I love this club! It has a great feel, very accurate even in the toughest rough! It can really blast a ball out of rough grass! Offers really straight shots!”


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WARNING! Only Buy Tour Edge Products from Authorized Dealers

You might find a lower price for the HL3 on an auction site … or “shady” website. Sadly, there are counterfeit Tour Edge clubs in the market.

Revolution Golf is an authorized Tour Edge partner … so you’re getting genuine Tour Edge clubs straight from Tour Edge … at the lowest price we’ve seen.

You take no risk … because you receive …

The No Risk Double Guarantee from Revolution Golf and Tour Edge

Revolution Golf provides one of the strongest guarantees on the planet. You get 30 days to decide if the Tour Edge HL3 Driver is for you.

The Tour Edge HL3 Driver must help you hit the best drives of your life thanks to the design and superior craftsmanship – or you receive a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked.

That’s right…if the Tour Edge HL3 Driver does not work for you, you get your money back.


Our friends at Tour Edge guarantee the workmanship FOR LIFE. If your Tour Edge HL3 Driver “breaks” then you’ll get a new replacement club.

That’s a powerful double guarantee.

You take absolutely no risk at all with your purchase of the Tour Edge HL3 Driver.

Tour Edge RG Guarantee

Powerful Drives or Weak Drives … The Choice is Yours …

Right now, you have a simple decision to make. You can live with your current driver and never really hit powerful shots … or … you can try the Tour Edge HL3 Driver risk-free … and get a special low price.

To a Lifetime of Great Golf …

Justin Tupper
Founder and CEO
Revolution Golf

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