One Golfer Used This Great-Fitting Glove for 114 Rounds Before Joyfully Buying Another One … And Telling His Golfing Buddies to Do the Same

Introducing the COMPRESSION FIT GOLF GLOVE from Zero Friction...

Zero Friction Compression Fit Gloves

  • SUPER-DURABLE … no need to keep buying expensive golf gloves all the time.
  • Highest quality materials … your top hand feels like it’s glued to your grip … so you’re always in control of your club.
  • One size fits 99% of golfers.
  • Available in 12 stylish colors.
  • Super-comfortable … you won’t even know it’s there.
  • Amazing value … $10 to $15 less than “big brand” gloves.
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I have to admit … it’s one of those things in golf that frustrates me.

Let me explain.

I’m buying a golf glove. I fork over almost $30 for what I’m told is “the best of the best” and it’s a great golf glove. Don’t get me wrong … the materials … everything … all really good.

But then, after just 4 rounds, if that, I’m back in the pro shop, buying another one.

I’ve always just wished I could get something much more durable … something that might last at least 20 rounds. Is that too much to ask?

Thankfully … 

I Heard This Amazing Story

I was taking a look for alternatives to that super-expensive golf glove and I met the people at Zero Friction Golf.

They have a golf glove which they call … the ZERO FRICTION GOLF GLOVE. You’ll discover more about this glove further down. But here’s what really amazed me.

One golfer used this glove for 114 ROUNDS.

That, Revolution Golfers, is the very definition of durability.

Think about it …

If You Play Golf Once a Week … This Glove Could Last Over 2 Years …

The Zero Friction Golf Glove worked for one golfer for 114 rounds. If you play once a week, your glove will last for over 2 years.

I’ll save you from doing the math … but, if you buy a new golf glove every 5 rounds … which is pretty normal … and you spend $25 on a new glove, the Zero Friction Golf Glove can save you $500 a year.

What could you do with an extra $500 in your pocket? That sort of money buys you a new driver … or a couple of fairway woods or hybrids … or a new set of wedges.

So … as soon as I saw the Zero Friction Golf Glove, I thought … 

I HAVE to Offer this Glove to Revolution Golfers

I went out to try the ZERO FRICTION GOLF GLOVE. It’s one thing when a golf glove is durable … but it also has to fit exceptionally well … and perform.

So when I played with the ZERO FRICTION GOLF GLOVE, I instantly fell in love with this glove. Here’s what I discovered … 

  • It fits like … well … a glove …perfectly …thanks to the special design which means one size fits 99% of golfers.
  • It keeps its shape and is long-lasting.
  • It doesn’t get “crispy” after a lot of use.
  • It’s light … it doesn’t feel like it’s there.
  • It works … keeping my top hand glued to my grip … important for consistent golf in every type of climate.
  • I could chose from 12 different colors … instead of just plain boring white. 

So I told my friends at Zero Friction that I really wanted to offer the ZERO FRICTION GOLF GLOVE to members of the Revolution Golf Community.

Then …

I Got This Amazing Surprise When It Came to Price …

Initially, I thought the price for the Zero Friction Golf Glove would be about the same as a super-premium glove … around $25 to $30.

But then my friends at Zero Friction astonished me when they said it would sell for well under $15. In fact, we’ve got a special low price … it’s the lowest price we’ve seen.

This means you’re getting a premium-quality golf glove for around $10-$15 less than a premium-quality glove … this makes the ZERO FRICTION an excellent value … especially when you consider that one golfer happily used this glove for 114 rounds.

How can our friends at Zero Friction do this? Pretty simple.

They don’t pay millions to professional golfers for endorsements. There are no middlemen. And no retail store mark-up. The result? They pass all these savings along to Revolution Golfers … and YOU get a super-premium and super-durable golf glove for a fraction of the usual price.



Want to know exactly how one golfer used the ZERO FRICTION GOLF GLOVE for 114 rounds? This glove is reinforced where golf gloves tend to wear out. This means fewer tears and improved strength on the thumb, cuff, and palm to give that super-impressive durability.




A total breakthrough … compression-fit technology.

No more trying to figure out which of the 7 different sizes will fit you.

The ZERO FRICTION GOLF GLOVE takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect size … thanks to the compression-fit technology you’ll find in this glove. This also means the glove holds its shape longer.



The design of the ZERO FRICTION GOLF GLOVE gives you a great fit and the design of the smooth palm gives you maximum feel for every shot … from the tee all the way to the green.



The ZERO FRICTION GOLF GLOVE has black mesh lycra through the fingers, the back of the hand, and palm, for exceptional breathability.

This breathability gives you excellent durability because the glove repels the sweat that can destroy a golf glove.



The ZERO FRICTION GOLF GLOVE gives you 12 different colors … for fun … or simply just to match your golf style.


Choose from these colors. 



ZERO FRICTION GOLF GLOVES have been used on all the major tours … giving them several wins and many top 10 finishes.

In fact, golf legend Johnny Miller trusts Zero Friction as his golf glove and recommends it to other golfers.


15 Reasons You’ll Love the ZERO FRICTION

  1. Durability… one golfer used his Zero Friction glove for 114 rounds. This could save you $500 a year in golf glove costs.
  2. Save more… a super-premium golf glove WITHOUT the super-premium price. $10 to $15 less than premium golf gloves.
  3. Lightweight feel… it barely feels like you have a glove on.
  4. Works in even the sweatiest and most humid conditions thanks to the ventilation system.
  5. Great in wet weather… many golfers report excellent performance wet weather and nasty conditions.
  6. Awesome fit… one size fits 99% of golfers.
  7. Lefties too … available left-handed and right-handed.
  8. Keep control of the club… glove sticks to the grip like it’s glued on.
  9. Highest quality materials… and long-lasting … awesome value.
  10. Doesn’t get “crispy” after a lot of use.
  11. Available in more than just white… choose from 12 different colors.
  12. Tour-proven… the performance demanded by top golfers … used by touring professionals.
  13. Say ‘goodbye’ to those super-expensive gloves… no need to pay close to $30 for a golf glove.
  14. Backed by a powerful guarantee… you get 30 days to decide if the ZERO FRICTION GOLF GLOVE is for you. See the guarantee details below.
  15. The lowest price we’ve seen. Just click the button below now.




“I wanted Zero Friction to know that my ZERO FRICTION GOLF GLOVE, which I purchased and began using in August, 2016, just expired after 114 Rounds - WOW! What an outstanding product! I have put a new Zero Friction Glove in my Bag … and have now gotten Zero Friction Gloves for my sons, who are avid golfers. Thanks for providing golfers with a terrific, comfortable, and durable product.”

— S. Lemberg. 12/2/17



“I live in Canada and was in the US in the Fall and purchased a Zero Friction Compression Glove while there. I only bought one since I did not know how I would like it since it is a compression fit. Well all I can say is wow, what a great fit and feel, I love this glove! It fits and feels so good which was a great surprise to me being that it is a compression glove, I was afraid that it would slip and move around on my hand but not so, it is solid. The other thing that I love about it is the wear factor, it wears so well, it is amazing. I have used this gloved for 17 rounds now and it still has lots of wear left in it. I live in BC on Vancouver Island and we play golf throughout the year so it has endured the wet winters we get here. It’s a great grip in the rain, almost as good as a true rain glove. I look forward to using this glove in the summer and see how well it breaths which I am sure will be good since it has lots of mesh. Well done Zero Friction, you have a top quality glove here!"

— Posted on 1/25/16.



“I’ve used many golf gloves and this one performs the best and lasts longer than any other glove that I tried. Excellent playability in the heat!”

— Posted on 9/9/15.



“I bought 6 for a golf event. Everyone loved their glove! It fits all hands perfectly and is attractive. Buy this … you will be pleased.”



“I bought three of these gloves and love them. They are by far the most comfortable golf gloves I have ever worn in my 40 years of playing golf. The also have very good control of the golf club and work well in inclement weather.”

— Posted on 8/2/14.


More Control. Better Feel. Game Changer!

“I was VERY skeptical when I received this golf glove, but I wanted to try something other than white. When I put it on I was immediately at ease because it fit perfectly! I was amazed that it also fit everyone else who I asked to try it on. The real difference however came when I tested it on the range. I tested throughout 4 range sessions of 50 balls with a regular golf glove and 50 with Zero Friction's compression fit glove. I wish I could say that I didn't see a difference - but I did. I was able to control my draw and fade with higher precision than I could with a regular golf glove. It's hard to describe the way the compression fit glove feels, only that the glove molded to my hand perfectly and was incredibly comfortable - and it's safe to say its the best fitting golf glove I have ever worn. I am roughly a 10 handicap and I have played three rounds with the compression fit glove so far and played down to a 4. This glove lets my hand breathe which is indescribable after playing for so many years with a regular golf glove. I felt compelled to leave a review because I was absolutely blown away by this product. I have recommended it to every golfer I know and am trying to get my club to start selling it in the pro shop. I hope that people who are as skeptical as I was give this glove a try … I have confidence in saying that you won't be disappointed.”

— Posted on 5/29/14.



“Great Glove. Love the feel and fit … it's like a second skin.”

— Posted on 1/7/14.



“Great Glove!!! Hands down the best glove I have purchased. I don't have big hands and the fit was perfect. Durability is top notch! One glove lasted me over a year and I play about 40-50 rounds in a year. I bought more and don't plan on using any other brand. I was not paid or given a free glove for this review...I like it THAT MUCH!”

— Posted on 1/7/14.



“I own 3 of these gloves and love them. Why do I have 3? Because they come in so many colors so I can match my play attire. The glove feels very light and breathes well and I forget I have it on. I fell in love with this glove because of the tee holder on the outside. I know it sounds like a small thing but It's grown to be a necessity with me.”



“These gloves last me for 4 times the rounds that other more expensive gloves do.”



“What can I say? It is still new, but it appears as if it may last longer than some other gloves. It fits well (I have a large hand) and feels good. Besides, no one else I play with has a red glove! I think it will prove to be a winner!”



“Great golf glove, with excellent grip ... I have used Zero Friction gloves for a while and I can not have any complaints. Will definitely keep using them!”


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You must be totally delighted with the ZERO FRICTION GOLF GLOVE or you receive a full, prompt, and courteous refund.


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